Series preview of sorts

Jean Lefebvre
April 14 2009 08:42PM

Mikka Kiprusoff

For the Calgary Flames, there’s never been an entry to the playoffs quite like this one. Thanks to a combination of injuries and salary-cap gridlock – or call it unforgivable fiscal mismanagement, if that floats your boat – there was a decidedly surreal atmosphere in the regular season’s final couple of weeks.

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Step your game up

April 14 2009 11:00AM

What do you do when you reach the post season? We certainly couldn’t tell you up here in Edmonton. Last time we saw the playoffs Dwayne Roloson was our goalie. How old is HE right? But to succeed in the post season we seem to recall you need to take it to that next level. You need to find that extra gear, you need to go that extra mile.

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Predicting the West

April 14 2009 10:58AM


What do you say when there is nothing to say? Fortunately the answer isn't nothing. How fun would that be? No, instead we will overlook the fact that our favorite team has let us down – again – and that we will be faced with another playoffless playoffs – again.

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Thank god that's over

Ryan Lambert
April 12 2009 12:06PM


Finally we can concentrate on the offseason and.. oh they actually made the playoffs? Rats.

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First Line Forwards

Jonathan Willis
April 12 2009 01:46AM

first line

There are thirty teams in the NHL. Each team has one first line, with three forwards on it; ergo there have been ninety first-line players since the lockout. Defining a first-line player is difficult, but the most obvious requirement is offense. With that in mind, I went and researched the top ninety players by points per game since the lockout at

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