Hey now!

Can we just stop playing these Minnesota at Calgary games? Doesn’t seem to be much of a point to them.


Clubs not Wild

Goony goo-goo Is there a bigger misnomer in the league than the Minnesota Wild? I mean, there are some odd, nonsensical team names like the Penguins or Ducks (seriously – what’s with naming hockey teams after soft, defenseless birds?) but I think “the Wild” is the only completely ironic one of the bunch.


Frozen in Time II

On February 24th 2009, Edmonton Oilers Head Coach Craig MacTavish locked eyes with an Oilers fan sitting behind the bench prior to the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. This is their story.


Look out, here come the BJs!

The Columbus Franchise did two notable things recently that have turned the team from a weak sister into an up-and-comer: replaced Doug MacLean with Scott Howson and hired Ken Hitchcock.



Sometimes the Oilers gas one in the Battle of Alberta and you don’t even get to see the game. Sometimes you buy bunk celebrity nudie magazines. Sometimes the haters start to get you down. What can you do right? You write about it. That’s what you do.