Postgame: Comedy

Pat Steinberg
March 26 2011 11:40PM

The Webster's dictionary defines the word comedy as an amusing event or sequence of events.  Yeah that about fits what we saw Saturday night in Edmonton, with the Calgary Flames scoring three third period goals to tie a lifeless hockey game, and they'd eventually win thanks to their old friend, the shootout.  Against the Oilers, it's not so improbable, but seeing Steve Staios tie the game late in the third pretty much summed up the night.  Season not over.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 77 versus Edmonton

Kent Wilson
March 26 2011 11:01PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21127

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Game No. 77: A Celebration of Hunger

Ryan Lambert
March 26 2011 07:48PM

Just when you thought you were out.

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FGD: Battle With Substance...Sort Of

Pat Steinberg
March 26 2011 01:57PM

Not since game one of the season has the Battle of Alberta held so much importance, even if the seperation between the two teams is rather large.  As the Flames and Oilers meet for the fifth time this year (8 pm, CBC and Sportsnet Radio FAN 960), the stakes are rather high for Calgary, with a loss ending their season for all intents and purposes.  Because of that fact, a rather inept Oilers team might just come to play.

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March 25 News and notes

Robert Cleave
March 25 2011 08:31AM



I had wished that as with my Arizona sojourn, another trip to the Southern U.S. would signal a Flames' winning streak. We've seen how that's worked out, unfortunately, so any hope that spending all my time during the winter months in a more hospitable climate would act as a talisman for the team has foundered. I was all ready to pitch that idea to Murray Edwards for a few bucks, too. Drat.

At any rate, life does go on, and the round-up is back for a perusal of a few items of interest around the patch. This week, the Flames hit the rocks, the Pens carry on quite swimmingly, and the endless bickering over the Coyotes' fate is, well, endless.

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