Random Thoughts - What Now, Season Ticket Holders?

Kent Wilson
October 31 2012 11:20AM



Because I have used up my allotment of satire for the year and there remains almost zero actual Flames news to discuss, it's time for another random thoughts post.

- I've never been a Flames season ticket - I was too young when ST's were cheap and plentiful and now as a working adult they are expensive and in short supply.

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Cure For Death By Lightning

October 30 2012 03:24PM

(Photo: Oliver Spalt/Wikimedia/CC BY 2.0)

Are the Lighting rebuilding or are they finished that process and trying to recover? Have they added enough pieces in Stamkos, Hedman, Connolly and others to climb out of the SouthEast division and become regular playoff contenders? Or are they still lacking in too many critical areas? Is Steve Yzerman the GM to build a winning team in Florida?

Tampa Bay is another one of those franchises that many of us aren’t able to follow that closely. They play in a non-traditional market, haven’t been competitive since 2004, and despite several high draft picks, don’t appear to have gained any traction. Tampa Bay seems to be one of those teams that fans only talk about when they come to town to play, or on draft day.

With that in mind I thought they were worth a closer look. I mean, it isn’t like we don’t have the time.

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5 Ways the Flames Can Win the Cup This Year

Kent Wilson
October 30 2012 09:42AM

Calgary Flames management has been consistent and up front about the club's current goals: no rebuild and no retool. The roster is built to compete and win now, dammit! Here at FN, we have analyzed the team and its various components and prospects to death during this extended off-season.

So with the benefit of all that research and knowledge, I humbly present the five main ways I think the Flames could win the cup in 2012-13...

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KHL Highlights: Yakupov, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Backstrom, Kane, Hagman all put up points, and much more!

Steve Dangle
October 29 2012 10:08PM


There was an insane amount of KHL hockey today. Like I've been editing for hours and hours. If anyone says there's "no hockey" I'm going to have to punch them with my exhausted and carpal tunnel syndrome-stricken hands.


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Scouting report: BC's Johnny Gaudreau and Billy Arnold

Ryan Lambert
October 29 2012 01:04PM



Boston College has two of the Flames' more intriguing prospects on its roster, and in Johnny Gaudreau in particular, probably one of its two or three best.

Through the first three games of the season, Gaudreau was also BC's best player, compiling 2-3-5 in that time, good for second on the team, behind his own linemate. That line, as I think I mentioned last week, scored seven of BC's 10 goals in those three games, so you can see just how important Gaudreau has become to the team's offense.

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