The Budweiser Red Light

Kent Wilson
February 25 2013 11:28AM



By now most of have heard of this new Budweiser red light thing. For those of you living under a rock (or who PVR every game and zip through commercials), Bud has come up with a replica goal light which you can sync with your favorite team, install in your house, and have it go off every time your club scores. IT'S LIKE ACTUALLY BEING AT THE GAME. Especially if you like to have belligerent drunk friends over to watch the match with (err, drunk ON BUDWEISER of course. Enjoy responsibly and all that).

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POST-GAME: The Red Knight Rises

Vintage Flame
February 24 2013 10:05PM



When the news came down that the Phoenix Coyotes were going to play this one without the likes of Hanzel and Vrbata, there was little doubt that Calgary needed this one. Not just to get themselves back to the .500 mark but to show many that even with this mish-mash lineup, they could skate with the conference contenders; even if the opposition was playing with one hand tied behind their back.

The Flames left the last one licking their wounds and branded by embarrasement, this time they dug deep and were able to bite back to pull out a much needed and much deserved victory; keeping hopes everywhere alive.

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FGD: Witty Puns About The Coyotes

February 24 2013 05:40PM



The nice thing about Sunday is that it's not Monday. The Flames had a case of the Mondays this past week against Phoenix, when they lost the world's most unwatchable hockey game in convincing fashion, a 4-0 snoozefest against a Coyotes team that against all odds both still exists and performs decently enough to find themselves batting for a playoff spot. For obvious reasons, we are not going to talk about it anymore.

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Heat to Leave Abbotsford for Utica?

Kent Wilson
February 24 2013 12:27PM



An odd rumor (news?) this morning. The Uitca Observer Dispatch is reporting the Flames will be moving their AHL affiliate team to the Utica New York for the 2014-15 season, abandoning the Abbotsford experiment after just five years. 

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Best of the Nation: 2.24.13

Jonathan Willis
February 24 2013 10:51AM

Photo: Resolute/Wikimedia

After the jump: the Nation Network turns five, predicting the end-of-season standings, talking about dirty hits and franchise-defining trades, and lots more good stuff from the past week.

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