That's Enough, Barbara

February 15 2013 01:09PM



There's a lot of ground to cover today, what with tonight's matchup between the Flames and Blues, Roman Horak being recalled, the idiotic drivel belched out by Rhett Warrener about Jarome Iginla, and the corresponding croneyism by the media proleteriat in this city upholding it.

Certainly, there is a veritable buffet of Calgary Flame related tedium to load up our plates with, but save some room for dessert, friends, because today we're going to delve deeper into a topic we can all relate to, one that seems to resonate with everyone, based on the response it gets whenever we bring it up.

That, of course, is this whole business of your Calgary Flames and their goal song.

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Random Thoughts - Iggy's Demotion, Brodie's Emergence

Kent Wilson
February 15 2013 07:47AM



The big story after the Flames win was - by many accounts - Jarome Iginla "responding" to Rhett Warrener's public criticisms of the captain. I can't tell you whether Iginla was in fact fired up by Warrener's words or not - I'm not in the room or his head. Nor can I say whether it would overly matter if Iginla was angry or not. Jarome's known for having another gear whenever he's "engaged" emotionally, but he's not the hulk either. Otherwise the Flames could simply employee someone to punch Iggy in the face and insult his mother before every game and watch the cups roll in.

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Kipper Down? Keep Your Chin Up

February 14 2013 11:39AM



When CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) started up the Large Hadron Collider there were many who protested the experimental lab over fears that the particle accelerator could accidentally open up a black hole that would engulf the Earth (and most of the galactic neighbourhood as well).

The LHC went live at 10:28 am local time (France and Switzerland) on September 10th, 2008.

Nothing bad happened.

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Five things: Answering some NCAA questions

Ryan Lambert
February 14 2013 08:23AM

1. A quick introduction

Last week I wrote something about Johnny Gaudreau playing his junior year at Boston College and someone in the comments was very confused by this, given that Gaudreau had already played his junior season in the USHL and therefore there was a bit of confusion as to how could he also do so while at college. It was then that I started to think that maybe the average Canadian hockey fan doesn't have a firm grasp on the NCAA hockey system to which the Flames seem to be turning more and more often for their prospects.

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POST GAME: Seeing Red

Vintage Flame
February 14 2013 01:07AM

There was no doubt going into tonight's match up that the Calgary Flames needed the win. Regulation time, overtime, shoot-out, it didn't matter, but they needed two points.

On a night that saw the city of Calgary re-ignite the Olympic torch to celebrate 25 years since the 1988 Winter Olympics, the Flames needed to find a way to ignite this offense and avoid getting punched so hard, they saw stars. Good way to do that is to light the lamp at the right end of the ice.

When you score often, it's not likely the opposition will spend a lot of time in your end, which served Leland Irving well. Even better is once again having the bad guys on the second night of a back-to-back, and once again facing their back up.

The Flames were lucky enough to have the Stars aligned for all these factors and in the end were able to do something the Oilers just can't seem to manage; they beat the Dallas Stars.

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