A Good Hire

Pat Steinberg
July 02 2011 05:25PM

Lost in the shuffle during the free agency frenzy over the last couple days was the hiring of Troy Ward to coach Calgary's AHL affilliate in Abbotsford next season.  It's a promotion for Ward, who was an assistant on Jim Playfair's Heat staff last season, but a hiring that is a smart one for the Flames.  From talking to Ward a few times over the last year, it's clear he has a good eye on his team and is very keen on getting player to the next level.

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Sometimes It's What You Don't Do

Pat Steinberg
July 02 2011 02:17PM


Seeing the sheer number of contracts doled out over the weekend, many have noticed the lack of action from the Calgary Flames, who have yet to really delve into the free agent market.  While they were in on the bidding for Brad Richards, who would eventually sign with the New York Rangers, I'm not really all that down on what the Flames have done, or in this case, the lack of what they've done.

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UFA Weekend Open Thread

Kent Wilson
July 02 2011 11:25AM



Ove 70 players have been signed already, but there remains a few names and a few trade potentials out there. It's possible more things will go down this weekend, so feel free to use this post as an open discussion thread.


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Flames Silent On Day One

Kent Wilson
July 01 2011 10:43PM



While there was a lot of activity today, the Calgary Flames mostly sat on the sidelines, re-signing Chris Butler and a couple of AHLers to perfunctory deals. Although the club is rumored to be in on the Brad Richards sweepstakes, the truth is a lot of their targets were snapped up today and it's highly possible Calgary won't be heavily involved in the 2011 free agent crop.

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Jonathan Willis
July 01 2011 09:11PM

Free agency is a time generally reserved for welcoming new players into the fold, as the Oilers and Canucks did, or for being excited about the possibility of signing a true difference maker, as fans of the Flames and Leafs can be tonight.

Still, it’s also a time for departure, and each of the four cities in the Nation Network lost at least one player to another team today.

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