The Nation Draft Prize-a-Palooza: Impress your friends and win some prizes while helping charity!

Garret Hohl
April 13 2015 10:15AM


Hey Citizens!

Playoff hockey is nearly upon us and the Nations Network is holding a playoff pool draft for charity.

Do you like hockey? Do you like hockey drafts? Do you like hockey pools? Do you like hockey playoffs? Do you like helping charities?

If any or all of these apply, you should check out The Nation Drafts Prize-a-Palooza after the jump.

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The 2014-15 Calgary Flames vs. the 2003-04 Calgary Flames

Byron Bader
April 13 2015 09:00AM

Well, folks, for the first time in six years, the Flames are in the playoffs and ready to take a swing at Lord Stanley.  Very exciting times indeed.  The odds would suggest that Flames might be an early exit from the post-season, given they are in year two of a rebuild and their advanced fancy stats are mostly in the toilet. In fact, they have the worst 5 vs. 5 corsi percentage of any team to make the playoffs in the corsi tracking era (the last eight years or so).  Concerning? Certainly. But the playoffs is a small sample set of random amazingness where anything can happen.  Case in point, the 2003-04 Calgary Flames.  A loveable group of characters that probably had no business going past the 1st round. Let's see how they compare to your 2014-15 Calgary Flames.

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Grading the Flames 2014-15 Rookies

Ryan Pike
April 12 2015 03:00PM

The Calgary Flames were a young group this season, full of pep and vinegar. Despite being so young, or maybe because of it, the team relied on inexperienced players quite a bit in 2014-15.

The club used a dozen rookies this regular season.

Here's a quick and dirty rundown of how those freshmen did.

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Ranking the Calgary Flames and their soon-to-exist playoff beards

April 12 2015 01:00PM

Playoffs mean a lot of things. Hope, stress, excitement, a chance at the Cup.

But none of those are important.

You know what is?

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Round One Schedule Released

Ryan Pike
April 12 2015 11:00AM

Our good friends at Sportsnet and the National Hockey League announced last evening - around midnight in fact - the schedule for the opening round of the playoffs. As a result, we know the when and where of the first round contest between the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks

Schedule and broadcast info after the jump!

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