World Junior Hopefuls: Jon Gillies

Ryan Pike
November 20 2012 03:35PM

Every year, the annual IIHF World Junior Championship tournament provides young hockey players with a great opportunity to show their wares against the best players from the age-group from throughout the world. It's a great development tool and players as varied as Jarome Iginla, Roman Horak and Leland Irving have had the chance to represent their nations at the World Juniors. Over the next few weeks, we're going to take a look at the chances of the various Flames prospects vying for World Junior roster spots.

Next up is Jon Gillies.

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Flames 2012-13 Prospects NHLE - November 20 Update

Kent Wilson
November 20 2012 09:22AM



It's been about a month since we checked on the NHL equivalence of the Flames various kids. Last time around, Sven Baertschi, Johhny Gaudreau and Roman Horak were leading the way for the forwards while TJ Brodie was on an island by himself on the back-end.

The order hasn't changed much, although they are a few risers here and there. Also, the guys are bunched much closer together this time around thanks to the sample size being a bit bigger.

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A Corsi-centric Discussion of Advanced Stats

Kent Wilson
November 19 2012 02:58PM



Justin Bourne and I got together to discuss a few things in the realm of hockey analysis recently. The full thing can be found here at Backhand Shelf, but here's a taste of the back and forth :

Kent Wilson:

Perhaps we could discuss this from your latest “Thoughts on Thoughts” piece: “Guys who lose a lot of puck battles end up with poor Corsis, and with the (slight) rise in the prevalence of that stat, I think those guys are going to be more exposed than ever.” Is this something you intuited or is it something that’s been studied? I, personally, assume there could be a relationship there and in fact have thought it would be great if we could track puck battles to see if they correlate with possession (like the way Eric did with zone entries).

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How I Spent My Lockout Vacation: Cory Sarich

November 19 2012 01:59PM


The year is 2024. The NHL lockout is FINALLY over and behind us and we never have to think about it again, for independent thought has been deemed illegal. We all survived that Bristol Palin poker celebrity cruise show that aired on Sportsnet every night in place of NHL broadcasts. The locusts, in the end, were merciful invaders and moved onto greener pastures, leaving us with mere crumbs, which we devoured gratefully and without shame. But at least the Mayans were wrong, so high five on that.

Your Calgary Flames return to the Saddledome, no longer a bunker for those of us not consumed by the hive mind, refreshed and relaxed after an extended break away from the rink. With FlamesNation having a tremendous, some would say inappropriate amount of access to the team, coupled with the bluster to do what we want that only comes from knowing there's no one out there who can stand in our way (being as we're among the very, very few survivors), we approached the Flames to provide us with  short essays documenting how they spent their lockout vacation. Which is what we're calling it now. Again, because we can.

So withough further adieu, here is ACTUALLY Cory Sarich, and totally NOT a parody essay fabricated by The Book of Loob, on his Lockout Vacation.

So the FlamesNation crack team of lawyers informs me that I need to go ahead and tell everyone that this is in fact a parody essay, and in no way constitutes anything that Cory Sarich has said or will ever say. BUT YOU CAN IMAGINE THOUGH, RIGHT???

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VOICE OF THE NATION - Giving a Voice to the Fans

Vintage Flame
November 19 2012 11:35AM





So here we are in Day 65 of the NHL Lockout. Many of the fans have not changed their feelings on the matter as a whole, but have changed the target of their vitriol. Some have shifted their blame from the owners to the players… back to the owners and then some back on the NHLPA or vice-versa.

Regardless of the blame game, what hasn’t changed is the fact that it’s the fans getting shafted amongst the bickering and discord exhibited by both sides.

Or is it?

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