Okay I guess

That might be the least encouraging win in a while.

Okay sure the Flames won 3-2 over the Wild and blah blah blah. Two points is two points and all that. I get it.

But if you outshoot a team 40-15, the final score should NEVER be 3-2. The thought of Minnesota hanging around in that game and making it interesting is immediately repulsive to me, but they were allowed to do so by a Flames team that barely seemed to care despite the huge advantage in possession and shots.

Maybe it’s a side effect of that whole “Minnesota can’t win in Calgary” thing. Maybe. Or maybe it’s a still-disinterested team that let a far inferior opponent linger far longer than they should have been allowed.

This team, I think, still isn’t doing many things well. That it won last night was almost happenstance.

The Good

Jamie Lundmark — Ho hum another two points *yawn*.

Discipline and the PK — Minnesota got one power play and no shots on it. That’s been a very good thing to see over the last few games.

Todd Bertuzzi — That was an impressive performance. He was getting the puck toward the net and holding onto it in high-traffic areas.

Daymond Langkow — He was very strong, I thought, and scored his 20th goal of the season. That makes seven straight 20-goal seasons, which is a very respectable accomplishment. But barring an insane run over these last seven games, it will be the first in Calgary in which he does not score 25. To be fair, he did miss like nine games due to injury.

Jarome Iginla — He probably should have had three points or so, but he’ll just have to settle for the gorgeous setup on Eric Nystrom’s game-winner.

The Bad

Miikka Kiprusoff — I counted one truly difficult save last night. The rest were iffy at best and he put himself out of position terribly on the first goal against.

Dion Phaneuf — Big shock, right? Nothing he did last night was outwardly upsetting, but he was once again on the ice for both of Minnesota’s goals, and he probably should’ve picked up Andrew Brunette on the weak side for Minnesota’s first goal.

Shot differential — Yeah I mean sure, finishing plus-25 in shots is great, but if you do that, you cannot finish plus-1 in goals.

The Ugly

Eric Furlatt — MAYBE Curtis Glencross played that second no-goal with a high stick (it was awful close), but that “in the crease” call was just ludicrous. Could have been a game-changing moment.

  • If it hadnt been for the controversy of the BS calls… we would have lost that game. The boys used it to bear down a bit and execute.

    I thought conroy was pretty good last night as well, couple bad brain cramps but hey.. when in Rome.

    I now understand why pardy plays the wing and peters sits…. iron brain needs the spare D man when the dumb penalties are taken by his D.

    Too bad Dion wouldnt have cowboyed up vs Scott… might have changed his season around, lets face it, his grill isnt worth saving and a knock on the head might be the ticket back to the promised land. If he would have won it……………. ooooooooobaby… the possibilities.

    We won… the boys went out and got sloshed.. watched kipper dance… laughed their asses off… Its all good.

  • Lundmark now has 15 points in 20 games. I don't even know what role he is suited for now. 4th line winger doesn't seem to do him justice!

    And the reffing could not have been worse.

    blade wrote:

    watched kipper dance

    Please elaborate…

  • Lundmark has been phenomenal. A big part of it has been luck (19.4 SH% isn't sustainable by even the best on our team) but it's his hard work that's giving him the chances to be lucky.

    If he can carry that on through to the playoffs, that's a big ace in the hole for us.

  • Lundmark can skate and he has learned how to win position in open ice, it is good to see a nice guy earn his keep.

    Dion is seriously our worst d-man… wasn't stand out bad vs the wild, but this is the lowest scoring team in the NHL and Regher got all the ice time v Gaborik.