GDFD No. 80: This is it!


Welcome to the 32nd Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 80th (and most important) game of the season on April 7, 2009.

No, really, this is it. This is pretty much the season right here.

Flames lose tonight and Vancouver just put itself in a very good position to win the division title, meaning the Flames finish either fourth or fifth and likely play the Chicago Blackhawks, against whom they earned one point in four games this year, in the first round of the playoffs.

Flames win tonight and they ensure that they, and not the Canucks, win the division title, meaning the Flames finish third and probably play the Blue Jackets or Ducks in the first round, a much more desireable matchup either way. Calgary split the season series with Columbus and took three of eight points from the Ducks. Not great, but not only one point either.

But the obstacle is that Vancouver had a night off and didn’t have to travel and Calgary was still playing 24 hours before the puck drops tonight at 8 p.m. Mountain time. Plus that whole “record in back-to-backs” thing poses a bit of a problem.

No worries though! We’re staying positive tonight!

Thus, I know for a fact that at least five of the following 10 things WILL happen tonight:

  1. Jarome Iginla has a multiple-point night.
  2. Daymond Langkow has a goal.
  3. Miikka Kiprusoff stands on his head.
  4. The power play lights Roberto Luongo up like Times Square on New Years Eve.
  5. Dion Phaneuf demolishes someone.
  6. Two goals come from guys with less than 10 on the year.
  7. Olli Jokinen makes his long-awaited return to the scoresheet.
  8. Someone has a Gordie Howe hat trick.
  9. Todd Bertuzzi comes to PLAY tonight.
  10. Jamie Lundmark plays the hero.

I just have a great feeling about tonight.

Beat Vancouver!

(Sorry once again gang, it’s yet another early one because I have to be at work at 1 p.m. your time and might not make it home for the start of the game. Agh! Make sure you comment your asses off so I can follow along on my BlackBerry beyond just the score. I’m counting on you fine guys and gals tonight. Don’t let me down.)


The Calgary Flames (45-28-6 for 95 points. Fourth in the West, first in the Northwest) and the Vancouver Canucks (42-27-10 for 94 points. Fifth in the West, second in the Northwest).


8 p.m. Mountain time and 10 p.m. Eastern time. All other time zones should learn something about how currency affects economy.


GM Place, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Calgary is 19-18-2 away from home this year, but just played their best game in a month. The Canucks are a solid 22-12-5 at home but dropped two incredibly important games against very bad teams over the weekend.

What (to hate about the Canucks):

The obvious reason — They’re all that stand between the Calgary Flames and another division title. I find their position unacceptable.

Alain Vigneault — Do you remember the save Kipper made against Kyle Wellwood earlier this year? If not, here it is. Said Vigneault after that retardo stop: “Kyle got what he deserves. I mean, he is not bearing down and had an open net. He’s shooting the puck two miles an hour. You have to bear down, you have to put your full weight into it, you have to shoot it. He might have been standing there a little bit. Obviously, it looked like the goalie made a big save, but the player didn’t have a great attempt there.

I bolded and italicized the enraging part. God DAMN do I hate Vigneault. Smug prick.

Mats Sundin — I can’t decide if the whole Sundin saga ended up hilarious (9-17-26 in 38 games for the cap equivalent of $10 million! lol!) or sad (9-17-26 in 38 games for the cap equivalent of $10 million! 🙁 ). Either way, he sucks and that makes me happy.

The Sedin Twins — If only because it’s unlikely they’ll stay in Vancouver next year and will immediately become far less hateable. Goodbye Pony Boys, we will miss wishing you misfortune.

Ryan Kesler — In the offseason, he actually had the balls to say he aspired to be what Jarome Iginla is as a player. That’s like saying you aspire to be like Jesus Christ. It’s sacrelige and in poor taste. No one can be what Jarome Iginla is. Because he’s better than everyone.

Roberto Luogno — Man he’s very go.. well not lately. Forget I mentioned him here.

Vancouver fans — They’re as bad, stupid, ugly and offensive to the human race as Oilers fans. They just live in a much nicer city (though, in contrast with Edmonton, the same could be said of hockey fans in Fallujah).


Because this is the most important game of the entire season! Enjoy the game and belittle the Canucks and their fans in the comments section.

  • RCN

    This should be a great game. There is always so much intensity when these teams play as a hockey fan I cant wait. Have fun Flames fans, you have a great team and you deserve the excitment. Enjoy the Flames kool-aid and all the false hope that this site provides you. All this false hope will be for not, in two weeks you will all be pissing and moaning how Lundmark didnt make the World Championship team. It's too bad that a great team and a great city have such an arrogant and pretencious hockey fans. Your all a bunch of inbred, knuckldragging douche bags. Go buy an affliction shirt and talk about how much many you make up north.

  • RCN

    I watched the third period of the Van-Col game, and I can't put much blame on Luongo, actually. The defense was the real problem. They were giving Colorado shooting and passing lanes every time the puck was in the Vancouver end.

    If the Flames ever had a reason to play a strong second game, tonight is the night. We'll get to see what the team will be like in the playoffs, when they have a chance to clinch a series.

    Deans: Big words from someone who doesn't say who they are cheering for. Let me guess: Colorado fan? Phoenix, maybe? It could be Dallas.

  • RCN

    Do you think the Sedins will get traded as a package out of Vancouver? If not it will be hilarious to see their shared umbelical cord severed finally. How did these idiots manage to stay together this long???

  • RCN

    @ Wanye Gretz:
    Just thought I'd do my part. The mothballs on here are a little disturbing. Just like Oilersnation this is a great site, if I have to make fun of a few UFC wannabees than so be it. BTW- Yes I realize you called me a douchbaggian and i applaud you for the innovative term.

    I have to be honest to all you Flames fans. I pretty much hate the majority of ALL Canadian hockey fans. The beefs I have w/ are the same beefs that I have for Oilers fans. You guys dress up in affliction shirts and shoot people outside of cowboys. Oilers fans dress up in armoni dress shirts and watch the game on a big screen WHILE THEY ARE AT THE GAME (in the lower concourse the richy rich like to congegate and pretend they are on The Hills)

  • RCN

    As a long time reader, first time poster… I cannot believe what I just witnessed.
    Probably the most complete game ive seen from the Flames in recent memory.
    Take Lou out of the equation and you would have had a Flames win FOR SURE. (and maybe Phanuef for giving tip ins on one, if not 2 Nucks goals). It may have even been a win if we had a complete HEALTHY roster.
    I just hope we take this kind of game into Edmonton and back at home, and into the playoffs. Hold your heads up high Calgary, you played one heck of a game.

    Flames Fan For Life. GO FLAMES GO!!!

  • RCN

    @ Deans:

    And thank you for commenting Deans. This site is actually getting about 200 visitors on a good day. But it's like a junior high school dance in here. Everyone standing on the walls eyeing each other up, no one participating in the dance.

    It will come …. shhh there … it will come

    *stares paternally at groups of virtual junior high dance attendees wearing Flames Jerseys*

  • RCN

    @ Wanye Gretz:

    Sutter has built himself a cult of personality in this town: he was the deliverer from the dark times and will be revered until the dark times return. Others associated with the Flames rebirth are, of coursed, Kipper and Iginla (perhaps Regehr). They are, to a vast majority of Flames fans, nigh untouchable and beyond reproach. To speak ill of them is to commit treason.

    As for me, I worship at no alters…

  • RCN

    I dunno, Kent. You are a pretty big fan of the stars of that classic 1992 movie, GlenConny Glen Moss.
    Haha, I just wikipedia'd Glengarry Glen Ross and there is actually a character in the movie called David Moss. Played by Ed Harris, three time Academy Award NOMINEE!