Five things: A look at the trade bait

Ryan Lambert
March 14 2013 09:37AM



Okay so we can all acknowledge the Flames are finished this season. Not technically, not officially, but the clock is ticking very, very fast. Prior to last night's game they could, mathematically, only lose eight more games in regulation all season before they were locked out of getting to the fabled 55-point mark that most believe will be the cutoff for the playoffs this season. It seems very likely they'll do that by the end of the month, at least at this rate.

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POST-GAME: Icarus and the Wings...

Vintage Flame
March 13 2013 11:27PM


So where to begin tonight?

Emotions have to be torn amongst fans tonight. Are you one that wanted to see the Flames win tonight, a chance to begin that mid-to-late season wiining streak, that once again might put them in playoff contention? Or were you hoping that the Flames would continue the spiral into oblivion that would put keep them in the Western Conference Cellar? Hell you might even be so disgruntled by now, that you see the team only needing to pass two more teams before they reach true Nirvana.

Well the Flames came out tonight and decided to tune out the commentary, banter and vitriol coming from all directions. Instead they decided to make a few statements of their own by taking control of this game and never letting it go; despite what Detroit could throw at them. They didn't just get the win tonight, they took it. Only their second win this season when not scoring the first goal.

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FGD: Stem the Tide

Kent Wilson
March 13 2013 02:00PM

While most in Flamesland are now busily fabricating semi-plausible deadline trade scenarios or hunting down top-10 prospect lists for the draft in June, the reality is the team still has a bunch of games to play this season before any of that stuff matters. The second half begins tonight versus the Detroit Red Wings.

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3 Fearless Flames Predictions

Kent Wilson
March 13 2013 09:55AM



Calgary has played 24 games and only have another 24 remaining in their 2013 season. They probably won't make the playoffs, but that's hardly a brave prophecy at this point. Here's a few other things I expect to happen before the final puck drops for Calgary as well...

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FlamesNation Roundtable - 2013 Season Halfway Point

Kent Wilson
March 12 2013 10:20AM

(We're at the mid-point of the season, so it's time for another FN roundtable. Ryan Lambert, Ryan Pike, Justin Azevedo, Vintage Flame and Book of Loob all weighed in on a few of the club's current pressing issues.)

1.) Despite some decent showings and a capped out roster, the Flames are currently at the bottom of the Western Conference. Do they hold on as long as possible and hope for the playoffs yet again? Or does the rebuild start now?

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