The Wish List: Part 2

Pat Steinberg
June 23 2011 11:48PM

Earlier during draft week I went through a few prospects I thought might be interesting for the Calgary Flames to look at with their two second round picks.  Well, as it stands right now (and things could change, as we know), the Flames hold the 13th overall pick.  Who might fall to them there?  And who might be a good fit?  I've got my ideas as we start wishing away again...

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FlamesNation Radio

Pat Steinberg
June 23 2011 05:29PM

For the first time ever, will have it's own radio show, as we go live from the NHL Entry Draft in Minnesota tonight on Sportsnet Radio FAN 960.  Kent Wilson (if he gets here) and I will be bringing the show to you, and this article will drive the conversation...your comments will direct what we discuss, so make sure you post early and often.  We'll also be taking phone calls; FlamesNation commenters, if you use your commenting name with the screener, you'll go to the front of the line.  The show goes from 6 till 9 pm Calgary time.

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The Regehr Watch

Pat Steinberg
June 23 2011 01:04PM

Having to roll to the top prospects luncheon and having Kent in the air means we're away from the site at a potentially inopportune time.  I thought I'd post this to get discussion going, as Darren Dreger is reporting the Flames have asked defenceman Robyn Regehr to waive his no trade clause and accept a trade to Buffalo.  As things become more official, it'll be good to have a thread up where the comments can start to flow.

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My 2011 NHL Draft Top-30

Jonathan Willis
June 23 2011 10:03AM

I know the hockey world is swamped with mock drafts and top-30 lists at the moment, but I thought I’d add one more – mine. This is not a mock draft; rather, this is how I rank the players I feel are the top-30 prospects for tomorrow’s draft.

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Harley Norman Hotchkiss AKA Hero
June 23 2011 07:06AM



(This article originally appeared on
Harley Norman Hotchkiss died on Wednesday.

It was a sad day for Calgary, Alberta, and Canada. Our nation lost a true Roman, if you will.

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