Gameday Preview: Nobody Sparkles Like You

Robert Cleave
February 01 2011 07:25AM



Real hockey returns after a nice diversion of a weekend in North Carolina, and the Flames are back to work in another Southern locale. Tonight's foe is a familiar one, and despite their shiny record I have the same sorts of questions about their authenticity I did eight days ago.

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The Toughest Decision

Pat Steinberg
January 31 2011 12:55AM

The current situation the Calgary Flames find themsevles in has made the job of acting General Manager Jay Feaster a whole lot more difficult.  With a team now very much in the playoff hunt, moves that seemed like no-brainers even three weeks ago are perhaps not as easy to make.  The dilemma is clear: do you look to the future and maximize some of your current assets prior to the deadline? Or do you put your faith in the current group and see if a playoff appearance is a reality.  With all that being clear, the biggest individual example of this dilemma comes in the form of Robyn Regehr.

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Trade Deadline vs. Off-season

Kent Wilson
January 30 2011 11:28AM





In his recent (and excellent) News and Notes piece, Robert notes that the time for the Flames to sell off some big pieces may be the summer rather the upcoming trade deadline. And while I generally agree with him on that topic, the issue is probably a bit more complicated than that. 


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January 28 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
January 28 2011 08:34AM




All sweetness and light these days, isn't it? Or maybe that's just me being in Arizona as opposed to the wintry 'Peg. At any rate, with the NHL on it's All-Star Hiatus, it's time again for a look at matters of interest around the Flames and the league. In this week's review, Calgary finds some form, players continue to drop out of this weekend's festivities in Raleigh, and the sale of the Coyotes is still on shaky ground.


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The Rise and Fall of Darryl Sutter - Part 4: The Sutter Culture

Kent Wilson
January 27 2011 01:53PM



Part 1 - Sutter's Genius

Part 2 - Sutter's Fortune

Part 3 - Sutter the Messiah

Pundits have already begun wondering when the Saddledome will be renamed the "Sutterdome."

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