The New Ed Belfour?

Jonathan Willis
April 09 2009 08:49AM


Most of us probably remember the final few years of Ed Belfour, an incredibly good goaltender with a long career whose final two seasons were bad enough to force him to move to Leksands to play goal.

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Wellity wellity wellity

Ryan Lambert
April 08 2009 11:30AM


I am not so good at predicting things, apparently.

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Well hello there

April 08 2009 09:50AM


Thanks for stopping by. Care for a hot cocoa?

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GDFD No. 80: This is it!

Ryan Lambert
April 07 2009 12:14PM


Welcome to the 32nd Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 80th (and most important) game of the season on April 7, 2009.

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We're halfway there

Ryan Lambert
April 07 2009 10:48AM


Against fairly good-sized odds, the Flames turned in their best performance in about three weeks. Too bad it was only the Kings.

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