The Cupboard Wasn't Bare

Kent Wilson
June 08 2010 09:39AM



A common refrain around town is that Darryl Sutter had to rebuild the Flames prospect pool from scratch when he took over in 2003-04. The perception, I think, comes from the messainistic glow that infuses Sutter's tenure, specifically when it comes to the early years. The truth of the matter is the Flames prospect pool wasn't totally absent talent and, in fact, has yet to markedly improved.

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June 07 2010 05:26PM

What a wonderful hockey match last night. Hat tip to Ross Creek for the photograph suggestion.

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Prospect Profiles - TJ Brodie

Kent Wilson
June 07 2010 10:37AM

OTTAWA, ON - JUNE 21:  114th overall pick, T.J. Brodie of the Calgary Flames poses for a portrait at the 2008 NHL Entry Draft at Scotiabank Place on June 21, 2008 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  (Photo by Andre Ringuette/Getty Images)


If I was asked to identify a sleeper prospect in the Flames organization, I'd probably choose T.J. Brodie. A fourth round pick in 2008, I knew next to nothing about Brodie before watching him in his first Flames rookie training camp (one that featured a rookie tounament between Oilers, Canucks and Flames kids).To tell the truth, I wasn't even really looking for him on the ice when camp began.

He managed to impress the hell out of me during that limited viewing. Highly mobile, Smart and poised with the puck, Brodie stood out almost every every shift of the exhibition games I saw. He instantly jumped to the head of the line of Flames prospects, at least in my estimation. He justified my admiration the very next season, scoring 12 goals and 50 points in just 63 games for the Saginaw Spirit, a 20 point improvement over his draft season.

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Restricted Area

Pat Steinberg
June 07 2010 07:26AM


So, as Kent does an unreal job of preparing us here at Flames Nation for the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, I'll start getting us set for the other big summer date on the Calgary calendar, that being July 1st and the opening of free agency.  Over the next 15 days or so, we'll profile Calgary's potential unrestricted free agents along with looking at potential targets and team needs that could be addressed through free agency.

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June 05 2010 07:35PM

Stupid Flyers tie up the stupid series and stupid Pronger probably thinks his puck stealing antics might have tipped the scales. And now the NHL - who had a great idea with this backwards footage commercials - pump them out like there's no tomorrow.


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