Take me to the airport, put me on a plane

Ryan Lambert
July 18 2009 04:42PM


The problem for Calgary is apparently that the Flames have expectations to pass through everywhere again.

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It takes two Tanguay

Jean Lefebvre
July 18 2009 11:57AM

It’s a strange phenomenon – the more time passes since Alex Tanguay wore a Calgary Flames jersey, the worse he becomes as a hockey player and as a person in the eyes of Calgary Flames fans.

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Hitting and Winning Games

Jonathan Willis
July 16 2009 07:30PM


It’s frequently stated that physicality and a strong hitting game lead to winning. With that in mind, I decided to look at how the five highest hitting teams each season over the past decade compared with the five lowest hitting teams.

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Flames claim Dawes, open can of worms

Kent Wilson
July 16 2009 12:21PM

Devils Rangers Hockey

It was announced today that the Calgary Flames have picked up former Junior star and WHL player-of-the-year candidate Nigel Dawes off of waivers from the Phoenix Coyotes. Dawes is 24 and has scored at every level of hockey he's played at...except the NHL. Still lots of development time ahead for the relatively diminutive winger, however. 

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Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Jonathan Willis
July 16 2009 09:03AM


Back in January, TSN had an article up on their website about Canucks’ GM Mike Gillis approaching the NHL to request a softer schedule. With the NHL schedule coming out yesterday, what has the result been?

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