Under pressure

Ryan Lambert
July 24 2009 10:04AM


The Flames have made a lot of big moves this season, throwing around a decent amount of money, wheeling and dealing for all kinds of players to fill secondary and tertiary roles, and pissing off a New Jersey-based franchise in the process, but the biggest amount of pressure isn't on Darryl Sutter, who will rule the Flames like a king until such time as he, and only he, sees fit to shuffle along.

If you wanna know the truth, it's all on Kipper.

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Connecting the dots

Jean Lefebvre
July 23 2009 09:08AM

A certain manufacturer and distributor of brewed beverages in this country claims in an ad campaign that there’s an unwritten code in this country and then proceeds to list a bunch of actions that are supposedly reflective of Canadians. Not surprisingly, many of the code items are hockey-related, but there seems to be one missing. Allow us to rectify this error

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Dump your garbage on a garbage franchise

Ryan Lambert
July 22 2009 12:30PM

With that Radim Vrbata trade yesterday, it looks like it's officially open season on trading problem contracts to Phoenix.

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Summer camp hits and misses

Jean Lefebvre
July 19 2009 02:01PM

The Official Handbook of Hockey Cliches demands that the draft be referred to as a crapshoot. Not roulette, not keno, not baccarat — the acceptable game of chance choice for simile purposes when it comes to the teenage talent roundup is craps.

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Take me to the airport, put me on a plane

Ryan Lambert
July 18 2009 04:42PM


The problem for Calgary is apparently that the Flames have expectations to pass through everywhere again.

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