FGD: Parched in the Desert

Kent Wilson
February 18 2013 03:51PM

In some ways, the Phoenix Coyotes are the anti-Flames: they have a terrible ownership position, lackluster fan support, a lousy budget and next to no expectations every year. And yet, despite those obstacles, the club manages to remain competitive under the steady guidance of Don Maloney and Dave Tippett, each year pressing for a playoff position with a motley crew of apparent has-beens and misfit toys.

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Flames All Time Top 10 Draft Picks – #2 Brett Hull

Vintage Flame
February 18 2013 12:06PM



When you’re a kid that is drafted into the NHL in the first round, the honour unfortunately also comes with its share of pressure and expectations. When you’re the son of an NHL icon, there are even more pressures on you before you’ve taken your first step on NHL ice. But what about when you are the son of an icon but, you aren’t drafted until the sixth round? What are expectations now of your talents and how they compare within your pedigree?

By no means did Hull begin his career destined for greatness.

In fact it wasn’t even certain. For Brett junior hockey would begin in the BCJHL and the Penticton Knights, a tier two team below the major junior level. At 5’10” and about 220 lbs, he wasn’t the most fluid and graceful skater on the ice. Despite his mother being an American professional figure skater, Brett seemed to miss out on inheriting that talent from the matriarchal gene pool. So much in fact, that he earned the nickname “Pickle”.

Not to be labeled and not to be denied, Brett Hull would indeed go on not only to the NHL, but once there, step from his father’s shadow and make a name for himself as one of the true greats to play the game.

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POST-GAME: Wins Are Always Bigger in Texas!

Vintage Flame
February 17 2013 08:52PM



So after a terrible game against the Blues, what better team to get back in the saddle against than a team you just beat 7-4, right?

With a ton of changes to the line-up, demotions, waivers and throwing yet another dart at the board for a centre, your Calgary Flames looked to do just exactly that. Though the players might change, the game does not, and if Calgary could manage to replicate what they did four nights ago, they'd be back to .500 and able to justify changes that have had the fans pulling their hair out the last couple days.

Look to your leaders, and if that doesn't work, well hope you have some unlikely surprises rise to the top.

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FGD: A Trip to Texas

Ryan Pike
February 17 2013 01:19PM



Two teams missing their awesome goalies collide in the Lone Star State tonight! The Flames (4-5-3) are missing Miikka Kiprusoff (career 2.46 goals against average, .913 save percentage). The Stars (8-6-1) are missing Kari Lehtonen (career 2.69 goals against average, .915 save percentage). Lehtonen's been better than Kiprusoff this year, but both teams wish they had their number-ones.

A win here puts the Flames back at .500, a lofty perch which they've gotten to but have yet to cross over entirely. And it's already a quarter of the way into the season.

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Best of the Nation: 2.17.13

Jonathan Willis
February 17 2013 11:15AM

After the jump: the single-biggest story in the NHL last week, a mess of trades, injuries, and trade rumours, how bloggers are once again undermining Western society, and Graphic Comments. Also - and this is important - the Winnipeg Jets' all-time greatest moustaches.

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