A lesson learned

Ryan Lambert
April 19 2009 10:06AM


It turns out that 20 minutes' worth of effort doesn't cut it in the playoffs. Who knew?

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Sports... Well, they rule

Jason Gregor
April 18 2009 06:25PM

What a great day to be a sports fan. Hockey, basketball, hockey, beer, hockey, baseball, basketball, hockey, beer, UFC and more hockey.

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PFD No. 2: What time is it?

Ryan Lambert
April 18 2009 05:53PM


Welcome to the first Playoff Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s second postseason game on April 18, 2009.

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The Havlat and the have-nots

Jean Lefebvre
April 17 2009 09:38PM

iginla_jokinen Let’s start off by heaping a little praise on deserving parties.

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Post game 1 round up

Kent Wilson
April 17 2009 11:49AM


That was a gut-punch loss, hey folks? Anyone old enough was probably reminded of Brian Skudland's record setting fastest-play-off-OT-goal-ever against the Flames in '86 when Havlat's shot snuck through Jokinen and Kipper 12 seconds into the extra frame...

Anyways, I went around ye olde intrawebs this morning and collected some reactions.

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