Erik Johnson at EV: Conventional Wisdom vs. Performance

Robert Cleave
February 19 2011 10:03PM





There’s been a fair bit of talk about last night’s trade between the Avs and Blues, and the consensus is that however things shake out, the Avs acquired a future first pairing defender, the type of player that’s generally hard to find unless you draft them yourself.

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Heritage Weekend Open Thread

Kent Wilson
February 19 2011 09:47AM



With the news of the massive Blue/Avs deal today and the impending alumni/Heritage classic game on tap, I"ve decided to open this "catch-all" thread for discussion on whatever topic suits your fancy - trade speculation, analysis, alumni memories, etc.

We'll be on top of the Heritage Classic tomorrow with the usual gameday coverage, including another live chat. Till then...

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Friday Heritage Classic Update

Pat Steinberg
February 18 2011 05:55PM

The countdown for Sunday's Heritage Classic at McMahon Stadium officially began Friday afternoon with both teams practicing, including the Flames in their full garb.  The biggest news comes on the Montreal front however, with Mike Cammalleri confirming to the media he will be returning to the Canadiens lineup Sunday against his former team.

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Staios! Is! Available! Hudsons Contest

Kent Wilson
February 17 2011 10:41AM


Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I've been actively trying to "sell" Steven Staios to other fanbases and teams as the trade deadline approaches. The tag-line I've employed, stolen from so-many informercials and shopping channels, is contained in the title of this post. 

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Postgame: Keep Em' Comin

Pat Steinberg
February 16 2011 10:55PM

The Calgary Flames are riding something crazy right now, and they've moved into an absolute logjam tied for fourth in the Western Conference.  The team won again on Wednesday night, this time riding some nice bounces from lady luck to take a 4-2 win over the Dallas Stars.  The Flames sure weren't great, but it's two more points, and they'll take it and move outdoors for their next game on Sunday night.

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