PFD No. Not-1: Bon jur no

Ryan Lambert
September 15 2009 05:17PM


Welcome to the Preseason Fire Drill of the season, for this,  Calgary’s first warmup season game on September 15, 2009.

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Kiprusoff: Can less be more?

Jean Lefebvre
September 13 2009 01:10PM


Considering how much was made of the relationship between Miikka Kiprusoff and Mike Keenan (and frankly, the fuss was completely out of proportion with reality) Brent Sutter’s dealings with the veteran Calgary netminder will be under scrutiny.

It was notable then that, on the eve of main camp, the new skipper made this declaration: “It’s a tough league for a goaltender to play that many games in. Especially with the amount of travel that there is out in the Western Conference. I’m not using that as an excuse at all. But facts are facts. So again, we'll just monitor it and see what happens. But at this point in time, I certainly wouldn't expect him to play as many games as he has.”

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Is it "Go Theo" or "Go away Fleury"?

Jean Lefebvre
September 11 2009 10:07AM


No matter what side of the fence you’re on when it comes to Theoren Fleury’s improbable comeback attempt, the NHL czars’ decision to reinstate the pocket-sized winger after his lengthy exile is good news for Flames fans.

If you actually want the little runt to come back and play, and especially if you want him to wear Flames jersey No. 14 again, the fortuitousness of the decision speaks for itself. No matter how much of a longshot this whole second-coming scenario is for so many reasons, it was a complete non-starter as long as Fleury was persona non grata in the NHL.

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The trying task of liking hockey

Ryan Lambert
September 09 2009 11:49AM


"Hey," my friend asked me the other day, "do you wanna come over and watch some football tonight?"

The idea was laughable. A mixture of college football and an NFL preseason game? Didn't he realize what tonight was? Didn't he realize to whom he was talking?

"No," I said, trying to hide my incredulity at being asked this question, "I don't think I can."

I didn't want to tell him why.

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September 09 2009 11:45AM


We have a buddy who has convinced himself for some reason that today - 09-09-09 - is a day of of magic and wonder because of the fact the date can be summarized with the same number thrice. We wonder if everyone has a buddy like this, who looks at the calendar several times a year and exclaims “DAMN SON! Do you realize that it’s (insert stupid date here)” Then he looks around in awe and wonder, as though gumdrops will rain from the sky simply because it’s September 9, 2009.

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