Are they kidding?


Say, if you wanted to come to my house and murder me right now, I wouldn’t fight you on it.

Said Ron Wilson after the game: “That’s a really good team that was in the seventh game of a seven-game road trip and 90 per cent of the time, what happened tonight happens to that team on the seventh game of a road trip.”

Jesus Christ on a retarded pony, I hope he’s right. Because if I have to put up with one more game like this in the remaining 12, I might actually strangle someone to death.

This was an eminently winnable, easy game to walk away from. And instead, the Flames completely pissed themselves. Not that we shouldn’t have seen it coming. Something has gone seriously wrong with Calgary in the last week or so.

Goals against for this road trip (and the one game preceding it) are as follows:

Hosting Tampa Bay: 8. Oh no!

At Ottawa: 3. Okay that’s fine.

At Philadelphia: 1. Now we’re talkin’.

At Carolina: 6. Yeesh.

At Atlanta: 5. Christ.

At New Jersey: 3. Getting better?

At Detroit: 5. Yeah but all those penalties.

At Toronto: 8. PANIC!!!!!!!!!

It’s nice that the Flames have a three-game homestand coming up, that’s for sure. Because I don’t think I could take another one of these. I’m absolutely positive Kipper couldn’t.

The Good

Olli Jokinen — Another outstanding effort, and in fact his best since March 17, 2007 (he had 2-4-6 against the Islanders), goes to waste. The fact that the team lost a game in which he had a hat trick and two assists is absurd. By the way, he now has eight goals and two assists since joining the Flames six games ago. What an amazing deadline pickup.

Jarome Iginla — Another 1-2-3 night. Guy’s pretty good. And the shot for his goal? Oh doctor, that was a rocket.

Curtis Glencross —  I like the addition of Glencross to the ________-Jokinen-Iginla line. Worked out very well for everyone. Except the Flames I guess, but the motivation to put Mike Cammalleri on another line to spark some secondary or tertiary scoring is understandable as well.

Dion Phaneuf’s offensive contribution — Hey, he finished with a goal and two assists. Tough to argue with that, I guess.

The Bad

The Flames’ record with Olli Jokinen — If not for the Detroit win, this would be under the heading directly below this one.

Dion Phaneuf’s defensive contribution — He was on the ice for NINE goals last night. Five of those were Toronto’s.

Mike Cammalleri — Finished a game-worst minus-3.

Curtis McElhinney — Poor, poor C-Mack. He actually took the loss in this.

The Ugly

Defense — Brutal. Positively, flat-out brutal. Eight goals scored by TORONTO? I don’t even know how to respond to that, except by running out into my back yard, finding a man-sized stick, and repeatedly hitting myself in the face with it in a blind rage. Last night was inexcusable. Completely. Phaneuf and Leopold: minus-2. Vandermeer and Aucoin: Even. Sarich and Regehr: minus-1. They’re been horrible almost this entire trip. I wonder if a team has ever won a game in which none of its defenseman posted “plus” ratings.

Miikka Kiprusoff — I can give him a pass for being overworked after the Detroit game.. almost. Six goals against on 22 shots is deplorable by any measure. I don’t care if Toronto physically blindfolded him. Make like 80 percent of the saves, alright? I mean, in a game with 14 goals, he was outdueled by MARTIN GERBER!

Basically everything else — I remember when I thought this team could go somewhere in the playoffs. Boy was I ever wrong.

  • RCN

    It wasnt a good game for sure, But Keenan took responsibility. I was thinking Cumac would actually get the start before the game started. Regardless they have a 4 day break and I fully well think they will come back ready to focus on defense. This was a pretty bad road trip but in all honesty a victory/loss yesterday was the difference between calling it a mild success or not. If the Flames woulda scored 6 goals with Cumac in net he likely woulda gotten the win.

    Oh Well, its over now and they can relax for a day and get ready to fix the PK.

  • RCN

    On a different note the Flames should become a little concerned because the Canucks could be 3 points back of them. This game should help them refocus and go and get it done on home ice. All teams have ups and downs throughout a season, even Detroit and Chicago have losing records in their last 10. Regardless, as long as the Flames dont lose division, and it is theirs to lose, they will face Columbus in the first round and there is NO WAY they will lose to Columbus. I cannot even comprehend that going to game 6. Once they hit the second round anything could really happen, Bourque will be back too.

  • RCN

    Vancouver is going to be a pain. They have a much easier schedule than we do to finish the season. (Pretty much everything is easier than 3 b2b's in a row.) We may burn through our lead by the time the season finishes.