Looking at Goals per Game...

Jason Gregor
May 25 2009 11:07AM

One of our readers, Homie, thought that PPG wasn’t an accurate enough assessment on a player’s offensive value, so I decided to do one on Goals Per Game. Homie felt that Rick Nash was more valuable than I stated, and that he would be a top five GPG guy. Since Nash has been in the league for six years, I used those years to determine who has been the best sniper during that time.

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UFA Options: Chicago Blackhawks

Jonathan Willis
May 25 2009 08:15AM

UFA Options is a continuing series that gives a brief run-down of the unrestricted free agent market this summer, team-by-team. Our next team for consideration is the Chicago Blackhawks.

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Tournament of Small Sample Size: The World Juniors

Jonathan Willis
May 23 2009 10:43PM

I recently picked up the new THN Draft Preview. There are things – a lot of things, for the matter - that The Hockey News does that I’m not fond of, but their draft preview is always worth the money and this year’s edition was no exception.

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More on Keenan

Jean Lefebvre
May 23 2009 12:27PM


Admit it. At some point in your life you’ve cast an eye on your neighbours’ trash at the curb and thought to yourself: “That’s a perfectly good end-table (or lamp or suitcase or birdcage or rug or half-eaten peach pie). Why in the world are they throwing it out?” Then, under the cover of darkness, you’ve removed said object from the pile before it could get hauled away to the dump, or at the very least you’ve toyed with the idea of doing so.

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Flames no longer Iron-ic

Jean Lefebvre
May 22 2009 06:20PM


Ah yes, the old announce bad news on a Friday afternoon trick. That’s the second time we’ve fallen for that this year. The only element missing was putting the word out on Friday before a long weekend.

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