Kipper's return

Jean Lefebvre
February 28 2010 11:54AM

When it comes to sedatives, there's diazepam, lorazepam, nitrazepam and oxazepam.

Now, brand new and specially made for Flames fans, is bronzepam.

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Bourque and the Chris Simon Factor

Jean Lefebvre
February 27 2010 10:29AM

It’s been approximately a week since word cyber-leaked about Rene Bourque’s contract extension and 48 hours since the Flames officially announced the six-year deal that would theoretically keep the winger in Calgary colours through the 2015-16 season.

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February 26 2010 08:11PM

You: "Oh hey Wanye, thanks so much for writing Olympic updates like you said you would. We have really enjoyed the nine day gap with no articles ya fall down."

WG: "Thing is, last time we wrote the Canadians lost to the US. We since have come to believe that no OGDBs are good luck for the Canadian team which must come first at all times."

You: "If that's the case, why are you writing today?"

WG: "To give the Women's Team mad props and unveil a cool new feature for the site. Ok?"

You: (shamed silence)

WG: (crosses arms, smiles in smug victory)

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OGDB Semifinal: Bratislavan Brawl

Jason Gregor
February 26 2010 11:37AM

After crushing Russia on Wednesday, Canada faces an energetic and gutsy Slovakian team with excellent goaltending from Montreal Canadien Jaroslav Halak. But who else is on this team?

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New Deadline Target - Slava Kozlov

Kent Wilson
February 26 2010 11:31AM

Atlanta Thrashers v New Jersey Devils

One thing I love to do in my amateur punditry is identify bargains. Trade bargains, free agent bargains. Finding value players for cheap helps managers win games in a salary capped league, afterall.

The trade deadline is usually a poor time for seeking out bargains because the auction-like environment often drives up the prices of the guys available. Teams desperate to make that final push or add that potential cup winning piece end up paying way more for a guy than they would in any other circumstance. 

On top of that, the Flames have probably already done the bulk of their trading. Sutter has said as much recently.

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