Greetings and Salutations


Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, your first impression of me here on FlamesNation is unlikely to be a good one. Let’s face it: introductions are boring. And that’s all I have for you at this point. In fact, you should stop reading right here…

For those who made it past my self-deprecation there, welcome! I’m Kent Wilson and I’ve been doing this (blogging) for a few years now. Wanye and crew came to me this summer with the hopes of enlisting me for a sister site to OilersNation and, after numerous discussions, promises, bribes and walks on the beach, I agreed to jump aboard. Then I waited around for about five months. And here we are.

I started blogging for a lot of reasons: the drugs, the money, the women. But mostly it was because I love to complain. Loudly and with much rending of hair and clothing. I figured I’d start publishing my bitch-fests on the off-chance someone else felt the same way. Or wanted to fight about it. Both have proven true over the years.

As such, I’m not much of a pom-pom waver. In fact, my implicit standing assumption is “Things should be better than this.” I’m still a  fan, an avid fan to be sure, but not one prone to fostering excuses, nor do I engage in much hero-worship. I’m uninterested in cults of personality. “In Sutter I trust” only as far as he seems to be getting the job done. In fact, I tend to look for reasons why things may not be as good as they seem (or are worse than you thought) and will tend toward positivity only when I’ve satisfied my own overly stringent standards.

Not that I’m without my own biases and preconceptions. The good news is I’m unapologetic about my idiosyncrasies and tend to state them plainly and up front. I will engage you in protracted arguments spanning days or weeks in the comments if you disagree with me — that’s why this stuff is so fun, right?

What else? I drink. I womanize. I make outrageous claims like “I invented the question mark.” I also pilfer quotes from popular films and shows and pretend they’re my own. Finally, I like to anger Oilers fans, which is probably why Wanye and company invited me on board; it certainly isn’t because of my sunny disposition.

For a more in-depth look at who I am and (perhaps) why I’m here, check out my humble blog here. The link will take you to some of my previous “greatest hits” as judged by me and some other extremely intelligent people.

Anyways, again, welcome. Welcome to the Flames fans that find their way here, primed and ready to rumble. And welcome to Oilers fans who come here curious to know what it’s like to cheer for team that wins once in while.

Let’s get this party started.