Matt Stajan: Redemption? (Part 2 of 2)

May 21 2012 11:42AM


On Wednesday I looked at the fall of Matt Stajan and came to the conclusion that his rapid decline was in part due to a bubble bursting (he wasn't that good to begin with, and the boxcars caught up with his ability) and in part due to the vagueries of player performance variance and in part due to falling out of favor with his head coach.

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Feaster's Tests and the Flames Free Agents

Kent Wilson
May 21 2012 08:52AM



It's been difficult to judge Jay Feaster's work as the Flames GM so far. Not only because he's been on the job for a relatively brief period of time (a year and a bit), but he also inherited a situation from Darryl Sutter that was less than ideal: an aging roster packed with NTC's, long-term deals and lackluster prospects. It was clear at this point last year that 2011-12 would be spent treading water and waiting for a potential overhaul the next off-season.

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Nation Radio - May 19, 2012

May 20 2012 11:54AM

In Alberta the off-season has become a question of coaches with both the Flames and Oilers looking to fill vacancies behind the bench. With the NHL playoffs winding down and the Memorial cup firing up, attentions are turning towards prospects and the impending free agent season as well.

The guests this week include Jonathan Willis, Tom Lynn and Corey Pronman. They joined Lowetide to talk the above topics and others including hedge fund management strategy, the importance of sustainable lifestyles in the 21st century and the best places to find a good sandwich in Western Canada (not really).

This is Nation Radio.

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Fn Weekend Open Thread - Coaches, free agents and draft picks, oh my!

Kent Wilson
May 19 2012 11:47AM



So now that the dual topics of potential Iginla and Kipper trade returns have been beaten into submission, FlamesNation can shift its collective focus to other matters of concern this off-season.

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Flames Coaching Contender: Mike Sullivan

Ryan Pike
May 18 2012 09:56PM


In a column in Friday's Calgary Herald, the venerable George Johnson mentioned that the Flames have been rather mum about the coaching search, theorizing that they're waiting for the New York Rangers to be bounced from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The reasoning being that Rangers assistant coach Mike Sullivan It's not a bad theory.

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