Flames Camp News and Notes, January 16 2013

Ryan Pike
January 16 2013 03:12PM

A packed house was on-hand for the fourth day of Calgary Flames camp. The stands were the fullest they've been – I'd estimate somewhere just south of 1,000 fans in attendance – as the Flames had a mixed session of practice and scrimmage.

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Will the Flames Buy-Out Stajan? And Other Contract Issues

Kent Wilson
January 16 2013 07:12AM

With the news yesterday that team's will have the option of a compliance buy-out immediately (rather than having to wait till the summer), the most frequent question I've been asked is if the Flames will choose to part ways with Matt Stajan soon.

The wrinkle here is the the entire contract cap hit would still count against the Flames cap. On the other hand, by waiting out the shortened season the club can buy him out in the summer and get away cap-penalty free, saving them about $3.5M. Not huge, but certainly not nothing either.

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Flames Camp News and Notes, January 15 2013

Ryan Pike
January 15 2013 05:09PM

The high-tempo practices continued at the Saddledome on Tuesday. The club was missing some familiar faces but kept at it with another lengthy on-ice day. Here's what went down.

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Talkin' PTOs And The Goaltenders Who Should Have Them

January 15 2013 01:48PM


(By the way, how amazing is this picture? I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it was created by a clearly brilliant artist named Mathieu Boulet, and I stole liberated it from this article over at the Manitoban. Brusty!)

Training camp is in full swing now, and while the Flames feel they have most of their roster more or less filled, there are one or two possibly intriguing roster battles (mostly more bottom six roles, but considering the top two lines are mostly set if injured people stop being injured (JAROME!), by comparison it's some interesting stuff.

One of these struggles comes born out of all the wrong reasons, and that is for the role of the backup goaltender. We all know your Calgary Flames are looking to find the ABSOLUTE PERFECT GUY to play maybe 4 games this season, and currently that battle is between Henrik Karlsson and Leland Irving, which I think I soeak for everyone when I say "zzzzzzzzzzzzz...."

Read on, won't you, as we delve into why perhaps a couple of hidden gems in Abbotsford might be just a better choice overall.

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Flames Prospect Update, January 15 2013

Ryan Pike
January 15 2013 11:15AM

As Flames training camp roars on this week, thoughts drift to the players that aren't here. Those are, generally, the players that are too young to be here – the prospects.

Here's what they've been up to as of late.

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