Had a rough night

Ryan Lambert
March 26 2009 10:01AM


Sometimes almost everything can go right and you still come out with a loss. Last night was a bit of a tough one to swallow. It seemed that Calgary dictated flow and pace for much of the game, but simply failed to capitalize on numerous chances and lost to, admittedly, one of the hottest teams in the NHL. It sucks, but it happens.

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GDFD No. 73: Wak wak wak

Ryan Lambert
March 25 2009 03:16PM

Welcome to the 25th Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 73rd game of the season on March 25, 2009.

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Jim Corsi and His Statistic

Jonathan Willis
March 25 2009 12:42PM


Jim Corsi, who spent his entire NHL career with the Edmonton Oilers, is a rather interesting guy. He took an unusual road to the NHL, through Canadian university hockey. He spent three years with the Canadian Olympic soccer team during that time as well, before leaving soccer to focus solely on hockey.

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What to do with Jamie Lundmark?

Kent Wilson
March 25 2009 12:04PM


This past summer, Jamie Lundmark agreed to a contract with the Calgary Flames, doubtlessly the only NHL team that had any interest in his services. It was a two-way deal, with him set to make a bare-bones 100k/annum rate while toiling in the AHL. The minimal dollar amount was a calculated risk on Lundmark's part: it allowed him to avoid re-entry waivers due to a wrinkle in the current CBA. That meant, the Flames would have no barriers to calling him up if they needed him during the year. It also meant that if he floundered in the AHL or if the Flames decided not to summon him to the big leagues, he'd be making a relatively piddly amount on probably his last NA pro hockey contract. For Jamie, it was the equivalent of going all in before being blinded-out. 

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Top notch, son. Top notch.

Ryan Lambert
March 24 2009 11:03AM


Hey alright!

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