Game No. 55: Yikes

Ryan Lambert
February 09 2011 05:02PM

Could it be? Could it REALLY be?

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FGD: Injuries

Pat Steinberg
February 09 2011 12:50PM

The Calgary Flames will be without two regulars tonight when they take on the Ottawa Senators for the second time this season (7:30 pm, Sportsnet Flames and Sportsnet Radio FAN 960).  It was announced this morning forward Alex Tanguay is out indefinetely with a concussion while defenceman Adam Pardy, who left Monday's game with an upper body injury, is also out indefinetely.

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Gameday Preview: Fallen Empire

Kent Wilson
February 09 2011 10:05AM



(Note - Thanks to the great work Pat puts into his FGD posts, we plan to phase out the gameday preview moving forward. However, I wanted to add a few notes on the Senators today because they're an interesting squad for a couple of reasons)

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Jason Gregor
February 08 2011 10:29PM

Bruins GM, Peter Chiarelli traded Phil Kessel to the Toronto Maple Leafs on September 19th, 2009 for a first and second round pick in 2010 and a first rounder in 2011. This past June he used those picks to select Tyler Seguin and London Knight centre, Jared Knight, but it seems Chiarelli wants to trade this year's pick for someone who can help the Bruins right now.

Chiarelli was asked on WEEI radio in Boston if he'd consider trading Toronto's first round pick in 2011?

"Yeah, I'd look at it, sure. I've had discussions involving that pick. I certainly would look at it. We've got a lot of assets, so that alone allows us to be creative also … there's been one [deal] that we've thrown around here internally, I don't know that I would do it but it's something that warrants further discussion."

The last sentance is absolute brilliance on Chiarelli's behalf.

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Anatomy of a Run

Robert Cleave
February 08 2011 04:45PM



This recent reversal by the Flames has lead to all sorts of rationales being mooted for the uptick in results, from a happier atmosphere in the aftermath of Darth Sutter's removal to just being lucky and plenty of things in between. There's every possibility that every and any of those sorts of explanations are at least partly at the root of the 13-3-4 run that Calgary finds itself on, but it's the role of fortune that interests me most, and why it seemed time for a little deeper look at the Flames since they went to Dallas on December 23rd.

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