Flames Forwards Quantitative Analysis - The Rest

Kent Wilson
May 02 2011 10:36AM




With Steinberg enjoying the spectacle of muscled, half-naked men grappling with each other in Toronto, the last of the quantative analysis series has fallen to me. We've already dealt with the defenders and top-six(ish) forwards, so here's how the rest of the guys fared this season.

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Contrarian Corner: Just get it over with

Ryan Lambert
April 30 2011 05:37PM


(Hi, I'm starting a new column here at FlamesNation. It won't always be on Saturdays. Bye.)

Ah, to be Jay Feaster.

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Being a Flames Fan

Kent Wilson
April 29 2011 01:12PM



During a recent appearance on Nations Radio, Lowtide asked me if the Flames fanbase would embrace a rebuild should the organization choose to go that route in the near future. My answer was a cowardly "it depends" with some caveats applied. Upon reflection I've decided to expand on that answer here, because I think it's a question that will rapidly become more relevant - and more divisive - as the Flames travel further down the "post-Darryl" path. 

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The Playoff Prediction Project, Round 2

Jonathan Willis
April 27 2011 09:32PM



The first round of the playoffs is over, and it was a doozy. The best part is, there are three rounds to go, and the hockey isn’t likely to get any worse as time goes on.

After the jump, it’s time to make Round Two predictions.

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Report Card Day: The guys in charge

Ryan Lambert
April 27 2011 03:54PM






Now obviously it would be at least semi-reasonable to throw a blanket over everything with something like a D+ grade for everyone, and I'd probably get very little in the way of argument from anyone who watched this team for 82 games. It wasn't, to put it lightly, a pretty season.

But not EVERYONE had a bad year. No, no, it's true. Not everyone did. Odd though that may seem. So now, let's go through the Flames' brass to make sure each and every performance is given its due, good OR bad (not all bad!).

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