Black Box: Week 16

Robert Vollman
January 23 2012 08:11AM



After a highly successful road trip currently puts Calgary's chances of a post-season berth at 28.7%. What impact will having their leading scorer, top penalty-killer and best shut-down forward Curtis Glencross out of the line-up for 6-8 weeks?

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Nation Radio - January 21, 2012

January 22 2012 12:10PM



With Edmonton's post-season hopes once again turning cold, Lowetide's attention is sensibly turning to the long-term again, with his gaze shifting towards the upcoming draft in June 2012. Futures and the ever depressing Battle of Alberta are the topics du jour.

This is Nation Radio.

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Postgame: That Thing You Do

Nation World HQ
January 21 2012 10:46PM

The sun sets at night and rises again in the morning.  Lindsay Lohan abuses substances.  And the Calgary Flames beat the Edmonton Oilers.  From what I've seen in my lifetime, those trends don't seem to be changing, and on Saturday night, the Flames continued that trend with another all-too-easy victory in Edmonton, this time by a 6-2 score.  It finishes off a successful three game road trip for the Flames, where they earned five of a possible six points.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 49 vs Edmonton Oilers

Kent Wilson
January 21 2012 10:42PM




Final Score: 6-2 W

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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GDB 47.0: Here's how you know it's bad

Ryan Lambert
January 21 2012 04:31PM


(Wanye has instituted a new rule when it comes to BoA's: winner of the last game gets to write the losers game day post. Naturally I readily agreed because it benefited my side of the conflict. So for those Oilers faithful wondering why a scummy Flames fan is penning your GDB, kindly refer all complaints to Mr. Wanye Gretz III, Esq. - KW) 

Things can't be easy for the Edmonton Oilers these days.

Everyone is hurt (or at least faking injuries) and Taylor Hall is paying teammates to step on his face, all so they don't have to play for the Oilers. And really, given how badly things have gone lo these past every-year-since-they-accidentally-made-the-Cup-final, who can blame them?

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