Where Do The Flames Sit Heading Into the Summer?

Ryan Pike
May 10 2013 09:14AM



Following the completion of the season, Flames general manager Jay Feaster (and several players) expressed that their team is in a decent good place going forward.

They're not entirely wrong. While the team on the ice is what it is – there are a lot of holes – but the club does have a bounty of resources at their disposal heading into the summer. A look at how the Flames sit compared to their counterparts in three areas can give a glimpse as to how the club sits, and who may be ideal trade partners going forward.

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Two Minutes Hate! The Vancouver Canucks Are Miserable Bastards Edition

May 09 2013 11:44AM



Oh, those poor Vancouver Canucks. Since the dawn of the 1970's, the west coast whale has on more than one occasion been on the brink of glory, only to fall off the cliff into the pits of stinky despair. Indeed, over the years, the Nucks have boasted rosters with high degrees of skill, speed, hockey IQ, and twins, squandering these gifts as each window of success slowly drew close, drawing to mind comparisons to any number of applicable scenes from the Indiana Jones movies.

Indeed, a litany of talent has passed through Vancouver with an alarming frequency on par with the number of times the team unveils progressively uglier jerseys, and despite all of this,Vancouver always ends up on the outside looking in. It would be easy to sympathize with them, as surely any halfway compassionate human being can want to see any entity that continually has sand kicked in their face taste even a glimmer of success, and the Canucks are most certainly that.

WELL F#%* THAT AUDIO, PAVEL BURE. The Canucks and their fanbase are probably the league's most entitled organization, and have never conducted themselves in a manner that affords them even a shred of decency when being referred to by literally almost anyone else. Instead, all that we're going to offer here today is two minutes of unbridled disdain and crass name calling, and I don't feel the least bit guilty or ashamed to do it.  (Though admittedly, I will have to tread carefully, as Canucks and their fans tend to dive into violent backlash when provoked, seemingly without warning.)

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Five things: One goalie thing, then draft stuff

Ryan Lambert
May 09 2013 09:16AM

1. Goaltending looking clearer

As I noted last week, just based on the number of guys currently holding onto contracts, and even with Miikka Kiprusoff all but set to retire, there had to be one guy left out in the cold. It seems, as any rational person might have guessed, that Leland Irving, the former first round pick, is the one who's not long for the Flames organization.

Not that it's necessarily a bad thing for either party.

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Flames Top 15 Prospects 2013: #15 Mark Jankowski

Kent Wilson
May 08 2013 11:56AM

This ranking probably comes as a surprise to many fans given Jankowski's profile in the Flames organization after being picked 21st overall in the 2012 draft. Like most first rounders immediately after they are chosen, Janko is considered in many circles to be a top prospect for the Flames, but the truth is his draft+1 year was rather underwhelming; to the degree that it's clear Jankowski is long ways off from contributing at the NHL level, assuming he makes it at all.

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Top-30 Draft Prospect NHL Equivalencies

Kent Wilson
May 08 2013 09:52AM



Before we begin breaking down individual scouting reports for the various first round hopefuls I decided to survey the entire field from a high level using NHL equivalencies (NHLE). For those unfamiliar, NHLE is a method that corrects for league quality relative to the NHL, allowing us to compare kids across various leagues.

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