Game 46 - Flames vs Kings Live Chat

Kent Wilson
January 14 2012 07:13PM

As far as mid-January games go, this is as good as it gets tonight folks. The Flames have been a pretty sorry group to watch recently (recent wins aside) generating some of the lowest shot totals in the league on a nightly basis. Good thing the Kings aren't exactly good at scoring goals themselves, although who knows if that will change now that Darryl is behind the bench.

Even with Cammalleri's return, Calgary is still a pretty thin squad up front lacking David Moss, Matt Stajan and Alex Tanguay. The Kings are technically the better team on paper, although the fall of Mike Richards from heavy hitter to ES liability evens things up a tad. On top of everything else, it will be interesting to watch the erstwhile Flyer tonight to see if he looks as bad as his underlying numbers suggest.

On another note, I am going to be the Kwarter ( "game master" for the contest tonight, so most of my time and comments will be concentrated on twitter. It's a sports/social media app I've been asked to demo. If you have an ipad/iphone maybe give it a try.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 45 vs Anaheim Ducks

Kent Wilson
January 14 2012 02:47PM



Final score: 1-0W

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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FGD: Too Many Storylines

Nation World HQ
January 14 2012 01:01PM

My head is still spinning from Thursday night's acquisition of Mike Cammalleri.  It adds another massive storyline to tonight's massive matchup between the Calgary Flames and the Los Angeles Kings (8 pm, CBC and Sportsnet 960).  You can add Cammalleri's return to the Sutter vs. Sutter angle, and let's not forget how important this game is for both teams in the Western Conference standings.  Too many things to talk about!

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Cammalleri Trade Reactions

Kent Wilson
January 14 2012 10:10AM


Sometimes it's good to step outside the bubble and get feel for what others are saying. Here's a collection of other analyses and reactions to the Cammalleri/Bourque swap:

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Home/Road Fenwick splits, and the bizarre Calgary Flames season

Cam Charron
January 13 2012 03:28PM



I was comparing home and road splits for team score-tied Fenwick percentage earlier and noticed an odd discrepancy for the Calgary Flames: the team is sixth in the league in possession at home, yet 29th in possession on the road.

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