KHL Highlights: Kulemin scores 2, Komarov's big return, and more

Steve Dangle
November 23 2012 08:29PM


Last week Leo Komarov was riding a bus with the AHL's Toronto Marlies. Now he's on a line with Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom. Not bad.

The NHL keeps cancelling games, and the KHL keeps churning them out. I hope you like the videos we're putting out, and as always, I'd love your feedback.


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AGD: Start of a Southern Swing

Kent Wilson
November 23 2012 03:46PM


Time: 6:30pm

Location: Cedar Park Center, Texas


The Heat have had four days to lick their wounds after a beat down at the hands of the Toronto Marlies. Abbotsford had looked nearly immortal this year up until the Marlies humbled them 5-0 last Sunday afternoon, but today they'll look to get back to their winning ways. 

Aside from Ben Street, a lot of he Heat's scorers have been silent over the last few games, so the club will need names like Sven Baertschi, Roman Horak and Dustin Sylvester to get back on the scoresheet if they want to win. Word is Baertschi has been creating chances every game, but the puck just hasn't been going in.

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How Good is Leland Irving?

Kent Wilson
November 23 2012 11:39AM

As Ryan Pike illustrated in detail recently, the Calgary Flames suddenly have a lot of goaltenders in the system (even though, technically, Danny Taylor and Barry Brust are only on AHL deals currently.) Irving was chosen in 2006 in the first round and will turn 25 years old in April. He has seven NHL games under his belt but is currently the third goaltender in the rotation down on the farm.

The assumption is he will nevertheless duel for the back-up position in Calgary when and if the season 2012-13 season begins, but the real question surrounds Irving's long-term future in the system given the club's plethora of options.

Of course, that wholly depends on what Irving's true talent level is. If he's better at stopping the puck than the rest of the hopefuls, the crowding in the crease is irrelevant. If he isn't, however, then this will likely be his last season as a Calgary Flame prospect.

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Flames Weekend Guide, November 22 2012

Ryan Pike
November 22 2012 03:16PM



There's no CBA. The situation sucks, but fear not. There is still hockey to enjoy. All but two Flames prospects are in action this weekend, with Matthew Deblouw's Michigan State Spartans and Coda Gordon's Swift Current Broncos getting a break.

As for everyone else? Here's the weekly rundown.

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Where Are They Now? - Brad Werenka

November 22 2012 12:57PM




To kick this article off in style, I'm just going to say it right here, for the sake of controversy: Brad Werenka, pictured above, is drinking a beer in public. On Game Day. Probably.

There could be no better candidate for Where Are They Now than Mr. Brad Werenka, because only like six people in the entire world actually know where he is. If you're like me, you assume that after he parted ways with his illustrious career as a premier shutdown NHL defenseman, he would meet his most certainly resplendent post retirement challenges with aplomb and esteem. One imagines a noble Werenka, clad in armor, unsheathing his broadsword and laying waste to a dragon made out of nothing but toxic waste and discarded Def Leppard LPs.

If you're part of the other camp, a bloc of people I like to call the "Kent Wilsons of the world", you function under the assumption that Werenka is in a ditch, facedown, naked and pale in the sleepy community of Has Been, Iowa, where even his mother would say "Yeah, whatever, Bill, or Bob or whatever the Hell your name is"

It's bleak, tragic, and you're all jerks for operating within such grim parameters.

The truth is, Brad Werenka is most likely living in a reality somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. And after I look up his Wikipedia page and also probably edit his Wikipedia page, I will report back my findings so we can all stop exerting so much time thinking about it.

All you really need to know is that some fraudulent punk of a blogger out there has, without any authority to do so, anointed Werenka with his own day of the week. Where does that guy get off?

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