Iginla Reflections and Feaster Audio

Kent Wilson
December 30 2011 10:42AM


I stumbled on some worthwhile Flamess material to share this morning before the game tonight

First up, we have a Jay Feaster interview courtesy Timo Seppa of Hockey Prospectus. Timo attended the Flames/Islanders game last night and managed to ask the Flames GM about the team's recent success, as well as Calgary's main challenges and the acquisition of Blake Comeau.

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Flames On-Ice Shooting Percentage

Robert Vollman
December 30 2011 09:48AM



The combined shooting percentage of everyone with whom a player has shared the ice at even-strength is a consequence of several factors, including their combined shooting talent, the average quality of their opponents, the player’s own ability to set up his teammates and, of course, lots of luck.

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Postgame: Living Dangerous

Nation World HQ
December 29 2011 07:59PM

Calgary's 2-1 shootout win over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday night saw the Flames play a pretty mediocre game and still come away with two points.  Calgary decided to play with fire for a second straight game, letting an inferior opponent control the hockey game for far too long, and this time it cost them.  The Flames had their four game win streak snapped Thursday thanks to a 3-1 loss to the New York Islanders.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 38 vs New York Islanders

Kent Wilson
December 29 2011 07:48PM




Final Score: 3-1L

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice

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Game 38 - Flames vs Islanders Live Chat

Kent Wilson
December 29 2011 04:27PM

The Islanders are one of a number of NHL clubs stuck in a sort of endless drought brought on by a lackluster budget and even more lackluster management. They are one of the prime examples of how a "rebuild" can go awry and result in perpetual misery rather than a renewal and return to success. Of course, that may be more an indictment of the people behind the wheel than the strategy itself.

The Flames are on a roll right now, although Im personally rather dubious of it's legitimacy. For most, the issue is one of pragmatics over principle however - so if a lucky streak will help the club get into the playoffs this season, so be it. Just as long as Calgary's decision makers can delineate between some short-term fortune and the long-term needs of the franchise, of course.

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