This and That - We can finally talk hockey

Kent Wilson
January 07 2013 12:41PM



Just some things rolling around my head as we transition from interpreting legalese and negotiating strategy to discussing roster depth and line combinations. Of course, FlamesNation is going to re-do some of our previous season previews as well as cover Calgary's truncated training camp as thoroughly as possible. But for now, some bullets -

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2013 Flames Training Camp Preview

Ryan Pike
January 07 2013 08:36AM

The lockout is over! Training camp for the abbreviated 2013 NHL campaign will begin some time this week.

Approximately 30 to 33 players will be invited to training camp, according to Jay Feaster on The Fan960 recently. Breaking it down, however, it's patently obvious that there won't be a lot of true roster battles.

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January 06 2013 05:04PM

What's that thing called when you break up with someone, both see other people and then decide you are going to get back together and have to pretend like the last 6 months never happened? Yeah. It's time for about 1000cc of that.

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Flames post-lockout Storylines and Question Marks

Kent Wilson
January 06 2013 12:35PM

With the lock-out finally winding down and training camp set to start in about a week, we can finally start talking actual hockey again. Huzzah!

The long lay-off, new CBA rules plus the development of players and a shortened NHL season will all have an impact on how this season shapes up for the Flames. Here are some primary issues and questions the Flames will face:

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Agreement reached; Lockout on verge of end; Christmas saved

Cam Charron
January 06 2013 09:41AM

After 16 hours of bargaining and mediation Saturday and early into Sunday morning, the National Hockey League and its Players Association came through with a tentative labour agreement that will see the remainder of the 2012-2013 season played out under a pro-rated salary cap.

A groggy Gary Bettman, who was speaking about as quickly as either Sedin accelerates (they're slow, get it?), clarified that the deal must be ratified on both sides, and that there was no information available yet on schedule or number of games to be played.

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