Ryan Lambert
April 22 2011 05:47PM


Now obviously it would be at least semi-reasonable to throw a blanket over everything with something like a D+ grade for everyone, and I'd probably get very little in the way of argument from anyone who watched this team for 82 games. It wasn't, to put it lightly, a pretty season.

But not EVERYONE had a bad year. No, no, it's true. Not everyone did. Odd though that may seem. So now, let's go through the forwards to make sure each and every performance is given its due, good OR bad (almost entirely bad).

(Please note that all players are listed alphabetically, and that each had to have played 33 games, or 40 percent of the season, to get what I consider a fair grade, relative to expectations. Except in the case of goaltenders and players traded to the team, in which case they're all getting a grade because I don't care.)

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Robin Brownlee
April 21 2011 02:36PM

One big positive about the possibility of the Phoenix Coyotes returning to Winnipeg is that Edmonton would no longer be perceived by players as the second-least desirable destination in the NHL, which it now is.

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The One That Got Away

Pat Steinberg
April 21 2011 11:01AM

We've documented some of the worst trades in the history of the Calgary Flames here before, and for good reason, because under Darryl Sutter there were some bad ones.  And while there were some good ones as well, it seems like the legacies of the bad ones linger for a long, long time.  I still feel Darryl's deal with the New York Rangers on February 1st, 2010 was one of the worst, in large part because of a player no longer here...Brandon Prust.

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Flames in review: EV tied performance

Robert Cleave
April 20 2011 02:52PM



With another year complete, Flames Nation is in the midst of the post-mortems. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll look at some interesting EV data from timeonice that might shed a bit of light on why the season ended the way it did. First up, overall team performance and a look at Calgary's number one goalie.


I had a sense for most of the year that the Flames were a decent team, and likely a playoff team on balance, even if they were clearly outside the elite of the Western Conference. They ended the season in a slightly worse spot than that, so it seems reasonable to investigate potential reasons for things going sour.


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Flames Defense - Quantitative Analysis

Kent Wilson
April 19 2011 01:37PM



Now that our own Mr. Lambert has shared his defensive player grades, it's time to go through the back-end and take a closer look at their results this year to better see how they performed and what it might be mean for the club going forward.

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