Pursuing True Change

Kent Wilson
May 07 2012 11:53AM



I mentioned in another article recently that Jay Feaster would be well served to make some very real alterations to the Calgary Flames this summer in the face of fan's shifting perceptions of the team. In my estimation, selling a "shift in gears" will be easier both short term and long term given the club's low chances of succeeding via the status quo.

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Nation Radio - May 5, 2012

May 06 2012 12:52PM

With winter finally loosing it's icy grip in Canda (well, except in Calgary apparently) and all the great white north teams out of the playoffs, thoughts are unviersally turning to the upcoming draft and free agency. Those topics plus the WHL playoffs and World Hockey Championships are explored today with Corey Graham, Scott Cullen, Jim Byers and others.

This is Nation Radio.

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Kiprusoff Trade Scenarios Open Thread

Kent Wilson
May 05 2012 07:53AM



We did this last weekend with Jarome Iginla and it generated a lot of discussion so I figure it's worth another go this week with Kipper.

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Asking the Right Questions - Content Over Style

Kent Wilson
May 04 2012 01:49PM



In previous entries in this series, we've discussed how GM's and coaches can fall victim to certain fallacies that result in bad decision paths. In part one, we looked at mistaking correlation for causation in small sample sizes and fabricating narratives to explain randomness. In part two, the topic was overly weighting the effect of vague, unquantifiable factors in players and teams. 

I want to expand on that latter point this time around to cover how player categorization plus qualitative scouting reports can lead folks sometimes to value style over content.

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A Case For Cory Sarich

May 04 2012 08:51AM


I'm not a huge Sarich fan. I think he's capable enough when he focuses on the small things, but he's slow, not very agile, and provides little to no offense. That said, the Flames should absolutely look into re-signing the blueliner.

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