Making sense of Paul Holmgren's trades

Cam Charron
June 24 2011 02:17PM



From a stand-alone perspective, trading Jeff Carter to Columbus is not a bad trade for the Philadelphia Flyers. Everything that happened afterwards is chaotic, as Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren laid his team's foundation and future through 2012 on a roulette table.

Where the Jeff Carter trade baffles me is that it meant more than a long contract for salary cap relief, a young roster player (Jakub Voracek) and a couple of picks, one of them #8 in a pretty decent draft. Philadelphia used all the long-term money they save on a piece that they may not have needed. An oft-repeated cliché is that  the Flyers were just a goalie away from the Stanley Cup. They haven't won one since Bernie Parent.

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Flamesnation Draft Live Chat

Kent Wilson
June 24 2011 12:15PM

Trade rumors, draft picks and chatting, oh my!

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FlamesNation Draft Board

Kent Wilson
June 24 2011 09:28AM



The first round commences this evening and in anticipation I asked each writer here at FN to put together their own "draft board" or ranking of players they would like to see the team pick with the 13th overall choice (assuming nothing changes in the interim). Without further ado, here's how things shake out:

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Draft Bloggin: Spicy Food Meets Kent

Pat Steinberg
June 24 2011 01:08AM

Well, after being a bit of a dunce and booking a really late flight on Thursday knowing full well we had a radio show that night, Kent Wilson got his skinny ass to Minnesota on time for the first ever edition of FlamesNation Radio.  It was a much, much, much busier day in Minnesota, as we bring you a little of what happened.  By the way, the picture above is what we like to call the Steinberg Super Sex Suite: Part 2.  Including two beds...double the magic.

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Take One!

Pat Steinberg
June 24 2011 12:40AM

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Guys, thanks so much for making the debut edition of FlamesNation Radio a succes on Sportsnet Radio FAN 960 Thursday night.  Kent and I had a blast doing it, so thanks for blowing up the comments section and adding your voice on the phone.  It's the first of what we hope to be a regular show on the station, and we're really happy with the interaction on the first show.  Topics include Robyn Regehr, Ryan Smyth and Calgary's 13th overall pick at the Draft.

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