The five highest highs (and lowest lows) of the 2015-16 Flames season

Ryan Pike
April 19 2016 02:00PM

On the whole, the 2015-16 campaign was unsuccessful for the Calgary Flames. Heck, general manager Brad Treliving categorized it as a failure in his year-end address to the media. But the 82-game journey had within it many ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys.

We've culled through our smudged notes and tear-stained gamesheets and found 10 moments - five peaks and five valleys - that arguably best represent the journey the club went through over the past seven months. They are presented in the order in which they occurred.

Be forewarned: since it wasn't a great season, most of the "lows" are team-oriented and most of the "highs" are individual achievements.

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What's going on with CalgaryNEXT?

Ryan Pike
April 19 2016 11:00AM

After months of radio silence on the topic, aside from a brief visit from National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman, substantive discussion of the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation's proposed CalgaryNEXT development will be on the docket next week down at Calgary's City Council chambers as council finally receives the "next steps" report that they commissioned months ago.

But if you think nothing of note has been going on since late last year, you've been missing a couple potentially big developments.

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Jonas Hiller signs three-year deal in Switzerland

Ari Yanover
April 19 2016 09:00AM

It would appear Jonas Hiller's NHL career is over.

After playing seven seasons with the Anaheim Ducks and then two with the Calgary Flames, Hiller is headed back to his home country of Switzerland. He has signed a three-year deal with EHC Biel, and at 34 years old, it's difficult to see him coming back to North America.

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Top 10 All-Time Best Fighters

April 19 2016 07:00AM


Spring is here. The playoffs are in full effect, and for those of us that cheer for Canadian teams that means we have A LOT of free time at the moment. Rather than spend our time dwelling on the failures of our respective teams we figured we'd use this opportunity to remember days gone by. A time when men grew killer moustaches, smoked in-between periods and tried to murder each other with their fists. 

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The Flames wasted a lot of money in 2015-16

Ryan Pike
April 18 2016 02:00PM

One of the more peculiar aspects of the 2015-16 Calgary Flames campaign was some notable absences. We've already gone over the many, many injuries of Lance Bouma (and the other Flames) during this past season. But how often did the Flames sit out healthy bodies and pay players that were able to play not to?

Well, it turns out it happened a lot.

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