Assorted thinks

April 22 2009 09:59AM


There ain't a whole lot going on right now that we can get excited about these days. We regularly consider moving to Dubai when the Oilers miss the playoffs and this time of the year is the absolute worst. Everyone and their dog is enjoying playoff hockey right now it seems, everyone except the only team of any real global importance that is. But life goes on ... by ragging on other fans. It's all we have these days Nation.

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Bourque has bite

Jean Lefebvre
April 21 2009 08:05PM

In case you had forgotten while he was on the shelf for eight weeks or so, Rene Bourque is a pretty good gosh-darn hockey player. So good that he’s given Calgary a fighting chance in its playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks even though a number of Flames big-name performers have made minimal contributions so far.

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Makin' it look mean

Ryan Lambert
April 21 2009 11:38AM


At least it's a series now.

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PFD No. 3: Call me an optimist (no seriously get one on the phone)

Ryan Lambert
April 20 2009 03:32PM


Welcome to the third Playoff Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s third postseason game on April 20, 2009.

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The Flames miss Giordano

Kent Wilson
April 20 2009 10:42AM


There's no question Calgary has missed Robyn Regehr through the first two contests of this seris. And Cory Sarich. And, arguably, the speed of Matthew Lombardi.

But one guy who's not being talked about very much is Mark Giordano. Felled by a wonky shoulder, the club sure could use his blend of speed, passing and tenacity against the Hawks. Chicago's uptempo forecheck and team quickness has been forcing the Flames remaing rear-guards to make sub-optimal decisions and passes, especially in and around the neutral zone. A lot of rushes and break-outs have been stuffed by bouncing pucks and long, waist-high coss-ice lobs that are easily picked off. 

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