Did the Flames/Penguins Get Value in the Iginla Deal?

August 02 2013 02:08PM



Objectively assessing a trade can be difficult and the common belief is that whomever receives the best player in the deal wins. This isn’t entirely true as assets can develop, emerge and teams can go through many changes that aren’t immediately obvious or quantifiable.

The first pronouncement on the Iginla deal was that the Flames got the short end of the stick. Many fans and observers were underwhelmed with the initial return for Iginla. However, since he has now signed with the Penguins’ divisional rival - the same one that shut both he and the team that traded for him out in the conference finals - the scales would appear to be tipping back in the Flames’ favour at this point.

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A Brief Glance At The Heat

Ryan Pike
August 02 2013 10:07AM


Toronto Marlies vs. Abbotsford Heat, 01-05-12
- pic via catherinejoy


With all this chatter about the recent signings from the Calgary Flames, there have been a few questions in the comments about the AHL affiliate of the Flames, the Abbotsford Heat. In the interest of fostering discussion of some of these future Flames, here's a quick glance at the Heat's prospective players.

As per usual, things may change in the intervening weeks so a more in-depth examination will follow as we approach the start of training camp.

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August 01 2013 10:32PM


It's still the summertime doldrums here at the Nation. With little news expected in the next few weeks before things heat up prior to the season starting articles involve projections, speculation, rumours and British people bombing down hills after a wheel of cheese. 

And today we present an article on the new trash button and what it means to society. If you want an article about EV/60 or something else substantiative keep on truckin soldier. If you want to know why we created a trash button that will probably lead to fist fights in the comments section for all eternity read on.

This is an article about the business of the Nation and nothing more. You have been warned.

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Development Camp 2013: Brett Kulak

Ryan Pike
August 01 2013 12:10PM


Vancouver Giants - Brent Kulak
- pic via Jason Kurylo


The last 18 months have been full of ups and downs for Vancouver Giants defenseman Brett Kulak. His team made the playoffs in 2011-12, firmly in the middle of the WHL's Western Conference pack but were upset by Spokane in the first round. Kulak was then drafted by the Calgary Flames in the fourth round of the 2012 NHL Draft and he was able to compare himself against the team's other defensive prospects at development camp. The NHL lockout eliminated the chance to play in any pre-season games, but instead he returned to the Giants.

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Five things: There's nothing going on

Ryan Lambert
August 01 2013 09:41AM

1. Joorischat

So the Flames signed another college free agent this week, this time a kid out of Union College named Josh Jooris, of whom they got a nice eyeful at this most recent development camp.

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