Flames 2011-12 Year End Roundtable

Kent Wilson
April 13 2012 12:10PM



Instead of a few individual posts on what went wrong this year and what the future may hold, I collected a few chaps from around here (Justin Azevedo, Ryan Lambert, Vintage Flame and Rob Vollman) and invited M&G editor Arik Knapp to discuss a few key points. In this year in review round table, I asked the guys about Brent Sutter, the Flames strengths and weaknesses and what they would like to see done this off-season.

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Nation Network Hockey Pool: The Winners

Jonathan Willis
April 13 2012 09:14AM

For the first time in the history of this contest, we're going to update exactly when we said we were. Today, we present the winners of this year's Nation Network Hockey Pool.

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Flames Release Brent Sutter

Kent Wilson
April 12 2012 03:10PM



The Calgary Flames announced today that they have decided to go in another direction behind the bench. Assistant coach and former Flame Dave Lowry has also been let go.

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Reviewing Flames Player Projections

Robert Vollman
April 11 2012 04:26PM



You see lots of player projections before the season begins, but how often do we take a look back to check their accuracy?  While it takes guts to put your theories and predictions out there, it takes even more guts (or perhaps foolishness) to re-visit them after the fact.

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Playoff Prediction Project, 2012

Jonathan Willis
April 11 2012 04:09PM

The first round of the playoffs starts tonight, and once again the writers of the Nation Network are getting together to predict who they feel will win each series in the first round.

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