Pick your 09-10 Scapegoat

Kent Wilson
August 09 2009 11:21AM


Hockey fans are great at creating idols out of their favored players. I'm certain that Jarome Iginla could announce his intentions to run for mayor of the city tomorrow and win the next election in a landslide. Robyn Regehr could body-check strangers on the street, scream "you just got Kotalik'd!" and the victim's buddies would probably cheer and high-five him.

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Baptism By Fire and the Pittsburgh Penguins

Jonathan Willis
August 09 2009 05:00AM


The 2003-04 Pittsburgh Penguins were a miserable team – the worst in the NHL in fact. They went 23-47-8-4, and were led in scoring by defenseman Dick Tarnstrom (52 points) and had ten different players who recorded a -20 rating or worse. The team also featured 17 players aged 25 or younger, including many high draft picks.

Five years later, the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup – showing that the baptism-by-fire method helped develop those young players into champions, right?  Wrong.

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Fleury doesn't care what you think about his comeback bid

Jean Lefebvre
August 08 2009 10:08AM

Here's what Theoren Fleury said to the Calgary Herald's George Johnson on Friday night about the expected public reaction to Fleury's attempted NHL comeback:

“I honestly don’t give a shit what people think of me. I don’t. People say I should get a life? Hey, worry about your own lives.

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All Tanguay all the time

Jean Lefebvre
August 07 2009 09:12AM

Following up on the other day's bit, the Alex Tanguay plot thickens.

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Y'all wouldn't understand

Ryan Lambert
August 06 2009 01:22PM


The retirement of Jeremy Roenick probably means very little to you Canadians, except that the odd-looking loudmouth guy is finally gone.

But I can honestly say that, as far as American hockey goes, there might not have been a more important player in the last two decades.

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