Avalanche isn’t a misnomer


Colorado is a lousy, lousy team this year. I have no problem saying that despite the fact that:

a) They beat the crap out of the Flames the last time the two teams met; and,
b) I picked them to finish second in the division at the start of the year.

Although I should be felled by the cognitive dissonance evoked by the premise and competing observations, it’s a truth way too established to ignore.


  • They lack Stastny and Sakic
  • The goaltending duo is perhaps the most snicker worthy in the league.
  • Tony Granato
  • They’re currently 14th in the conference.
  • They’ve lost all the games since they defeated an exhausted Flames club playing in front of shaky back-up goaltender.
  • Darcy Tucker

With Sakic felled by his voracious snow-blower and with a few days of rest between themselves and their last game, the Flames don’t have much to fear from Colorado, who continue to tumble down the standings like so much packed, frozen water.

Look out below!

Also — make sure to go over to Mile High Hockey and harass the gathered Avs faithful.