Flames Notes - Icebergs And Rising Tides

Kent Wilson
February 22 2013 12:10PM



The Flames opened the season with a rough first 10-games record-wise but I was encouraged by some of their performances, their underlying numbers and many of the decisions Bob Hartley was making. It seemed that if the club could weather the poor goaltending storm and continue to outshoot and outplay the bad guys, then they could emerge on the other side as playoff contenders.

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Flames Prospect Update, February 21 2013

Ryan Pike
February 22 2013 09:59AM

We're deep, deep into the regular season in the NCAA and the Canadian Hockey League, so why not take a long, deep look at how the Calgary Flames prospects in those two super-leagues are doing? In addition, we'll take a look overseas to see how the Flames Fins have made out...

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C'est Buono

February 21 2013 05:20PM

On January 24th Wally Buono held a news conference to announce that he was trading star received and B.C. Lions franchise cornerstone Geroy Simon.

Okay, so we’re talking football in February, but stick with me here.

Simon is a lock for the CFL Hall of Fame, and probably a few other local Halls of Fame in B.C. and his home state of Pennsylvania. His game has diminished partially due to age and injury, but there is no denying that he is still an effective player and a terrific influence to have on the roster of any CFL team. On top of that, Simon had spent eleven years with the Lions, winning two Grey Cup championships and the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player Award. It was Simon’s image that adorned the B.C. Lions Canada Post stamp for the Grey Cup’s 100th birthday.

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Two Minutes Hate! The Kirk McLean Edition!

February 21 2013 11:53AM



Welcome friends! 2MH is back. I know it's been a while, but after penning the Gary Leeman hate tribute, I, and certainly you, noble reader, are just coming down to normal levels of rational calm, and there's this whole thing about how there's been present day hockey related content to get angry over (Phoenix, am I right?), but here we are.


Once a yearly, regular thing Flames fans had become accustomed to now appears off on the horizon, a glimmering oasis of higher illusion. Back in the days of yore, the Flames were, to soften the tone as to not hurt the eyes of Flames fans today, competitive. They may have not always been contenders, but you know what they say, WHEN YOU GET TO THE DANCE, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.


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Five things: This is that

Ryan Lambert
February 21 2013 09:47AM

1. Just the thing they do now

Monday night, you'll recall, was arguably the worst Flames performance of the season, and that's saying something special given the stinkers they've mailed in already in their first 14 games. That shootout loss to Minnesota springs to mind as a pretty bad one, as does the loss to Colorado, as does the loss to St. Louis.

But at least there's a pattern beginning to develop, and we can start to draw something from that. Ludicrously small sample size aside, one thing I've noticed in a lot of these games is that when the Flames play poorly (which is obviously "often"), Bob Hartley goes on some little rant and rave about how some guys on this team take the night off — the postgame scrum in Phoenix stands are evidence enough of this phenomenon — and then as if by magic, Calgary goes out and plays extremely well in the next game. And so forth.

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