Evaluating Player Evaluation: NHLE

Ryan Pike
August 09 2013 09:17AM

One of the more interesting debates that has arisen of late, particularly with the improvement in Calgary's drafting, is how to rate prospects. For example, when I say that Johnny Gaudreau is the best Flames prospect, what does that mean and how do I come to that conclusion?

In the interest of throwing fuel on that particular debate, over the next while we'll be touching on a few different methods of assessing young talent. To kick things off, let's look at NHL Points Equivalence, or NHLE, one of the most relied-upon statistical measures used to evaluate prospects, particularly across different leagues.

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On Player Accountability and the Bench

August 08 2013 12:41PM



The inevitable struggles of the Calgary Flames will bring on endless articles about coaching, with plenty romanticizing certain styles. Given how bad Calgary will almost certainly be this year, there will be endless words spilled on accountability, and plenty of them coming from the mouth of Bob Hartley, who has a reputation of being a bit hardnosed on the "accountability" thing.

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Five things: So now we're talking about Feaster

Ryan Lambert
August 08 2013 09:40AM

1. Where he started

So Christian Roatis wrote a voluminous post "Defending Jay Feaster" this week and it got a lot of very deserved attention. Personally, I'm not sure Feaster necessarily needs defending because he's in a job where he is going to receive criticism a lot of the time almost no matter what he does since that's how the rebuild process usually goes; there's a reason most guys that oversee the beginnings of such actions — Steve Tambellini, etc. — are heavily embattled and tend not to be able to keep their jobs long enough to see their work in the trenches come to fruition.

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Random Thoughts - For Feaster This is the Easy Part

Kent Wilson
August 07 2013 12:28PM



Christian's lengthy defense of Jay Feaster has garnered a lot of comments, but I'd nevertheless like to add a few more here.

I'll start by saying Feaster's tenure is brief enough that the fairest grade we can assign him is "NA", or incomplete. Feaster has only been in the big chair since the middle of 2010 and much of his work was done while struggling beneath the wreckage of Darryl Sutter's descent into madness. Because of the make-up of the team when he took the reins, as well as some budget issues and the recent lock-out, the Calgary Flames have only played about two seasons worth of games during Feaster's watch. That's not a lot of information and opportunity for a manager to work with.

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Development Camp 2013: John Gilmour

Ryan Pike
August 07 2013 09:06AM


Providence College's starting line faces the BU crowd

- pic via D. Mahoney


Providence College freshman John Gilmour ended his first year of college in a rather unique way – by being drafted by an NHL team. The native of Montreal – who in no way is related to Doug Gilmour – is a teammate of 2012 Flames draft picks Mark Jankowski and Jon Gillies, which most likely got him on the club's radar.

The finance major put up 13 points in 38 games as a freshman, but was generally regarded as a solid two-way blueliner rather than a stellar offensive threat. But if the Friars are expected to take a leap forward in the NCAA pecking order this season, Gilmour will be relied upon to maintain his defensive stance while pitching in a bit more offensively.

The 198th pick in the 2013 NHL Draft was in attendance at Flames development camp earlier this month, where I had the chance to speak with him a bit.

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