Let the Buy-outs Commence!

Kent Wilson
June 17 2011 08:10AM



Now that the cup has been awarded and Vancouver has been razed to the ground, the NHL off-season can begin in earnest. First-up: the buy-out period, where gluttonous NHL general managers can buy some indulgences from the league for their past indiscretions. Glen Sather was the first guy reported to be readying a buyout for the ill-fated Drury contract, although the word out now is he can't (ha-ha!).

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RFA and UFA Roundup

Pat Steinberg
June 16 2011 05:43PM

Before we start profilining the larger name pending free agents on the Calgary Flames, it's important to go through the rest of the organization to look at players that will be in search of new contracts come July 1st.  Seven potential unrestricted free agents still remain on the main roster along with one restricted free agent, but here we'll profile the ten pending free agent players further down the depth chart.

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Contrarian Corner: Don't Blame Luongo

Ryan Lambert
June 16 2011 03:03PM



Roberto Luongo has been through enough lately. He doesn't need idiots like you sitting there telling him he blew his chance to forever exorcise the "he's a choker" demons that follow him everywhere despite golds two World Championships, a World Cup and the Olympics.

Please stop trying to deflate his tires. He was hardly the biggest reason the Canucks failed to win in either of their elimination games.

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Tim Thomas: No Surprise

Pat Steinberg
June 16 2011 02:08PM

There was no doubt Tim Thomas would win the Conn Smythe Trophy after his stellar performance in the Stanley Cup Final, wrapping up with a 37 save shutout in Wednesday's game seven win over the Vancouver Canucks.  He's a deserving winner and has turned in a memorable playoffs, but it's not something we should really be surprised at: he's been doing this all season long.

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Congratulations Boston, the 2011 Stanley Cup champions

Kent Wilson
June 15 2011 09:07PM



The Boston Bruins outclassed the Vancouver Canucks in the last two games of the series and were full value for the championship. Congrats to them and, in particular, Tim Thomas who is perhaps one of the most compelling figures in hockey today.

Also, thank you Bruins for sparing us a summer of Vancouver fan gloating.

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