Coyotes offered a RIM job

May 06 2009 10:28AM


If you are just waking from a 24 hour doctor-induced coma, you will be surprised to learn that Research in Motion Founder Jim Balsillie has continued in his quest to bring an NHL team to Canada – this time making an offer for the Phoenix Coyotes.

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Playoff Memories (Updated)

Jonathan Willis
May 04 2009 01:29PM

The alternate title for this article is: the day Mike Brophy went crazy. In his column today, Brophy suggests a radical change to playoff hockey (though he says it isn’t radically) – add 4-on-4 overtime if the score is tied after a single period of overtime hockey.

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UFA Options: Calgary Flames

Jonathan Willis
May 01 2009 12:20AM

Flames  Cammalleri Hockey

UFA Options is a continuing series that gives a brief run-down of the unrestricted free agent market this summer, team-by-team. Our next team for consideration is the Calgary Flames.

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Eastern Conference Thinkisms

April 30 2009 12:59PM


3 for 4 in the West and 3 for 4 in the East. And to think we were once voted “Least likely to predict the majority of the First Round of the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs” in High School. Where are you now yearbook committee? Gravely ill with the swine flu we hope.

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Todd-zilla says 'Sayonara'

Jean Lefebvre
April 29 2009 11:40PM

Even if you had good seats at the Saddledome that night, you might have missed it. After all, it happened at a meaningless moment in just another of the 82 marginally meaningful regular-season games. The play had come to a virtual standstill because the puck was in the neutral zone and both teams were making partial changes. Suddenly, the puck squibbed over to Todd Bertuzzi who decided to whip his stick across his body so that he could collect the rubber and dump it into the enemy zone wronghanded.

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