Five things: Answering some NCAA questions

Ryan Lambert
February 14 2013 08:23AM

1. A quick introduction

Last week I wrote something about Johnny Gaudreau playing his junior year at Boston College and someone in the comments was very confused by this, given that Gaudreau had already played his junior season in the USHL and therefore there was a bit of confusion as to how could he also do so while at college. It was then that I started to think that maybe the average Canadian hockey fan doesn't have a firm grasp on the NCAA hockey system to which the Flames seem to be turning more and more often for their prospects.

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POST GAME: Seeing Red

Vintage Flame
February 14 2013 01:07AM

There was no doubt going into tonight's match up that the Calgary Flames needed the win. Regulation time, overtime, shoot-out, it didn't matter, but they needed two points.

On a night that saw the city of Calgary re-ignite the Olympic torch to celebrate 25 years since the 1988 Winter Olympics, the Flames needed to find a way to ignite this offense and avoid getting punched so hard, they saw stars. Good way to do that is to light the lamp at the right end of the ice.

When you score often, it's not likely the opposition will spend a lot of time in your end, which served Leland Irving well. Even better is once again having the bad guys on the second night of a back-to-back, and once again facing their back up.

The Flames were lucky enough to have the Stars aligned for all these factors and in the end were able to do something the Oilers just can't seem to manage; they beat the Dallas Stars.

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FGD: Seeing Stars

Ryan Pike
February 13 2013 01:54PM

For seemingly the zillionth time this hockey season, your Calgary Flames face-off at home with a team that played the night before (usually in a different city). Okay, it's only the third time, but the Flames haven't won one of these games yet. And with the quarter-pole of the season looming on Friday night, the club desperately needs to cash in on some of these opportunities.

Tonight's opportunity pits the 3-4-3 Flames against the 7-5-1 Dallas Stars.

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Depth, Injuries, and Sven Baertschi

February 13 2013 10:08AM

Your Calgary Flames are hurting, friends. It's all hobbles and limps and hip flexors in Flametopia, and it sucks.

Mike Cammalleri, hip flexor. Sven Baertschi, hip flexor. Miikka Kiprusoff, MCL sprain/smokers lung. Mikael Backlund, heartbreaking knee injury.

Jay Feaster, jimmy legs.

Point is, they are beaten up. Cammalleri is supposedly on the verge of checking back in, and we're told Sven is getting his skate on, but he's not due back immediately, and it's meant calling up some rainy day players in Abbotsford. And THAT has exposed something we all already know: The Flames depth pool is awfully shallow.

The Baertsch plays into where I'm going with this, I promise. Just read all the words and then we'll talk about it, okay?


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Flames Must Make a Play For O'Reilly

Kent Wilson
February 13 2013 12:00AM

They probably have for at least a couple weeks now.

There is absolutely no negotiating going on anymore between Ryan O’Reilly and the Avalanche. While the Avs were optimistic right after the lockout ended that they could sign O’Reilly and my sources said he would not be traded, things have changed and it appears a virtual certainty O’Reilly will be traded now.

- Via Adrian Dater

Back when we discussed a potential ROR offer sheet, it was a suggestion made partially in jest since it seemed unlikely the Avalanche would allow this feud with arguably their best (or at least second best) young forward to go too far.

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