GDFD No. 66: Like General Sherman


Welcome to the 18th Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 66th game of the season on March 8, 2009.

After a stinker like Friday, the Thrashers are just what Calgary needs.

This is a team so bad that it has had four or more goals scored against it 28 times this year. Twenty freaking eight! That seems like it would be almost impossible.

So even in the face of Friday’s atrocious, embarrassing effort, you gotsta feel good about the chances of Jarome Iginla, Mike Cammelleri and Olli Jokinen combining for at least 387 points this afternoon.

By the way, is there anything better in the world than afternoon hockey on the weekend? I just woke up like 20 minutes ago and already, thanks to NBC here in the States, there’s a Bruins game on RIGHT THIS SECOND (to be fair, though, they are playing the Rangers. Ugh). This will continue through to the Flames game, one of four 3 p.m. games, the Habs game at 6 p.m. and finally an Anaheim game at 8 p.m.

If, like me, you have Center Ice, you have to ask yourself one question: Can a day get any better than this?

The answer, obviously, is “no.”

(At least I remembered on my own this time!)


The Calgary Flames (39-20-6 for 84 points. Third in the West, first in the Northwest) and the Atlanta Thrashers (24-35-6 for 54 points. Fourteenth in the East, fifth in the Southeast)


1 p.m. Mountain time and 3 p.m. Eastern time. All other time zones should avoid shoplifting.


Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia.

Calgary is 17-12-7 on the road this year, and just had a six-game road winning streak snapped in Carolina. The Thrashers are a awful 12-17-4 at home and have won three of their last four in Hotlanta.

What (to hate about the Thrashers):

Don Waddell — Sometimes it’s nice that Kevin Lowe exists, if only so a guy like Waddell can go as under-the-radar as the rest of his hockey team does in general in the “worst executives in hockey” race. The deals he makes are frequently nonsensical and the players he signs are frequently bad. Except Ron Hainsey. Ron Hainsey is awesome!

Marty Reasoner — Former Oiler.

Gone with the Wind — Perhaps one of the most overrated films in the history of American cinema, Gone with the Wind, which is set in Atlanta, is a long, meandering, racist snoozefest with no likeable characters that quite frankly doesn’t live up to the hype. Kind of like the Edmonton Oilers every season. Oh ho ho what a cutup I am.

John Anderson — Okay so he’s doing the best with what he’s got, which is to say, “very little.” But I swear I’m not lying when I tell you that Anderson allowed his NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE club to enter the regular season with Erik Christensen as its No. 1 center. Erik Christensen. The guy who has 19 points this year and is no longer with the team. The guy who had a career high 33 points playing with Sid Crosby in 2005. The guy who started the season with a whopping 70 career points. I don’t care how bad your roster is, that’s a terrible, terrible idea.

Ilya Kovalchuk — He doesn’t play defense, or so I’ve heard. But he did once point at Sidney Crosby and inspire a line of t-shirts, so that’s pretty hilarious.

Joey Crabb — Probably a made-up name.

Lil Jon — If it wasn’t for this and this, neither of which were his idea, there would be no redeeming qualities about him. He is not so good at the hip hop.


Because you’ve got nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the game and share your party food recipes in the comments section.

  • It amazes me that Kovalchuk doesn't want to move to a better team. Look at his production this year but he chooses to play in a half empty building for a team that shan't be contending for a Cup anytime soon. He could be one of the all time Russian greats IMO if he played with a better crop of team mates.