Flames Forward Usage Against Edmonton

Ryan Pike
January 29 2013 01:20PM



Saturday night's game between the Flames and the Edmonton Oilers was the first appearance of the year for recent acquisitions Jiri Hudler and Roman Cervenka. It was also the first game where Flames coach Bob Hartley could start rolling the lines that he wanted to roll with an entirely healthy line-up.

Let's take a look at how Hartley deployed the lines 5-on-5 and how the lines did.

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Flames 5 Early Season Surprises

Kent Wilson
January 29 2013 08:44AM



Four Games isn't enough for anyone to be engaging in any sort of meaningful analysis unfortunately. Let's put it this way, in the past I had counted 10-game samples where Matthew Lombardi led the team in possession rate. I always had a soft spot for Lombo, but he was never the best forward on this team at any point during his tenure here.

As noted previously, weird stuff is going to happen in small bursts, especially early in the seaason. With that caveat noted, here's some of the surprises that have emerged from the Flames first 10 days of 2013.

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Jets Nation Casting Call

Kent Wilson
January 28 2013 11:19AM


So NHL hockey is back and every nation site is rocking with tons of daily content, comments, arguments and the odd terrible MS paint picture or photoshop.

Every site, that is, except for the baby in the network: JetsNation.

I convinced Wanye to buy JetsNation.ca and develop the site as soon as they announced a team would be returning to Winnipeg because, hey! Opportunity! I figured it would be easy to track down tons of shiny new excited bloggers and that JetsNation would be bigger than the Beatles in no time.

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Monday Random Thoughts - January 28 2013

Kent Wilson
January 28 2013 09:35AM



The Flames convincing win over the Oilers on Saturday night seems to have washed the away any lingering sour notes from the club's 0-2-1 start. Calgary certainly looked like a different team on HNIC relative to the prior three games. Their transition play was much smoother and they managed to more or less put together a full 60-minute effort, whereas they spent long portions of the other evenings being completely dominated to one degree or another.

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How to Rebuild the Calgary Flames - A Four Year (and a bit) Plan - Part Seven

January 27 2013 01:23PM



Flames Rebuild – Year Four, the Grand Finale

This is a continuation of a series in which I propose a method of rebuilding the Flames organization. For a frame of reference, you can go to the first in the series here.


At the beginning of the 2015-2016 season the roster will have shifted so that many of the traditional veterans will be sharing ice time with and sheltering a larger contingent of young players.

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