Mark Seidel on the Art of Scouting

Kent Wilson
May 19 2010 09:04PM

NHL Draft Lottery Drawing


I stumbled across a very interesting article by the Chief North American Central Scout Mark Seidel today. Entitled "Why NHL Teams Fail at the Draft" much of what he discusses resonates with my own thoughts on prospect evaluation. It's also relevant for the Calgary Flames, a team that clearly fails at the draft

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Trade Kiprusoff

Kent Wilson
May 17 2010 10:59AM

Calgary Flames v Washington Capitals


As we've established, the Flames will have to start making some hard decisions about their "cornerstone players" over the next year or two. The position of the organization is well known by this time: limited cap space, aging assets, a general lack of quality prospects. I've already made a case that Iginla is a poor bet to provide value for his contract as he ages. If the team is unable - or unwilling - to move the face of the franchise, Kipper might be the next best asset to put on the auction block. 

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The Greener Grass Watch - Part 2

Pat Steinberg
May 17 2010 08:42AM

Montreal Canadiens Win NHL Eastern Conference Semi Finals in Pittsburgh


I did this back in the first round of the NHL postseason, as there were quite a few former members of the Calgary Flames making some sort of impact on their playoff team.  Well, now, as the Western and Eastern Conference Finals are underway, I thought I'd go back and track how some of these former members were doing.

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The Anti-Cammalleri

Jean Lefebvre
May 16 2010 10:32AM

For years, the identity of the true culprit in the Boston Bruins' too-many-men infraction against the Montreal Canadiens in the 1979 playoffs was somewhat of a mystery. Coach Don Cherry immediately took the blame for the screw-up, which probably cost the B's a chance to advance to the Stanley Cup final.

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The 21-million-dollar question

Jean Lefebvre
May 15 2010 09:41AM

A significant portion of the Calgary fanbase can't stomach the idea of the Flames parting ways with Jarome Iginla.

Some think it would be a lousy idea to trade Iginla and others don't get as far as the "think" stage, instead basing their feeling on sentiment and gut reaction. Considering how many of the franchise's stars over the years finished their careers elsewhere — Gary Roberts, Theoren Fleury, Al MacInnis, Gary Suter and the guy for whom Iginla was traded way back when, Joe Nieuwendyk — it's an understandable reaction. We'll leave it up to you and your consciences if Mike Vernon qualifies as an exception to this rule.

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