A look at the Flames 2009-10 Schedule

Kent Wilson
August 25 2009 09:57AM


I don't know what the Flames have done to the NHL schedule makers, but Calgary is faced with the ugliest itinerary in the league this season. According to Dirk Hoag, the Flames will log 55,331 miles in 09/10 (up from the 52,941 they saw last season). They'll also play in 14 back-to-backs over the course of the season, which, considering the fact that B2B's were to the Flames what garlic is to vampires last year, isn't good news either.

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Iginla: To "C" or not to "C"?

Jean Lefebvre
August 23 2009 10:05AM


First of all, let’s make one point perfectly clear. The captaincy of a hockey club really shouldn’t be that big of a deal anymore.

C-wearing lost much of its non-ceremonial significance when National Hockey League teams started forcing the honour on the team’s superstar (regardless of whether said player had leadership abilities) or pinning the letter on budding franchise players in the hopes they would grow into the role.

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NHL Teams Ranked By Cap Space

Jonathan Willis
August 22 2009 02:00PM


The fact that the salary cap has changed the NHL landscape is something that anyone who follows hockey is constantly reminded of. For the Western Canadian teams, that salary cap was once something worth fighting for; but a number of factors – most importantly, the recovery of the Canadian dollar – have changed it from a blessing to a curse.

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Here's how you know things are bad

Ryan Lambert
August 21 2009 01:32PM


A post in which the young author is held computerless for almost two weeks.

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More fodder for hatred of the East

Jean Lefebvre
August 19 2009 04:53PM

Hockey on the tube

Western Canadian hockey fans, commence grumbling. There's really nothing all that surprising about the TSN broadcast schedule released Wednesday but for those who enjoy complaining about Eastern bias and taking potshots at the so-called Centre of the Universe, you've been well served.

The Flames, Oilers and Canucks will all make 11 appearances on either TSN or TSN2 -- one pre-season tilt plus 10 regular-season matchups. The Ottawa Senators also get the exact same exposure.

The Maple Leafs, meanwhile, will be on the air 19 times -- two tune-ups and 17 regular-season games. Perhaps TSN will be able to coax Brian Burke out of his shell to make an appearance during at least one of those broadcasts.

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