Wrap your head around this


You mean Kipper bailed his team out of a listless road game? AGAIN!? Well I never.

What you, o reader of little faith, failed to consider in assessing the Flames’ chances against the Los Angeles Kings is that a very nice Finnish gentleman named Miikka Kiprusoff still plays for this team. And it’s now February.

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So basically this is the time of year when Kipper goes into full “I got it, guys” mode and everyone else on the team sits on their asses and skates aimlessly around the perimeter. I’m fine with it, if only because that’s better than everyone including Kipper putting in little to no effort on a nightly basis.

Last night, he was spectacular in earning a 36-save shutout. The rest of the team… ehhhhhhh not so much.

The Good

  • Kipper, obviously. If he keeps this up we can at least feel good knowing that, if the Flames lose, it won’t be because of shoddy goaltending.
  • The third-period 5-on-3 penalty kill was what made me actually believe that Calgary would hold onto the shutout. I mean, the Kings were bombing the puck for 1:53 straight, basically. Textbook penalty killing. Here, in fact, is the exact play by play of that impressive PK: Bourque wins d-zone faceoff, hit by Phaneuf on Brown, Sarich blocked shot, Sarich blocked shot, O’Sullivan giveaway, Pardy blocked shot, O’Sullivan shot wide, Kiprusoff save, Langkow loses d-zone faceoff, Kiprusoff save.
  • The Bertuzzi feed for Cammalleri’s equally nice goal. It was sick.
  • Phaneuf is starting to hit people again. In fact, he had a pretty good night, all things considered. It seems like he has to hit to be mentally involved in a game, so hopefully last night was a sign of things to come.
  • Cory Sarich was a monster in pretty much every situation. More play like that from him would be an absolute delight, yessir.
  • A road win is always welcome, no matter how ugly.

The Bad

  • Pretty much everything else that wasn’t listed above. And I know it was a 2-0 win, but that game was still very bad. And that’s bad meaning “bad,” not bad meaning “good.”
  • Todd Bertuzzi’s play has been just atrocious despite his little run of points in six of his last nine games here. Commenter “ngthagg” put it best in the comments last night: he’s playing for highlights, which I guess you should expect a little bit out of a guy playing for his last good-sized contract, but it’s been detrimental to the team for the most part. A nice goal every once in a while is certainly welcome, but he doesn’t seem to care enough about doing anything besides making SportsCentre.

The Ugly

  • *This spot reserved for every one of Jarome Iginla’s last six games*

  • RCN

    I find this comment from Keenan hard to believe:

    "We have to win some hockey games on the road because our schedule favors road games from here on in, but if we get efforts like we did tonight, we'll find a way to win on the road," Calgary coach Mike Keenan said on Thursday.

    I really hope he's talking about Kipper there.