AGD: Heat Take on the Wolves

Kent Wilson
October 19 2012 11:40AM

Time: 8:00pm MST

Location: Abbotsford

Broadcast: Sportsnet Fan960 (radio), (listen live stream)

The Heat and Chicago Wolves are a couple of undefeated teams through the first few of games of the AHL season. To get a clearer perspective on both clubs, I talked to the Heat's PbP man Ryan Pinder about the pending back-to-back series this weekend:

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Two Minutes Hate: Joe Nieuwendyk Edition - Point, Counterpoint

Vintage Flame
October 19 2012 09:43AM


Undoubtedly there was going to come a time when the writers here at Flames Nation were not going to agree on something. With the Summer over and the blatant disregard from the NHL and NHLPA to provide us with our winter fix, we have been left no choice but to now turn our vitriol on each other, and it’s time for the Nation to eat their own!

The Calgary Flames have given us a glimpse of its new Forever A Flame campaign where they have given themselves countless opportunities to honour past players without having to retire their numbers. They promised us at least three, and gave us only one, leaving us on the edge of our seats to probably forget about the whole thing all together.

With the rapid appreciation of Book of Loob’s 2 Minutes Hate, I decided to see just how far I could push our rookie scribe. He failed... Actually he started to cry during our lunch meeting, saying he just couldn’t in good conscience… Well I don’t wanna ruin the story, so without further ado. Get ready for the biggest demonstration of FlamesNation grandstanding you’ve seen since the CBA negotiations started.

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How I Spent My Lockout Vacation: Tim Jackman

October 18 2012 01:58PM



The year is 2012. The month is...let's say NOVEMBER 2ND. The NHL lockout is now over and behind us and we never have to think about it again for another seven years. We all survived that Bristol Palin poker celebrity cruise show that aired on Sportsnet every night in place of NHL broadcasts. The locusts, in the end, were merciful invaders and moved onto greener pastures, leaving us with mere crumbs, which we devoured gratefully and without shame. But at least the Mayans were wrong, so high five on that.

Your Calgary Flames return to the Saddledome, refreshed and relaxed after an extended break away from the rink. With FlamesNation having a tremendous, some would say inappropriate amount of access to the team, coupled with the bluster to do what we want that only comes from knowing there's no one out there who can stand in our way, we approached the Flames to provide us with short essays documenting how they spent their lockout vacation. Which is what we're calling it now. Again, because we can.

Flames Nation is pleased to offer you another installment of The Flames Lockout Vacations.  This week, Tim Jackman, and certainly not The Book Of Loob, recounts how he spent his time off

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Flames Projections: Secondary Forwards

Robert Vollman
October 18 2012 12:08PM


Every year we project how many points each of the players will score using a couple of different statistical methods, and why should a potential lockout season be any different?

If you're just tuning in, we explained our methodology in more detail in our first piece, which covered the top-six forwardsLast time we covered the defensemen and here in our third and final piece we'll look at the remaining, secondary forwards.

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Five things: About that proposal

Ryan Lambert
October 18 2012 09:34AM

1. So now the NHL is willing to play ball

Forgive the mixed sports metaphors, but y'know, finally.

I don't remember exactly how long we went between the league's last offer and Tuesday's, but it was clear the NHLPA wasn't going to sit there and try to negotiate off a proposal that was as ludicrous as the one the league was putting out there. Not that I don't think the decision to create the appearance of greater flexibility was influenced by Deadspin leaking that focus group garbage the league was pushing, because that's all the offer was a response to, but at least we're now moving in the right direction.

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