How to Rebuild the Calgary Flames - A Four Year (and a bit) Plan - Part Five

January 02 2013 01:08PM



This is a continuation of a series in which I propose a method of rebuilding the Flames organization. For a frame of reference, you can go to the first in the series here.

To date, the team has drafted a high-end center prospect within the top ten (estimated at 6th overall, at the 2013 draft and added another high-end pick, estimated at around 9th overall, either a forward or defenseman. The remainder of the draft would be run with an eye to skill and hockey intelligence at all positions. Seven selections were made, two in the first round.

Rebuilding the Flames - Year 2

At the end of year one and going into training camp for year two, 2013-2014, the roster looks like this:

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Calgary Flames 2012 Year In Review

Kent Wilson
January 02 2013 10:36AM



See: the previous year in review.

That's more than a tab glib, but the truth is despite the change in management and other shuffles in the upper office, the Calgary Flames season was more than a little reminiscent of the one before it: the club came out of the gates slowly, sunk to the bottom of the western conference by Christmas and then rebounded just enough in the new year to challenge for a playoff spot, eschew any meaningful roster changes and then bow out of the playoff picture in the last week or two of action. A familiar script three years running.

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KHL: Ending 2012 with a bang

Steve Dangle
December 31 2012 10:23AM


Kovalchuk vs. Chara, Malkin's Magnitogorsk kills it, Ovechkin and Radulov go RRRAAAAWWWWRRRR! and more.


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AGD: Hunting in Wolf Country

Kent Wilson
December 30 2012 01:44PM

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Allstate Arena Chicago


A shorter gamethread today since we covered most of the ground in the preview yesterday. The Heat beat the Wolves 3-2 last night in a game that was very back-and-forth, although I'd say the Heat survived gave up ,pre own zone time and chances against overall. That said, Abbotsford blocked a lot of shots, the Wolves missed or were stuffed on a lot of pucks in the scoring area and when they did break through, Danny Taylor was there more often than not.

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Best of the Nation – 12.30.12

Jonathan Willis
December 30 2012 09:00AM

We're now in the thick of the holiday season and there's no NHL hockey, but there's still lots to talk about. The league made a new CBA offer this week, the World Juniors and Spengler Cup are on, and the Toronto Maple Leafs continue to butcher the handling of their top young players.

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