Nation Radio - June 2, 2012

June 03 2012 12:19PM

Mikhail Grigorenko at the NHL Draft Combine late last week.
Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press

The NHL Draft is rapidly approaching, and with the top-prospects in Toronto for the Draft Combine last week, excitement about the event is beginning to crest (especially in Edmonton). Between the upcoming draft, the hiring of Bob Hartley in Calgary, and the Oilers continued search for a head-coach: there were plenty of topics to discuss. Also, there's some meaningful hockey being played apparently, and something called "the Stanley Cup Final" gets a fair bit of air-time as well.

Joining Allan this week were Terry Jones, Jason Gregor, Jonathan Willis, Timo Seppa and Kent Wilson.

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Q&A With Laurent Brossoit

Andrey Osadchenko
June 02 2012 07:45AM



(I recently caught up to Oil Kings goaltender and Flames prospect Laurent Brossoit after his trip to the memorial cup.)

Andrey Osadchenko: You are the MVP of the WHL playoffs this season. Did you feel that you lived up to expectations at the Memorial Cup?

Laurent Brossoit: Obviously, I did what I did in the playoffs. Then we came here and we lost 2 in a row in the round robin. I could have done a little bit more. I wasn’t there to make a statistical statement or anything like that. I wanted to win and leave those losses behind.

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The Flames Fifteen: #8 - Lance Bouma

Kent Wilson
June 01 2012 12:53PM


Back when Lance Bouma finished his junior career, I compared him to former Flame Brandon Prust.

The pair had an eerily similar junior path. Both guys were known more for their grit and defensive acumen than scoring. In fact, their point-per-game and PIM rates were similar, although Bouma scored a bit more and Prust was more willing to drop the gloves.

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Five things: More of the same

Ryan Lambert
June 01 2012 11:18AM


1. More rumors, more denials

Hey is John Davidson coming to Calgary? No, says everyone involved, apparently. And yet the rumors persist, which is interesting especially given that his current employers, the St. Louis Blues, are going through a bit of a shakeup.

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More on the Bob Hartley hiring

Ryan Pike
June 01 2012 09:20AM



The Flames officially unveiled new head coach Bob Hartley on Thursday afternoon. I attended the press conference and have some notes in the aftermath. (More can be found over at The Hockey Writers, especially regarding Troy Ward):

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