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Kent Wilson
January 21 2013 04:20PM



Tonight's game preview coming up shortly, but before we get to that I just wanted to share that Book of Loob and Ryan Pike are publishing elsewhere these days.

BoL had his debut piece for the Spectator Tribune live this weekend. Check it:

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Flames Game 1 Positives

Kent Wilson
January 21 2013 11:46AM

Reading through some reactions in the gamethread and elsewhere its seems a lot of fans were underwhelmed by Calgary's efforts versus San Jose last night. There are, of course, completely legitimate reasons for the faithful to be primed for disappointment when it comes to the Flames - 20 years of mediocrity has kind of bred it into this generation of Calgary followers.

Still, I was personally encouraged by at least some of what we saw, scoring notwithstanding. I am often described as the cynical pessimist in the room, so let it be known I am typically not prone to playing the Pollyanna role.

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New Season Business and Site Notes

Kent Wilson
January 21 2013 09:13AM



The outcome yesterday may have been disappointing but we here at FN are nevertheless happy and thankful for NHL hockey to be back on. We'd also like to take this time to thank those of you who stuck around through the dark lock-out months when we were talking about prospects and lawyers every other day. To those readers returning after the long wait, welcome back! We're glad you weren't too jaded by the work stoppage.

And finally to any new readers we've gathered, well..I hope you're prepared to argue your viewpoint in the comments for days on end. The traffic and chatter has been excellent since the lawyers and union heads decided to get out of the way, so once again thanks to all of you.

Anyways, with the Flames back at it tonight, there's a few sites notes I want to share before we get back to the action.

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POST GAME: You're Going to Need A Bigger Boat

Vintage Flame
January 20 2013 11:05PM


The stage was set. The Dome was packed and as the season opening video hit the jumbotron, it was enough to rile fans into a steady buzz. Armed with as many light-sticks as you could hold, when the music hit, the frenzy was too much to contain, and the fans were alive, and it felt like home again.

Needless to say, the events of the last four months were long forgotten, and all was forgiven.

As I sat in my seat, the fans all around were already beginning the season's first pool. Who would score the Calgary's first goal of the season? With names flying around, one fan made mention that Glencross was the odds on favorite since he had done it twice before andnow he was playing with Iggy and Tanguay. That seemed enough to convice the undecided in the area.

With a grin on my face, I turned to the gentleman and said, "My money's on Backlund this year."

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FGD: Threat Level Teal

Kent Wilson
January 20 2013 12:29PM

Well it's finally here. The season opener.

After about 10 months of waiting, debating, fighting, hoping, wailing, wishing, gnashing teeth and rending garments, we finally get to see the latest iteration of the Calgary Flames take to the ice.

Their opponent this afternoon is the San Jose Sharks, a club some pundits claim is on the inevitable downswing; a former power watching the window of opportunity creaking shut. Personally, I think the rumors of the Sharks death are greatly exaggerated.

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