You betcha

I’m going to change my perspective on this team, I guess. I’ve been looking at this slump all wrong.


Poor Kipper

All that glorious, glorious work in the third period goes for nothing. Figures.


Canucks? Ugh

I hate playing the Vancouver Canucks. Partially because they’ve been an eminently hate-able team for a long time.

Questions that Need Answers: First Edition

We’re be trotting out a new weekly feature starting today. It will focus mostly on the NHL, but if there’s a sporting story big enough to be mentioned in the same breath as hockey, we might consider it.


Love wins, hate baseball scores

Well I mean sure, the game was a total gong show and every defenseman on both teams acted like matadors for the oncoming opposition, but hey, a win’s a win. …Right?


Lemons, lemonaide

Despite playing some lousy hockey in the prior two games, Flames have the chance to escape this 3 game sojourn with a 5 of a possible 6 points this evening. A good measure of the Flames “success” in California was had thanks to Miikka Kiprusoff, who looked something like the Vezina winner he once was….