“No progress” in lockout talks, but the end is near all the same

Jonathan Willis
December 12 2012 05:08PM

Remember last week, when negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA collapsed? Don Fehr gave a press conference, saying the two sides were close, then came back and said that talks had broken off, and then Gary Bettman gave what was likely the angriest media availability of his NHL tenure, insisting that the owner’s offer of $300 million in “make whole” payments was now off the table.

The two sides met on Wednesday, and despite the rhetoric seem not to have moved much at all from their positions during the ‘owners/players only’ meetings.

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Flames All Time Top 10 Draft Picks - #8 Mike Vernon

December 12 2012 11:52AM



I don't know man, it seems like these days there's just not a lot of love for Mike Vernon. Personally, I've never understood the sentiment, I've always been a Mike Vernon guy, but I do think I know where the disdain comes from.

It's Al MacInnis. And well mostly Ken King. I believe fans were miffed back in 2007 when it was announced that Mike Vernon would be the first player to have his jersey number retired by your Calgary Flames since Lanny McDonald. I don't believe the average Flame zealot necessarily felt like the honour was undeserving, more that on the hierarchy of worthy retirings, Vernon was a few pegs down on the totem pole.

And they were right.

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Top 10 KHL Goals, Saves and Hits of the Week

Steve Dangle
December 12 2012 08:28AM


Because how much b-roll of Gary Bettman walking in and out of a building can you possibly watch?

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AGD: Here Come the Americans

Kent Wilson
December 11 2012 04:33PM


Time: 5:00pm MST

Location: Blue Cross Arena, Rochester

Broadcast: teamradio.ca

The Heat got back into the win column against the Marlies on Sunday and look to continue their winning ways in Rochester this evening against the sabres AHL affiliate. Rochester has some decent firepower up front but nevertheless languish near the bottom of the Western Conference standings with a record of 10-9-2.

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The Flames Pending Cap Problem

Kent Wilson
December 11 2012 10:44AM

The CBA talks will resume this Wednesday with indication of when or if the new agreement will be signed. That means there's a lot that can change between now and whenever hockey returns, but what seems to be coming into clearer focus at this point is the money part. The players have pretty much capitulated when it comes to dollars, with the HRR split likely to settle in at 50-50 ("make whole" provisions notwithstanding). 

That means the next salary cap will be around $60M, or more than $7M less than the Flames already have committed to payroll currently. That would be a challenging enough obstacle even with some sort of one-time amnesty buy-out compliance program, but word is the NHL isn't interested in doing that this time around.

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