Random Thoughts - CBA Negotiations fatigue

Kent Wilson
January 04 2013 10:43AM



Because I do this for a living and have a heavy dose of self-interest riding on the outcome, I've no doubt been more invested in the CBA negotiations than your average fan. On a broad, macro level divorced from sentiment, it's been interesting to observe the parry and thrust of each side in this labor dispute, to impute the honesty and motives of those involved, to deduce each party's competing incentives and strategies. 

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KHL: Ringing in 2013

Steve Dangle
January 03 2013 11:24PM


 The KHL played its first hockey games of 2013 with a light, 3-game schedule. The playoff race is heating up big time.


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The Flames Amnesty Buy-out Options

Kent Wilson
January 03 2013 02:29PM

As CBA negotiations continue, word came down today that the NHL has agreed to two amnesty buy-outs (that is, two buy-outs without cap implications) per team in the summer of 2013 to help clubs get under the new cap.

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Five things: What does 2013 hold?

Ryan Lambert
January 03 2013 11:51AM


1. Another good draft

While you and I may sit here and disagree with the selection of Mark Jankowski all day and night, the fact remains that the Flames have been able to put together goodish drafts under Jay Feaster, at least in terms of early returns.

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Flames Holiday Prospect Update

Ryan Pike
January 03 2013 09:25AM



The holiday season is both a quiet and busy time for hockey.

On one hand, most junior, college and pro teams get time off from regular play for the holidays. On the other hand, there are a lot of international and other tournaments that take place over the holiday break. 

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