GDFD No. 13: That's probably lucky right?

Ryan Lambert
November 04 2009 05:44PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 13th game of the season on Nov. 4, 2009.

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And the winners are...

Jean Lefebvre
November 01 2009 04:03PM

Funny how the Flames escaped what for them has recently been the gruesome month of October with a fairly health 7-4-1 record and yet there are as many concerns and questions about the hockey club as ever.

Meanwhile, up in Edmonton, illness and a weird pattern of scoring either a lot or not at all has marked a .500-ish start for the Oilers.

And over in Vancouver, all the new space-age dressing-room features in the world hasn’t prevented the spate of injuries that have made the defending division-champion Canucks a very mediocre outfit.

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GDFD No. 12: Spooky Night in Canada

Ryan Lambert
October 31 2009 03:46PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 12th game of the season on Oct. 31, 2009.

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Is an eye for an eye worth it?

Jean Lefebvre
October 30 2009 11:08PM

When Dion Phaneuf flattened Kyle Okposo during a pre-season game, there was much ado about the supposed obligations of the player on the giving end of the thundering checks. Playing a supporting role in that particular case was the other half of the debate, namely the immediate quest for blood vengeance on the part of the club whose player was vicitimized by the jolt.

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Back when Large was in charge

Jean Lefebvre
October 29 2009 08:13PM

So, who's ready to buy what the Colorado Avalanche is/are selling?

So many people figured the 2009-10 Avs would be an awful lot like the 2008-09 Avs but instead they've been winning as if they're the 2000-01 Avs, minus Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Chris Drury, Raymond Bourque, Patrick Roy or almost anyone else the casual fan has ever heard of.

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