Poor Kipper


All that glorious, glorious work in the third period goes for nothing. Figures.

Miikka Kiprusoff did everything to win that game for his team last night short of butchering a bull in a ritual sacrifice known only to him as a means of enticing the Norse gods to make his net impenetrable.

His team couldn’t have cared less.

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Watch this save, for Odin’s sake! And now tell me how a team that sees its goaltender do that even begins to allow a goal with 51 seconds left. Tell me how, after making two other dazzling saves earlier in the third, the Flames didn’t rally around him.

This is the reason we’ve got such a troubling team on our hands. Guys have huge individual performances all the time, but it’s very rare that there’s a total team effort that leads to a win.

The Good

  • Miikka Kiprusoff. Watch that save a million times and I guarantee you never get sick of it. He was awesome, making 40 saves (12 with Calgary shorthanded) and keeping his team in a game that it, by rights, had no business being in.
  • Jarome Iginla finally showed up for the first two and a half periods. Which was nice. His goal was a perfectly Iginla-ish goal which means he is once again going to high-traffic, high-percentage areas and beating defensemen and goalies to get goals. Let’s hope it continues because this team really, really needs him right now.
  • In fact, all three Calgary goals were pretty nice for different reasons. Iginla’s hopefully gets him back on track, Daymond Langkow’s was a nice piece of sticktoitiveness that leveled the game at 2-all through just over a minute after the Canucks went up 2-1, and Rene Bourque’s 21st of the year (whatta great trade!) on the 2-on-1 with Iginla was a great shot through Roberto Luongo.
  • Say what you want about Willie Mitchell’s illegal stick use, but the guy is a consummate ball-buster. Hilarious joke.


  • To be fair to Calgary, getting 41 shots on goal at home is going to win you a large percentage of your games.
  • Let’s keep the Bourque-Conroy-Iginla line together for a little while and see what happens. The 2-4-6 line outta those three last night would be a welcome sight if it became a regular occurrence. The Langkow-Moss-Glencross line was also very, very effective.

The Bad

  • Ugh, how did they not win this game? How did they give up a goal inside a minute to go? How did they lose in a shootout? How did Bertuzzi’s shootout bid not go in? Losses like this, where the game looks in the bag and you end up giving up two points to a division rival at home, are tough to swallow.
  • Roberto Luongo straight stole this game. No other way to say it. He made a number of ridiculous saves, especially in the first period, and was immaculate in the shootout.

The Ugly

  • You almost can’t even call these games from Todd Bertuzzi “ugly” any more. They’re all too commonplace for that. Another two senseless minor penalties, another minus night, and a slew of turnovers in every zone. It would be frustrating and upsetting if it didn’t happen every. goddamn. night.
  • I’ll give you one guess as to whose stupid pass to a covered man in the middle of the ice led to Ryan Kesler’s shortie. Go ahead. Take your time.