The Rise and Fall of Darryl Sutter - Part 6, The Decline

Kent Wilson
April 14 2011 11:41AM


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Empowered by his initial success and emboldened by the installment of friends and family throughout the organization, Sutter was free to indulge his very singular habits and pursue his very singular vision during his reign as the Flames general manager. The unlikely 2003-04 post-season success and the 103 point season the following year cemented the Flames "contender" status in the mind of the team's manager, augmenting expectations in town and around the league as well.

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Flames in review: Brent Sutter

Robert Cleave
April 12 2011 05:46PM


I wasn't particularly impressed with Brent Sutter's work last season, to be frank. The Flames took a significant step backwards in terms of their play, relying on shot suppression and Miikka Kiprusoff entirely too often on route to a 90 point season and 10th place in the Conference. Given that the Flames have just finished 10th yet again, it might be sensible to think that he wasn't much better this year, but there a few items of interest that suggest that he might have learned a few things over the course of the last two seasons.

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The Playoff Prediction Project

Jonathan Willis
April 12 2011 02:19PM



The regular season is ended. Now cometh upon us the time of the playoff.

Not coincidentally, the time of playoff prediction is here.

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Jay Day

Pat Steinberg
April 12 2011 12:24PM

Acting Flames General Manager Jay Feaster held his after season news conference with the Calgary media on Tuesday morning, and a few interesting things came from it.  Feaster spoke for almost 40 minutes, answering questions on the future and a second straight season out of the playoffs.  You can listen to the entire thing below, courtesy of our friends at Sportsnet Radio FAN 960.

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Blogging for Charity

April 12 2011 11:06AM

Ryan Lambert and I like to stir the pot in the hockey blogosphere. From his work at Puck Daddy to my tribute to the Washington Capitals we've won our fair share of critics (mostly in the "they hate us" sense and not the "objective analysis of humor").

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