Waiver Wire Players (Updated)

Miro Satan

All sorts of players have hit the waiver wire this morning, including some high profile types. Let’s go through the list (as per TSN).

Miroslav Satan

Contract: $3.5 million for this season, pending UFA
Current Season Stats: 64GP – 17G – 19A – 36PTS, +3
Advanced Stats: QC-5th, QT-8th, Corsi/60-6th, PTS/60- 1.74

This is a little bizarre, and given that Satan’s contract is expiring I imagine that he’ll be claimed (possibly even by the Oilers). He’s fallen a long ways from his pre-lockout heyday, but he’s still been a decent scorer in Pittsburgh this season, and he isn’t getting lit up against top opponents. The only way I can see this deal making sense for Pittsburgh is if they have an impact player coming in and need to clear salary.

UPDATED: According to Matheson, the Oilers have no interest in Miroslav Satan.  Matheson says it’s unlikely that any team is willing to pay him the 900K remaining on his contract given his meager 17 goal output this season.  Matheson’s obviously very connected, so there’s little doubt that he’s right about the Oilers, but I think there must be a team with interest – after all, Bill Guerin has teams chasing him despite his very similar production.

Brendan Morrison

Contract: $2.75 million for this season, pending UFA
Current Season Stats: 61GP – 10G – 12A – 22PTS, EV
Advanced Stats: QC-10th, QT-7th, Corsi/60-7th, PTS/60- 1.37

It’s been an awful season for Morrison. He’s hovered between 50 and 70 points since 2000, and he’s dropped off the face of the Earth offensively this season. His even-strength production is only down a middle, but Morrison’s powerplay production (he was once a specialist with the man advantage) has disappeared this year. I don’t think it’s farfetched that he could rebound, and he may be of use to a team that misses out on their desired target at the deadline. Presumably the Ducks are clearing cap space for a trade.

Gary Roberts

Contract: $2.4 million for this season, pending UFA
Current Season Stats: 30GP – 4G – 3A – 7PTS, -11
Advanced Stats: QC-10th, QT-13th, Corsi/60-13th, PTS/60- 0.63

I could see Roberts being of interest to a team looking for some veteran savvy, but the fact of the matter is that he’s had a miserable season. He’s been a 4th-liner and he’s getting heavily outscored; there were rumours that the Flames might like to see him join them for a playoff run. Still, I’d imagine whoever picks him up will want to send some salary the other way.

Other players on waivers include Martin Gerber, Aaron Voros, Erik Reitz, Brendan Bell, Eric Perrin, Craig Adams, and Jon Sim. Beyond Voros, I have trouble seeing any of those players being of much interest.