Flames Season Review - Darryl Sutter

Kent Wilson
April 08 2010 11:58AM

Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks


It is no hyperbole to state that this Flames season has been an abject failure from just about every conceivable angle. And it's no exaggeration to claim the the fault of this catastrophic failures lies at the feet of the club's sole, obstinate architecht, one Darryl Sutter. As the authoritarian, patriarchal overseer of this now Sutter-homogenized fiefdom, he gathered to him all his family and followers, firmly wrested control of the organization from his ostensible superiors and, without apology or regret, steered the ship straight into an iceberg.

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Flames Funeral March

April 07 2010 10:45AM

The Classical Version

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The end, mercifully

Kent Wilson
April 07 2010 10:41AM

Colorado Avalanche v Calgary Flames


The agonizing death march has finally concluded, aptly enough with yet another one goal performance. The Flames were by no means bad last night against San Jose; like many other nights this season they were simply stifled by a lack of creativity and finish. I won't say that was the Flames only problem this year - there's been some very obvious possession and special teams issues - but it has frequently been the most glaring. Charlie Simmer's "get bodies to the net, keep it simple" cliche seems to have been the club's offensive mantra this season, and when pucks started deflecting into the corner rather the net sometime in November (as they were bound to) the wins became a whole lot tougher to come by. 

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GDFD No. 80: The Biggest Game of the Year Pt. (I think) 5

Ryan Lambert
April 06 2010 03:44PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 80th game of the season on April 6, 2010.

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What's on tap: April 6th, 2010

Pat Steinberg
April 06 2010 07:55AM

Well, it could be a good day for the Calgary Flames — a day where they return to an 8th place tie with the Colorado Avalanche. On the other hand, it could be a worst-case-scenario day for the Flames, with their playoff hopes ending following the fate of game #80. Let's see how it all breaks down.

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