Training Camp Wrap: Day 2

Pat Steinberg
September 19 2011 05:17PM

The Calgary Flames completed their third day of training camp on Monday, and it ended with a pretty fun scrimmage between the two game groups for Tuesday's preseason opener.  Jarome Iginla was the focus once again, as he did not skate for the second straight day.  Jarome continues to battle back spasms, which forced him out of practice after about 15 minutes on Saturday morning.  He updated his situation today, and the feeling is things aren't overly serious.

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Flames Intrasquad Game Thoughts

Kent Wilson
September 19 2011 05:08PM



I dropped by the final training camp practice today. It turned out to be an intrasquad game which garnered some limited though interesting observations of some of the players involved.

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Player types: The no-way forward

Cam Charron
September 19 2011 02:51PM


Earlier, I introduced on The Nations Network a new way of looking at a player's plus/minus rating, specifically to do with on-ice shot differential, in an effort to learn more about teams and players.

This month, somewhat regularly, I will break down types of players and teams in an effort to localize player talents and figure out exactly what certain teams need. There's definitely more to a hockey player than simply being "good" or "bad" and by how much, so today I will profile the defensive forward.

(Previous: The two-way forward the defensive forward, and the offensive liability)

While players in some of the other player categories may cause one to blink an eye, I think there will be a little more consensus agreement in this section of the series dealing with the "No-Way Forward".

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Black Box: Even-Strength Data

Robert Vollman
September 19 2011 09:33AM



We’ll be presenting weekly statistical summaries of the Calgary Flames every Monday, each update being composed of four sections, the 2nd of which will involve data related to how they spend the majority of their time: at even-strength.

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The Rise of Chris Breen

Cam Tucker
September 18 2011 08:36PM



(Cam Tucker is the Abbotsford Heat beat writer and a freelance journalist. I have asked Cam to lend his insight into Calgary's farm team from time to time. His first article is a look at young sophomore defender Chris Breen).

Chris Breen has all the physical tools an NHL team desires in a young defenceman.

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