Why not give this a read, Miikka?


Ah yes, this is the team to which I have become accustomed over the past two or three weeks.

This is why Calgary is going to lose the division.

As of right this second, they are a mere three points up on the Canucks, who have a game in hand, and are playing their best hockey of the season. Compare their 8-1-1 record in the last 10 (read: 17 of 20 points) to Calgary’s 4-6-0 (read: 8 of 20) and then look at last night’s game against a terrible St. Louis side and realize that the Canucks are coming creeping, and the Flames have no way to stop it.

The team, I fear, have become painfully one-dimensional. It can attack attack attack all day, but its has no defense and no goaltending, and if the Blues can exploit that, then the Red Wings and Sharks and Canucks of the world can do the same, with greater ease and frequency.

I don’t know where the excuses can even begin. This was a pathetic showing. I have very little to say besides that.

The Good

The power play — It looked fairly threatening and did score.

Mike Cammalleri — He seemed oddly inactive for long stretches the last few games, and that continued tonight to an extent, but goddamn did he step into that goal.

The continued success of the Jokinen-Iginla setup — These two guys could put up points with anybody. Two assists each last night. Too bad the rest of the forward lines couldn’t have been bothered.

Discipline — Only giving up two power plays is a hell of a way to keep the opponent on its heels, especially because Calgary was still setting the physical tone.

The Bad

Dealing with TJ Oshie — He was a threat all night and the defense did little to contain him. That shorthanded goal was brutal (more on that in a second.

The Ugly

Miikka Kiprusoff — He must be broken. All three goals he gave up were just terrible. The first was a floater on a rebound that he kicked RIGHT BACK TO OSHIE, the second was a cross-ice pass that he made no attempt to actually follow to the weak side, and the third.. jesus I have no idea. Just putrid.

The loss — It shouldn’t have happened. Not to a team like St. Louis, not to a team with as many injury problems as the Blues, not at home. It’s inexcusable.

  • RCN

    Maybe when Bourque comes back … ahh forget it.

    The damage is already done. They lost an 11 point lead!!!! I hope everyone took the time to personally thank Kipper for ruining what I thought was a pretty solid team effort. Yes there were positives out of this game but who gives a shit if those positives for equate to a win against a tired team that will miss playoffs (albeit barely)

    Congratulations Flames!!! Im so diheartened right now I dont know what else to say..

  • RCN

    Hopeless…. simply and utterly hopeless third period.

    they do realize that the glow from the detroit comeback is over right? they reviewed the video and realize that conklin was just brutal, worse than kipper last night brutal and thats why they won…… nothing else… just that.

    they really dont know do they?

    TLP…. dont forget the shot blocking….. its the key to their victory and our loss… so says the evil genius.

    clearly its exactly what these guys needed to happen, booed off the ice bad is good going forward right?

  • RCN

    I'm actually an Oilers fan (Please continue reading I feel I have something valid to say) and while I also find Calgary's recent struggles perplexing I think it comes primarily from the organic ups and downs of a season. All goalies struggle, even Broduer and Loungo, all teams go through cold spells, even Detroit and San Jose have faltered, and I'm certain that Calgary will come out of this prior to playoff time. As for losing the division, if this occurs it may be blessing in disguise. After all the cup run came from seed #6 not seed #3. In short no need to panic.

  • RCN

    @ Deno:
    Thank you for being one of the rare few Oiler fans on this site, I hope you are right. Im getting very nervous now. The team has a couple days to let this bug them at least.

  • RCN

    @ Brent G


    As it pertains to getting nervous its completely understandable. its impossible to maintain objectivity when your emotionally attached to a team. IE My love hate (primarily hate) relationship with the Oilers this season.

  • RCN

    That Viktor Tikhonov goal I just saw was the best thing that ever happened in the history of the universe.

    there seems to be a bit of an outbreak of "own goals"…… i used to think that a european football phenomenon but it seems more common in our fine game than I was conscious of.
    That vancouver media dude was a real funny one huh…

    to AV.

    So Shane Obrien finally notches his first huh? I kinda wish AV had gone all Tukka Rask on him would make for much better TV.

  • RCN

    For the life of me I cannot figure out what is wrong with Kipper. Your "he is broken" TLP is probably the most accurate analysis I have read IMO.

    Any ideas on how to fix him? Glue perhaps?