Backlund, Berglund, and what progress looks like

Robert Cleave
March 16 2011 01:10PM


One subject that's never been far from the surface for Flames' fans has been the utilization of Mikael Backlund.  Calgary's one NHL-ready youngster has spent most of the year playing 4th liners to good effect, even as a segment of the fan base advocated he be moved up the scale ahead of Stajan, Jokinen or Morrison at varying junctures of the year.

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March 16 2011 12:30PM

The average NFL team is worth a billion dollars and every single team is profitable. The Superbowl is regularly the most watched TV show of the year - if not the history of television. So of course they are going on strike and are running the risk of having to lose part or potentially all of a season of football.

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Postgame: Probably Flattering

Pat Steinberg
March 15 2011 10:41PM

It may have been a one goal game, but the score probably flattered the Calgary Flames in the end, as the team lost their third straight game by a 4-3 score at the hands of the Phoenix Coyotes.  Far too many defensive breakdowns would cost the Flames in the end, and a late push wasn't going to be enough against a fairly defensively sound Coyotes team, who won their fourth game this season against Calgary, sweeping the season series.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 72 versus Phoenix

Kent Wilson
March 15 2011 10:10PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21050

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Game No. 72: Counting Wins and Losses

Kent Wilson
March 15 2011 05:58PM

Ryan is out of comission with the flu today, so I humbly submit the live chat alone as the gamethread.

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