Five things: Playing out the string

Ryan Lambert
April 18 2013 11:16AM

1. What does MacTavish mean for Calgary?

As I was watching the Oilers press conference the other day I had two things kicking around my head. One, obviously, was that Kevin Lowe seems almost unimaginably dumb, tone-deaf and destined to fail in all things. Two, though, was that we're going to be seeing this in more or less 52 weeks a couple hours farther south.

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Post Game: Same As It Ever Was

April 18 2013 09:11AM



Was it Benjamin Franklin, or maybe even Roger Millions, who coined the famous quote "Nothing is certain except for death, taxes, and the Flames beating the Red Wings"?

(I'm pretty sure it was Ben Franklin, but I'm willing to admit that I didn't do the research on that one)

Regardless, it was business as usual for the Flames on this night, as the Flames do what they always do (beat the Red Wings), with the players that have typically been the drivers of their success in the past (Kiprusoff and Begin)

Kipper's prowess and two pretty goals by Begin were the keys to the game as your Calgary Flames triumphed 3-2 over the Detroit Red Wings Presented By Amway (shoutout to Ryan Lambert), and sent Flames home unhappy, somehow.

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FGD: Winging It With Kipper

Ryan Pike
April 17 2013 12:22PM

We're down to the nitty-gritty, folks, as the Flames (16-22-4) can mathematically be eliminated from the post-season (and get a little closer to a high draft pick) with a loss tonight against the Detroit Red Wings (20-15-7).

Tonight's game starts at 7:30 on TSN and your radio friends at Sportsnet 960 The Fan.

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The Future of Roman Cervenka

Kent Wilson
April 17 2013 08:05AM

Roman CERVENKA (Czech Republic) - 8330

pic via Frances Larrede

The year is winding down and so too is the Roman Cervenka experiment. The Flames elder rookie was a guy I frequently included in pre-deadline articles as a body the team should shop, mostly because I can't see the experiment continuing beyond this season.

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A Quick Look At The Flames Kids

Ryan Pike
April 16 2013 05:27PM


Akim Aliu - Abbotsford Heat

pic via Jason Kurylo

Folks, if there's one thing the Flames shipping out three roster players prior to the trade deadline did, it was create opportunities for younger players. At present, there are four key rookies in the Calgary line-up, and there have been as many as six in certain games due to injuries.

Are the kids doing as well as expected? Let's take a look. I'm excluding Ben Hanowski, as he's played a single game. (To his credit, he started out shaky and looked better as the game went on.)

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