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With Vancouver almost certainly poised to hound the Flames for the rest of the year, I guess any win’s a good one.

Another kind of uninspiring win, sure — the Flames look pretty bad and basically let Dallas have the run of the place for vast stretches of the game — but it was in fact Calgary that emerged with the 2-1 win. They didn’t play badly and while the offense continues to be underwhelming, at least Jarome Iginla is scoring again. He usually kickstarts it all, so if he’s on track, the rest of the team probably isn’t too far behind.

So that’s all I’m going to worry about at this point. And hey, the Flames are technically back at the top of the division because while they have the same number of POINTS as the Canucks, they have two additional wins, both of which might be the difference between a third- and fifth-place finish.

Worrying about anything else, least of all what the Canucks do, is counterproductive, so I guess the point is that Calgary just needs to focus on playing their own games and making sure they’re succes.. oh god no everyone’s hurt.

Robyn Regehr: Didn’t make the flight to Minnesota.

Adrian Aucoin: Day-to-day.

Dustin Boyd: Sent down to clear cap space.

Oh yes, this whole “winning the division” thing will be a lot tougher than I thought.

The Good

Defense — The last three games, Calgary has allowed two, two and one goal. Granted, it wasn’t against the stiffest competition in the world, but come on. They’ve only given up 62 shots in three games! That’s fine by me.

Miikka Kiprusoff — One goal against on 30 shots? I’ll take it.

Jarome Iginla — Second goal in as many games and both have been vintage Iginla. If he’s choosing right now to round back into form, then he couldn’t have picked a better time. He’s the engine that makes this team go, so

D.. Dion Phaneuf? — Two points, a plus-2, and not on the ice for any goals against? That has to be a typo, right? Good for him if it’s not, but I think someone at the NHL stats department might’ve just dropped the ball.

The Bad

The offense — Hmm, Marty Turco has been absolutely awful lately. Let’s not get any pucks toward him, guys, okay? Last thing we’d want to do is hurt his feelings. Christ. Get in his face, run him if you have to. He’s been playing like garbage for a month, and a good percentage of the Flames shots were low-percentage ones from the perimeter. Blerg.

The Ugly

The FlamesNation comment section — I’m not sure if it’s just me that’s having this kind of trouble, but I can’t read the comments on any posts, and haven’t been able to for the last few days. I’d ask you to let me know if you are also experiencing this inconvenience but, well, how could you? When I click on the comments link, as I often do (I need to know what kind of praise I am being lavished with at any given time), I just see this:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare comment_number() (blahblahblah secret internet words) on line 22

  • RCN

    Not much of a commenter TLP – but thought I'd at least test your comment-y thing.

    Look at it this way, for every flame defenceman that gets injured now, we essentially have to send another forward down to clear cap space to bring up once. We're at 16 skaters now – so I figure we're only one bad break away from dressing the defensive powerhouse of Curtis Mcelhinney and a Cymbal-banging monkey. At least that'd spice up some of the, fairly dry, hockey the Flames have been lapsing into.

    Can Peter Mahr skate?