Can we just play the Sens forever?


I’m not impressed, Palpatine! You and your boys are truly bad.

It’s nice to see Jarome Iginla keep rolling and it’s nice to see David Moss get his first career hattie.

But the bigger picture is even nicer. This was the game I had expected against the Bolts, but this one is perhaps more important since it was against a team that’s a little bit better and, more to the point, it was on the road. Calgary hadn’t had a good, comprehensive road win in months (think back.. maybe the game at St. Louis was this convincing?) so, at the start of a long, long road trip with the entire second line injured, it was nice to set a tone and make a statement.

Calgary will need all the momentum it can get since, in a week and a half, this road trip will be over and only 12 games will remain in the regular season. You don’t want to be scrambling for points then, so what the hell? Let’s go get ’em now.

The Good

David Moss — First career hat trick for the kid, and his 16th, 17th and 18th goals of the year. This kind of thing is important to the Flames since they don’t have any secondary scoring to speak of what with Bertuzzi, Langkow and Bourque on the shelf. If Moss can keep up scoring a point or so a game, the Flames will be very happy with that.

Jarome Iginla — Theo Who-y? Iginla has FLOWN past Fleury for the Flames all-time lead, now padding goals Nos. 401 and 402 and being a driving force behind Moss’ goal on the power play.

Warren Peters — First career goal. Good for him.

Craig Conroy — Very quietly, Connie has seven points in his last four games and nine in his last seven. That’s the way to pick it up at the end of the season. He’s probably going to end up with around 50, which, for what he’s being paid, is great production.

Dion Phaneuf — Kid looked good once again. Even though he was held without a point, he was a plus-2, dropped Dany Heatley with a solid hit, then fought Jason Spezza. You gotta be very happy with the play of Dion lately.

The Bad

Miikka Kiprusoff — Still hasn’t shaken the rust off that Tampa game, I guess. Gotta make more saves than that, even in a win. Can’t give up three to the Sens.

The Ugly

Once again, not much. A perfectly nice win on the road against a team the Flames should’ve beaten. Perfect result.