FlamesNation Prospect Profile: #12 Andrew Mangiapane

Byron Bader
August 20 2015 01:15PM


Coming in the #12 spot on FlamesNation's annual prospect profile rundown is 2015 6th round selection Andrew Mangiapane.

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5 Things: Don't give in

Ryan Lambert
August 20 2015 09:00AM

1) You want how much?

So CalgaryNEXT (or whatever they're going to end up calling it) was unveiled yesterday with a handy pie chart of the costs and how the tab would be picked up.

In the end, the Flames seem to commit $200 million to the project, which conveniently includes a new rink and stadium for their various sports properties, out of a total $890 million cost. That's less than 22.5 percent of the bill, and it's a bilious initial proposal. A lot of transparent talk immediately followed from media cronies — Calgary's answer to David Staples and his laughable 18-month campaign to get the city of Edmonton to pass the cost of Darryl Katz's new rink onto the taxpayers — who said things like "this is about More Than Just The Flames" and "what is the city of Calgary without an NHL team?

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Should Sam Bennett play centre next season?

August 19 2015 01:00PM

Sam Bennett is one of the Calgary Flames' best hopes for the future. After missing hockey for most of last season, he played a month in the OHL, tearing it up before eventually joining the Flames - and spending nine playoff games in the team's top six.

It was an impressive performance for just about any player, scoring three goals (some would argue four) and two assists over the 12 total NHL games he got in. And over the course of those 12 games, he spent most of his time on the left wing.

Bennett is a centre, and a left winger. He's a two-position player, and has already played in both positions at the NHL level.

His rookie season will soon be upon us, though. With a glut of centres already present on the Flames, the question is: should he be among them? Or should he play on the wing first?

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FN's All-Time Greatest Flames Team: Al MacInnis

Ryan Pike
August 19 2015 01:00PM

We're chugging along with the third member of the All-Time Flames Team. The second blueliner named to the team is a doozy: the pride of Inverness, Nova Scotia, Al MacInnis.

MacInnis is one of the most prolific point-producers in Calgary Flames history. He was also arguably the best offense-generating defender in team history - Paul Reinhart might have a shot at that crown, but barely - and his booming slap-shot was the thing of legends. Several games were delayed during MacInnis' National Hockey League career because he broke the end-zone glass with his clappers.

And goodness knows, the goalies had that in the back of their minds whenever he teed one up.

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Flamesnation Prospect Profile: #13 Ryan Culkin

Taylor McKee
August 19 2015 09:00AM


Checking in at number 13 is another prospect that may have slipped your mind with the onslaught of new shiny, swedish defenders: Ryan Culkin. After a very promising start to his first year as a pro Culkin suffered an R rated injury to his wrist that required surgery, ending his season.

Culkin appeared as Black Ace during the playoff run (whoa, that feels cool to write) but was simply focusing on rehabbing his wrist. As with Agostino yesterday, here is a prospect who will be trying to build on the progress of last season.

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