GDFD No. 75: Get excited !!!


Welcome to the 27th Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 75th game of the season on March 28, 2009.

This HAS to be a win, right? Calgary doesn’t lose to Minnesota in Calgary. Doesn’t happen.

Last time it did was LITERALLY 25 MONTHS AGO! I don’t care how badly the Flames play tonight, they have to win by a wide margin. Last time Minnesota was in town, it was held to just 17 shots, and Miikka Kiprusoff was at the tail end of a 7-0-2 run. It would be really nice to see that kind of thing start up again tonight, especially in light of Chicago once again pulling ahead of the Flames in the standings (not that it really matters, I guess).

Meanwhile, the Canucks lurk a mere point behind the Flames for the Northwest lead. It’d be nice to put a little bit of distance between the Flames and the only other contender for the division title.

‘Course, the Flames are playing like total clowns right now, so y’know, they’re probably going to get blown out. By Minnesota. At home.


(Hey sorry I posted this so early. I’ll be gone allllllll day.)


The Calgary Flames (42-26-6 for 90 points. Fourth in the West, first in the Northwest) and the Minnesota Wild (35-31-8 for 78 points. Eleventh in the West, fourth in the Northwest).


8 p.m. Mountain time and 10 p.m. Eastern time. All other time zones should .


Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is 24-9-4 at home this year, and have beaten the Wild in 21 of the last 23 games at the Saddledome. The Wild are a deplorable 15-20-2 on the road and are 1-3-2 in their last six away from St. Paul.

What (to hate about the Wild):

Team of 18,000 — You’d think with that big of a talent pool from which to draw, they’d be a little better than 11th in the mediocre-ass West.

They retired a number for their fans — How hideously embarrassing.

Marian Gaborik — He’s playing his ass off since he came back from injury. He’s got 3-2-5 in three games since his return. Wuh ohs.

It’s not entirely probable that they’ll lose — Not with the way our boys have been playing the last two games. Man, it’s been a long time since we had to say that about the Wild.

They’re boring — Obviously.


Because you’ll fall asleep if you don’t keep yourself occupied. Enjoy the game and pop a few pep pills in the comments section.