Young Stars Fancy Stats: Game Three

christian tiberi
September 20 2016 09:00AM

The Young Stars tournament wrapped up last afternoon/evening with an odd one between the Flames and the Canucks prospects. In it, we saw fourteen penalties split between the two squads, including four consecutive ones for the Flames in the third. Basically, the game was played at anything but 5v5. How did the fancystats pan out?

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WCOH Postgame: Russia beats North America in thriller

Jeff Veillette
September 19 2016 09:50PM

Photo Credit: Dan Hamlton/USA TODAY SPORTS

We wanted fast paced, high energy hockey, and boy, did we ever get it. This was a game that not only lived up to expectation but pulled up the rest of the games surrounding it to really drive home the World Cup of Hockey's entertainment value, if not its oft-debated "legitimacy". A quick run of goals for the Russians gave the young North Americans the chance to attempt a comeback for the ages, and they almost pulled it off but fell just short in a 4-3 defeat.

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Post-Game: Flames leave Penticton with a winning record

Ari Yanover
September 19 2016 06:33PM

(That eyeblack. That hair. My goodness.)

The future in Calgary looks bright. Coming off of what appears to be a second straight excellent draft, a collection of hopeful faces - some old, many new - dressed for two games in Penticton.

And then there was a third. Having won one dominantly 4-1, and having lost one by the skin of their teeth in overtime, the baby Flames were looking to come away not just with a winning record, but on a good note - because next up is training camp, where players get cut and names really start to stand out.

It would go down to the wire again, but this time, it worked out.

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Brad Treliving's folly: The salary cap

Ari Yanover
September 19 2016 02:00PM

Let's get this out of the way: Brad Treliving is a very good general manager.

He couldn't have handled this offseason's goaltending reboot any more perfectly. He acquired Dougie Hamilton for nothing more than a handful of picks and seemingly restocked the Flames' defensive cupboards overnight. He's executed both trade deadlines he's been in charge of perfectly, and he pulled the trigger on changing coaches at the right time.

But Treliving is not a perfect general manager. His first few months on the job weren't great. Specifically, he either acquired or handed out a lot of money before his team even played a single game under him. And he kind of did it again the season after. And again, even though two of his best players in line for serious raises were still in need of new contracts.

The Flames are a better team now than they were when Treliving first came in - but the organization's handling of the salary cap since then hasn't been fantastic.

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WCOH Game 2: North America vs Russia

Jeff Veillette
September 19 2016 12:07PM


In a short tournament like the World Cup of Hockey, stamina is a major X-factor. Your legs need to be moving during the game, and from game to game, and any hesitance will burn you. For team North America and Team Russia, they'll have their gas tanks put to the test tonight, as they each play their second game in as many days in hopes of grabbing some much-needed points in their group. Here's what's going down:

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