Hey now!


Can we just stop playing these Minnesota at Calgary games? Doesn’t seem to be much of a point to them.

In the last 23 games against the Wild at the Saddledome, the Flames have won 21. Twenty-one. Two, one. That winning percentage is 91.3.

Not only is that ultra-dominant, it’s not even close. In fact, the last time the Wild even gained a loser point from the Flames in Calgary was Feb. 28, 2007, literally two years ago. The Flames have been, in a word, unstoppable.

And last night was more of the same. After a nervy first period the Flames scored twice in 20 seconds to pretty much suck the life out of the Wild and seal up the result with just under than two-thirds of the game remaining.

That’s always nice.

Meanwhile, Jarome Iginla inched a point closer to the Flames all-time lead and Miikka Kiprusoff continued his ridiculous streak in which he is now 7-0-2 and has allowed just 17 goals. The whole team is at the top of its game right now, and that is very, very bad news for the rest of the Western Conference.

The Good

  • The aforementioned two goals to open the second period is exactly how you want to put a team away.
  • The transition looked very good last night and led to Cammalleri’s goal just 17 seconds into the second period. You couldn’t have drawn that up better if you tried.
  • Any time you almost double a team’s shots on goal in the game, you were excellent in all three zones, limiting shots, transitioning well and getting a lot of rubber toward the opponent’s net.
  • Kiprusoff continues to be ridiculous, although he only faced 17 shots tonight. He has now earned at least a point for the Flames in the last nine games and has a .932 save percentage in this stretch. That’s crazy.
  • I think Dion Phaneuf has finally turned a corner. Another goal tonight makes two in as many games and three points in his last three. He has also been a plus-3 in those contests. Fine by me.
  • Iginla now has 829 points in his career, two short of the Flames’ all-time lead. How very lucky we are to have a player of his caliber around, even if he did take two weeks or so off a while back.
  • Good job by Calgary to kill off that 5-on-3 Minnesota power play late in the first period. That was huge.
  • Todd Bertuzzi Stupid Penalty Count: 0! That’s three games in a row! Who would have imagined?

The Bad

  • The first period, in which the Flames outshot Minnesota 6-5, was exactly how Minnesota wanted to start out the game. It was good, however, to see the Flames come out of the intermission with a huge two shifts to put the game away.

The Ugly

  • Derek Boogaard’s elbow on Brandon Prust late in the game was absolutely disgusting, premeditated, and intended to injure. He should be suspended for a good, long time. That was ridiculous, and as low-rent as you can get.