Nation Radio - April 21, 2012

April 22 2012 01:02PM

Aside from the St. Louis Blues who are now home and dry, pretty much all of the favorites heading into the playoffs are on the ropes. It's been a wacky post-season for fans of playoff teams. Luckily the Flames, Leafs and Oilers faithful don't have to deal with such stress - all that's left for them is to sit back, await the draft and continue to pray for a Canucks first round upset (sorry Canucks fans).

This week on program we welcomed draft gurus Corey Pronman and Kirk Luedeke to talk prospects, as well Nation regulars Kent Wilson and Jonathan Willis to get a feel for the Flames and Oilers off-season.

This is Nation Radio.

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25 Games For Raffi Torres

Jonathan Willis
April 21 2012 10:14AM

The NHL has suspended Raffi Torres for 25 games as a result of his hit on Marian Hossa.

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Flames 2011-12 Player Grades: Top Six Forwards

Kent Wilson
April 21 2012 09:16AM



It's time for that most contentious of sports writing activities: player grades/rankings! I've chosen to start things off with the Flames main forwards before we get into the support cast, back-end and goalies.

To grade the players, I used a mix of their results (both offensive output and underlying numbers) and my own subjective impressions from observation. I weighted thing by expectations and according to each guy's place on the roster and pay grade. Meaning, a fourth liners aren't going to be graded by the same criteria as first liners and vice versa.

So without further ado...the top sixers.

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On Trading Kipper and the Flames Goaltending Assets

Kent Wilson
April 20 2012 11:00AM



If I were asked to put money on which of the big names will be moved from Calgary this summer, I'd have to bet on Miikka Kiprusoff.

It makes sense to move Kipper from a number of angles - he's coming off his best season in years (so his stock is high), his contractual NMC ends July first and he's a bad bet to have a repeat performance next year (he's 36 years old). Finally, Kipper's real salary drops to $5M next season and then to just $1.5M in 2013-14, thereby reducing the actual, financial risk to any interested trading partner.

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Flames Forward Prospects NHLE 2011-2012

Kent Wilson
April 19 2012 03:45PM



We did this in the middle of February previously, so I figured with all the regular seasons finished it was about time to update things.

For those who don't recall, "NHLE" is short for NHL equivalency, which is mathy way to compare prospects across different leagues. To get a kid's NHLE, you multiple his point-per-game rate by a "translation factor" based on the leagues quality relative to the NHL. The translation factors were originally determined by Gabriel Desjardins of fame.

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