Vintage Flame
November 07 2012 09:26AM


Recently I had the chance to talk to Uffe Bodin, the Editor in Chief for Uffe was updating the twitter-verse with the happenings around the various Swedish hockey leagues. I took the opportunity to ask how Mikael Backlund was faring playing with VIK Västerås HK in the HockeyAllsvenskan league. He replied...


After a short discussion back and forth, Uffe agreed to do an interview for Flames Nation specifically about Mikael and his start to this season. After all, who doesn't want another article about Mikis, right?

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The NHL Could Learn Something From The U.S. Elections

Graphic Comments
November 06 2012 05:16PM

Chances of seeing the Stanley Cup

Today marks the end of the gruelling campaign for the presidency of the United States. However, unlike an NHL season (remember those?), the winner of this campaign will actually have a very good chance of seeing the Stanley Cup. Multiple times, even.

If only it was that easy for the Presidents' Trophy winner. Sigh.

But I guess winning the Presidents' Trophy is very prestigious just in and of itself. I mean, you not only get the Trophy and a guarantee of two, maybe three home games in the playoffs, but the NHL even has a separate web page to recognize the winners...oh for God's sake.

Anyway, sharing a name for the ultimate prize (oh shut up and just go with it) is not the only thing in common between the NHL and the U.S. political system...

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Where Are They Now? - Rene Corbet

Kent Wilson
November 06 2012 12:25PM



Not a lot of Flames fans remember Rene Corbet these days. For good reason too; he was a wholly middling player and only haunted the Flames with his mediocrity for a brief period in the late '90's. Corbet was the first guy to sully the name "Rene" in Calgary before Rene Bourque finished the job this past season.

Corbet wasn't memorable as a player for any particular reason, but his name has stuck in my head like a bad pop song over the years because of what he represented to me as a Flames fan at the time: Calgary's fall from grace.

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Five Chances to See Prospects on TV This Week

Ryan Pike
November 05 2012 04:18PM



Folks, the last six weeks have been a dry, hockey-less desert the likes of which we haven't seen in years. Flames fans have been reduced to watching such weird sports as baseball and golf instead of being able to turn on our televisions and view hockey games.

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Allsvenskan NHL Equivalence

Kent Wilson
November 05 2012 02:18PM



Flames fans are probably happy to hear that their team's 23-year old center Mikael Backlund is tearing the cover off the ball in the Allsvenskan so far this season (10GP, 8 goals, 19 points, 1.9 PPG). The significant caveat being, of course, that the Allsvenskan (or SWE-1) league doesn't appear to be all that good. As Graham Wiswell put it on twitter after viewing a few highlights:

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