It’s nice to be wrong

Jonathan Willis
December 04 2012 10:59PM

An NHL lockout is a cynical business, with two extremely rich parties fighting for a wicked pile of cash. The most recent edition has been particularly galling, with two sides seemingly able to agree on a myriad of issues but unwilling to bridge the small gap between them.

Given that, naturally I was cynical about the December 4 meeting between players and owners – without the presence of league commissioner Gary Bettman or NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr. I thought it likely to be an empty ploy without hope of succeeding. And to be clear: it hasn’t succeeded yet. But for the first time in quite a while, things are looking up.

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AGD: Rampage!

Kent Wilson
December 04 2012 04:37PM


Time: 8:00pm MST

Location: Abbotsford Sports and Entertainment Centre


The Heat were without the services of both Sven Baertschi and Ben Walter last game, leading to their first regulation defeat on home ice. Although they were able to beat up on the Hamilton Bulldogs 5-1 the night previous, lacking two of their top six forwards proved too rgeat a challenge to close out the sweep the next night. The club will likely face that challenge again tonight as their injury list continues to get longer.

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Items of Interest! December 4th, 2012

Kent Wilson
December 04 2012 01:00PM



As usual, Flames news is thin on the ground at this juncture of the this infernal, perpetual lock-out. Still, there remains one or hockey two items of interest worth considering. 

ITEM! Remember when I talked about Joe Colborne as a potential comparable for Mark Jankowski? Well, here's an in-depth discussion of Colborne's struggles this year from McKeen's pro scouting coordinator Gus Katsaros. Let's all agree that if Colborne doesn't improve, he's not a Jankowski comparable. Cool? Cool.

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KHL: The last few days

Steve Dangle
December 04 2012 12:11PM


It's a lockout, but I've barely noticed.

Been very busy over the last few days with a bunch of things, so without further delay, here's a whollllle bunch of KHL games and action from the last few days. Alex Ovechkin's first KHL hat trick, Malkin gets 4 points, and some orgasmic goals. Yes. Orgasimic.


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Jason Gregor
December 04 2012 08:21AM

Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman will not be directly involved in today's meeting between six NHL owners and a select group of NHL players, but don't jump to a conclusion assuming that both sides will suddenly find some common ground with their leaders out of the room.

Bettman has long been the player's whipping boy. They actually believe that he wants to ruin the game and that he's the ultimate puppet master pulling the owner's strings. Meanwhile the NHL is certain that Fehr is not telling the players the truth, even though many of them have been present during most of the negotiations.

The lockout was asinine to begin with, but it's becoming more laughable by the day. It would be great if today's meeting will start an avalanche of positive negotiations, or as Steve Burton reported continue on the "significant progress" they allegedly made yesterday.

We'll see.

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