NHLNumbers Logo Contest Entries

Kent Wilson
May 28 2012 11:55AM



Just over a week ago we announced a contest to design a new NHLNumbers logo. And aside from those designers who castigated us for soliciting spec work or something, the response was fairly positive. We received a number of excellent entries which we have been poring over with serious minds and profound thoughts.

It's too difficult a decision for us, I think, so we'd like reader impressions as well. We'll forgo the easily skew-able web poll in favor of yays or nays in the comments. Share your thoughts and we'll pick the winner from the finalists by the end of the day.

Thanks again to to everyone who participated.

First up we have what was obviously the strongest submission -

Luckily it was from Nations Network owner Wanye Gretz who was therefore ineligible to enter. Nevertheless, he clearly set a pretty high bar.

Following in no particular order are the true potentials:

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Prospect Profiles: Max Reinhart

Kent Wilson
May 28 2012 10:20AM



Max Reinhart's final junior season this year was neither under nor overwhelming - he didn't blow the doors off a la Sven Baertschi, but he also didn't fall off the map either. The former third rounder led the admittedly punchless Kootenay Ice in scoring this season with 78 points in 61 games and by all accounts was a key cog in just about every situation for his club.

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Nation Radio - May 26, 2012

May 27 2012 12:02PM

Hands up anyone who picked an LAK/NJD Stanley Cup final heading into the season. Anyone? Bueller?

It's been an especially odd post-season, with favorites falling and previously apathetic fanbases awakening suddenly to their team's unexpected success. If the Kings win the cup, as they should, will that victory be met with a bang or a whimper in Los Angeles? To be fair to that city, it has been so long since their team enjoyed any notable success that they can be forgiven if they forgot about hockey for awhile.

Allan discussed this and a variety of other topics with Kent Wilson, David Staples, Kirk Luedeke and others on this week's show.

This is Nation Radio.

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On Rebuilding - Part 1, The Pittsburgh Penguins

Kent Wilson
May 26 2012 10:48AM



(Frequent commenter and...ugh...Oiler fan RexLibris recently contacted me about contributing a series of posts on rebuilding. As an unfortunate devotee to that perpetually incompetent organization just up the road, I figured he might have insight on the matter. Today we present his first article on the matter)

By RexLibris 

How many times have you heard the following?

“I don’t want my team to do a nuclear-style rebuild like the Oilers”? Or “the Penguins intentionally tanked so they could draft high”? How about “the only way to rebuild is to trade away all of your best players for high draft picks and blue-chip prospects”?

Whether you agree or disagree with any of those statements, they all beg the question “Is that really true?” I contend that there are as many ways to rebuild a team as there are winning styles of hockey and that success or failure in a rebuild is often as fickle fickle as winning a championship.

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UFA Profiles: Olli Jokinen

May 25 2012 12:20PM

Image From Colin Stuart


It's hard to remember a player with a stranger tenure in Calgary than Olli Jokinen. As a guy who was traded for (and at a hefty cost), rumored to be traded away, told to play, actually traded away, and signed back in the offseason, Jokinen has been through it all.

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