GDFD No. 55: Run away! Run away!


Welcome to the seventh Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 55th game of the season on Feb. 12, 2009.

What I don’t understand is why Calgary has played seven games in 12 days. That’s like… almost two a day or something (I failed the easiest math class at my college twice, but third time’s a charm!).

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That, I guess, is why I do this kinda smartass horsecrap and my buddy Kent does stats and analysis. And since he stole my whole “the Kings aren’t joking around” intro for this GDFD, I guess I’ll just tell you an embarrassing story from my childhood.

When I was playing youth hockey growing up, I was bad. Very bad, in fact. Had all the vision in the world but I just couldn’t skate. And as such I didn’t play very much. This led to a lot of fooling around on the bench and generally not paying attention to the game.

Well one time in the playoffs, we were losing by two goals (4-2 if I recall correctly) entering the third period. During the intermission, our coach stressed to us the importance of scoring early to get back into it. I took this very much to heart, but, as always, started on the bench.

But what did that matter? We had our best players out there and they took the puck down the ice and scored on the first rush. I jumped up and cheered. We were right back in it!

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Except we weren’t. Because the other team had scored, and I had somehow forgotten that teams switch ends of the ice between periods. As I went out for my shift, the kid I lined up across from on the wing said, “I saw you cheer for our goal. Do you want to be on our team? You play bad enough for yours that you could probably make it.”

That one hurt, but not as bad as the puck to the nuts I took later on in that shift.

Not a good game for the kid.


The Calgary Flames (31-18-5 for 67 points. Fourth in the West, first in the Northwest) and the Los Angeles (24-21-7 for 55 points. Eleventh in the West, fourth in the Pacific)


8:30 p.m. Mountain time and 10:30 p.m. Eastern time. All other time zones need to watch out for ninja cats.


Staples Center, Los Angeles, California.

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Calgary is 11-11-2 on the road this year, but they’ve lost four in a row away from Calgary. LA is only a game above .500 at home, with a record of 11-10-1, but the Kings just got off a stretch in which they played eight of nine on the road, while flying all over the continent, and went 7-1-1. So they’re playing really, really good hockey right now as they push for a playoff spot.

What (to hate about the Kings):

Denis Gauthier — He’s bad at hockey AND a headhunter. Also, Don Cherry would describe him as a soft, visor-wearing frenchman, a sentiment with which I would not disagree.

They stole Craig Conroy from us — Because the Kings are greedy and mean, they took Jarome Iginla’s best friend in the whole world for almost two years, and made us all very sad. It also cost Calgary draft picks and an exorbitant salary to get him back. Booooo.

Wayne Gretzky — Like I haven’t forgotten about that clown played in LA for a bunch of years. He sucks. They suck.

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Purple on their uniforms — What are they? GIRLS?

All their good players — They should be on Calgary. For sure.

They’re playing good hockey — We definitely can’t like that.


Because you feel bad for me. Enjoy the game and feel free to shake your moneymaker in the comments section!

  • RCN

    Apparently Kipprusoff was the only guy who took Sutter/Keenan/Iginla rants seriously. Maybe he just plays better behind low scoring teams?

    Once again, Bert is playing for the highlights again. His assist was very nice, but his play on the Iginla rush right at the end of the period was lazy. Why didn't he hang around and provide a screen for Iggy?

  • RCN

    I really have been liking Phaneuf and Sarich in this game thus far. That being said Im sure theyll start sucking. Kipper has been unreal too. Giordano hasnt been playing, weird. He has 2:41 Nystrom has more minutes.

  • RCN

    I don't know what he was thinking. It obviously didn't occur to him that a backhand no look pass through two opposing players is a low percentage pass.

    At least we're getting more scoring chances in the second. Even if we're not converting them, we're looking better.

  • RCN

    I think the Flames are being run out the rink tonight. It's amazing the score isn't 6-1.

    I see Bertuzzi is back to his early season form of "one good play and then nothing but terrible" for the rest of the game. What a disaster that first unit is with him and Jarome coasting around.


  • RCN

    Brent G. wrote:

    WHY WOULD BERT PASS THAT!?!?! Its a break away. He’s been spending too much time watching Hemsky obviously.

    honestly, i think the pass was probably a decent call by bootuzzi. there was no shot whatsoever.

  • RCN

    Well thats pretty much it. This was actually a pretty good game defensively. They cant score again and Im thinking most of the team should not take too many habits from this game unless its the play of Kipper Sarich Phaneuf Regher or Aucoin. Their PP was ineffective after the first one but at the end of the say it was an exciting game and … what else can you ask for. Tough loss for LA, what a shut out by Kipper, definitely star of the night throughout all games in the NHL.

  • RCN

    Kipper special.

    Aside from his play, this game was a disaster. 99 times out of 100, Calgary loses this one. They were fundamentally outplayed tonight and it wasn't even close.

    76 shots against in the last two games and it's not like they played Detroit and SJS. Right now, these guys look nothing like the club that was in December and January and it's actually starting to worry me.

  • RCN

    Its worried me for a few weeks now and no one else was too concerned. I didnt get why then and I still dont. They need to keep it up. Theres a lot of teams looking for points to make playoffs right now.

  • RCN

    I thought the penalty kill looked good tonight (as did the 6v5 at the end). Our defensive play at even strength was garbage as I saw it, and our offensive play was worse.

    Kipper is certainly a mystery to me right now. I'm glad he's picking up his game right now, of course, but I don't understand what's going through his head. Is he really trying to carry the team on his shoulders?

  • RCN

    This just looks like Kipper of the last few years: garbage for the first half the of the season and then steady improvement. The Flames should have put a clause in a contract saying he wasn't allowed to stop playing during the summer.