Post-Game: Hey! Thanks For Showing Up Tonight!

Vintage Flame
March 03 2013 09:51PM


It was a game we weren't even sure was going to take place given that at 2:00 pm MST, the Canucks hadn't even left the Vancouver tarmac yet. A sever snow storm was threatening whether the team could land in Calgary, wich to a lot of Flames fans, was probably a mixed blessing.

It hasn't been a good time to be a Flames fan, what with the whole losing out on Ryan O'Reilly, and then it being nothing short of divine intervention that Colorado matched the offer; not to mention the whole thing about Calgary not being able to win a game if their lives depended on it! Which is odd, because that's just it. Their playoff lives do depend on it.

For those that were disappointed the game might not happen tonight, most were upset cause it was a missed chance to move that much closer to getting the likes of McKinnon, Jones, Drouin or say Barkov.

Some believed that this was actually a chance for the Flames to sneak in a win. Given that the Canucks played last night and with the delay getting into town tonight, it was a chance to catch Vancouver flat-footed.

With all that being said, were Flames fans going to be thankful that the Canucks showed up in the first place? That the fans braved the snow to show up for the game? Or that their team showed up for a critical match against a beatable team?

Let's find out...

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FGD: Blizzard in Calgary

Ryan Pike
March 03 2013 01:49PM



The weather outside is frightful, but there's a chance that the game tonight at the Scotiabank Saddledome could be anything but delightful for the Calgary Flames as they host the Vancouver Canucks.

The Flames organization has had a terrible week, between losing out on Ryan O'Reilly, the RFA waivers fiasco and, most importantly, a series of blown leads in 2-1 and 5-4 losses to the Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche. The club has had time to lick its wounds and hopefully let any distractions blow over, but another "L" tonight would mean another black eye for team that has already been thoroughly worked over.

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Making Highlights at Hockey Night

Steve Dangle
March 03 2013 11:16AM

Working for CBC Sports and Hockey Night in Canada has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid. In October of the 2011-12 NHL season, this dream became a reality.

My ticket into “the ceebs” was making highlight packs. I did that all throughout last season, and once the players and owners stopped bickering, I continued to do it this season.

I’ve had some people watch my highlight packs and ask questions like, “Why didn’t you put this in there?” “Why didn’t you mention this?” “Why did you put that in, but not this?” Those are all fair questions, because whether you agree with the editing decisions I make or not, there is a method to my madness.

Here is a little look at how I make highlight packs. For those of you reading this on the Leafs, Flames, or Oilers Nation websites, I know your team didn't play last night, but they're obviously regulars on Hockey Night in Canada, so you may like this, too.

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In Defense of Jay Feaster

Kent Wilson
March 02 2013 12:23PM



The fall-out from the Ryan O'Reilly debacle is still on-going, but there seems to be a strong, gathering sentiment that Jay Feaster should be fired for the near misstep. After some consideration I have (surprisingly) come down on the side of the beleaguered Flames GM.

I'll first establish that his is not a blanket endorsement of Feaster, Calgary's roster, or the Flames management in general. Regular readers know I have been consistently and loudly vocal whenever I have found reason for criticism over the years. I think there have been mistakes made, that the current team is in rough shape and that the organization is nearing a very critical crossroads. To be honest, I don't really know if this is the managment team I'd prefer at the helm when the tough decisions have to be made.

That said, in this instance, Feaster's actions and the resultant error were defensible.

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Flames Weekend Guide, March 1 2013

Ryan Pike
March 01 2013 03:41PM



Playoff season is inching closer for most of the players in the Flames organization. That means it's an exciting time and there's jockeying for spots going on.

Playoffs in the KHL are already underway. NCAA tournaments begin in a couple weeks and playoffs throughout the Canadian Hockey League kick off around that time, as well.

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