FN Weekend Open Thread - Flames Other Draft Darkhorses

Kent Wilson
May 18 2013 11:19AM



Yesterday we discussed Taylor Cammarata as a potential mid-round target of the Flames this coming draft. We'd like to profile all of the org's targets, but of course that's not possible.

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Flames Darkhorse Targets: Taylor Cammarata

Kent Wilson
May 17 2013 10:31AM

While the 6th overall pick will obviously be the most important done made by the team at the draft next month, it's important to keep in mind that the club has two other picks inside the top 30 and nine picks overall. Which means the Flames scouts have a lot more work on their hands than simply deciding between Elis Lindholm and Sean Monahan.

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Five things: Moving on

Ryan Lambert
May 16 2013 12:13PM


1. Here's something I've been thinking about

It's kind of hard to believe how close the end of the season is. A little more than a month away at this point. The draft is being held June 30, for god's sake. And while Flames fans' focus has understandably been on who will go No. 6 overall, or indeed if the Flames should move up — and, as discussed by Kent earlier this week, there's a lot of contention as to that point — I've been wondering a lot about what Jay Feaster is going to do about those vague threats to spend money this offseason.

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Flames first round targets 2013: Sean Monahan

Kent Wilson
May 16 2013 10:13AM



Sean Monahan is probably guy who will end up as Calgary's first pick this June. In just about every mock draft or consensus draft board he lands right in Calgary's range (6th-8th overall). Monahan also ticks a lot of boxes for the organization: a big, smart center with good offensive and two-way ability.

The 6'02"195 pound pivot has an October 12, 1994 birthday and is one of the oldest draft eligible players available this year. It's not like the extra year has inflated his stock however - even if Monhahan was a few weeks older and therefore draft eligible in 2012 he would have been a top-10 pick thanks to a 33-goal, 78-point effort that season.

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Roman Cervenka Signs in KHL

Kent Wilson
May 15 2013 12:49PM



According to Ska's website, Roman Cervenka has signed a deal with the KHL team starting next season. Which means he won't be returning to the Flames or NA ice any time soon (read: ever).

When I discussed moving Cervenka at the deadline during the season, this was the primary reason - the high chance he wouldn't stick around after a rough go in the NHL. Cervenka was never a favorite of the coaching staff here in town, due to a lackluster two way game and low level of conditioning touched off by a blood condition at the start of the year.

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