Wellity wellity wellity


I am not so good at predicting things, apparently.

Well, yesterday I said five of a list of 10 things would happen. Let’s see how close I was:

1. Jarome Iginla has a multiple-point night.

Well he had Calgary’s only goal, so I suppose I was half-right. TLP score: 0.5 for 1.

2. Daymond Langkow has a goal.

Nope. TLP score: 0.5 for 2.

3. Miikka Kiprusoff stands on his head.

He kind of did until the end when the game just got away from everybody. I’m gonna put myself down as a “right” for this one. TLP score: 1.5 for 3.

4. The power play lights Roberto Luongo up like Times Square on New Years Eve.

Hahaha yeah right. TLP score: 1.5 for 4.

5. Dion Phaneuf demolishes someone.

Phaneuf was officially credited with one hit in the game, and it wasn’t especially memorable (since I don’t remember it). TLP score: 1.5 for 5.

6. Two goals come from guys with less than 10 on the year.

Do Rick Rypien (3) and Matthias Ohlund (5 and 6) count? TLP score: 1.5 for 6.

7. Olli Jokinen makes his long-awaited return to the scoresheet.

Even though I was technically right here (he had the primary on Iginla’s goal), I now await his return to the healthy scratch list. TLP score: 2.5 for 7.

8. Someone has a Gordie Howe hat trick.

No one even fought. What a ripoff. TLP score: 2.5 for 8.

9. Todd Bertuzzi comes to PLAY tonight.

Oh good god no. He was hideous. TLP score: 2.5 for 9.

10. Jamie Lundmark plays the hero.

He almost did when he hit the post. Almost. Half credit again, since I’m feeling generous. TLP score: 3 for 10.

Okay, okay. I’m an idiot.

The Good

Offense — On most nights, 46 shots is enough to keep you winning, but Roberto Luongo was just about unbeatable. He’s the only reason on the Canucks that Vancouver won that game. (The other reason we’ll get to in a minute.)

Miikka Kiprusoff — He made a number of difficult stops last night and generally looked very good for the second game in a row. Can’t blame him on goals Nos. 2 or 3. Those were tipped by Phaneuf and on a screen, also by Phaneuf.

Another goal for Jarome Iginla — Four in five games now. It’s a pity the rest of the Flames are just letting him do it in a vacuum for the most part.

The Bad

The meltdown — You knew it was coming since the amount of pressure the Flames were putting on was unsustainable, but it was upsetting nonetheless to see a whole team, gassed though it may have been, quit in the final five minutes. The fact that they’re skating with this short bench is entirely Darryl Sutter’s fault, and I wish someone in the media would call him on it.

The Ugly

Jordan Leopold and Dion Phaneuf as a pairing — It needs to stop. They looked horrible again last night and were on the ice for three of Tampa’s four goals, and were directly responsible for the first two. The third was one of those things, but Jesus Christ.

The power play — Another 0-fer night. I think that makes them 0 for the last 37. It’s around there anyway. And this despite another coupla 5 on 3s.

Todd Bertuzzi on the power play — What a useless lump of turd this guy has been on the FIRST power play unit. First!

Mike KeenanAs I pointed out on my own blog, he’s really the one that cocked this whole thing up. The Flames were playing like garbage for the majority of the third period, and he just sat there like a moron and never used his timeout when it was clear the PK guys, who were so busy in the final 15 minutes or so, needed a breather and a talking-to. Because of his inaction, a one-goal deficit doubled and then tripled in the space of about five minutes.

  • I dont understand why The Flames look like a cup con
    tender at home and then look average on the road. To me they look intense and focused at home but on the road theyt look too methodical. It seems like they are thinking a little too hard. They still could make a nice postseason run but if they cant find their game on the road they will be bounced out in 6. Any Flames fans have a theory as to why on the road they are a medicore team at best?

    In edmonton we have the opposite problem (pretty good road team but terrible at home)

  • 3 for 10 TLP! That ain't not half bad. I once correctly predicted the outcome of a 1937 Rangers-Canadians a mere 70 years after it occured. I hadn't read the score but I looked at the line up and said "Look at that weak defense they have there in NYR. No way they are beating this pre WWII squad."

    And man was I right.

    *remembers fondly something that never happened*

  • Dowbiggin at the Herald has been on Sutter for his cap management and even wrote an article on how bad Phaneuf is this year as well as pokes at Phaneuf through the last half of the season in his Monday IDLM column.

    The really bad homers are the guys on Fan 960, they just will not say a critical thing about the players. This morning Peter Mar and Mike Rodgers were talking about what a great game Bertuzzi has last night! Kerr is just as bad.

  • @ Deans:

    I think you picked the wrong game to highlight the Flames' road weaknesses (which I'm not denying). The Flames dominated last night.

    That said, why do the Flames struggle on the road? Hard to pinpoint. It's possible that the opposition having last change exposes some of the ES albatrosses on the team.

  • Whoa! It's busy in here today 🙂 Could it have something to do with our neighbours to the north falling flat on their faces for the third season in a row?

    Enjoy your last two games Oilers as the Flames lay a beating on your terrible team.

  • Sorry Merzer, I can't see the Flames winning both games, my guess is a split which means the most evil team wins the NW title. The Flames have not shown a killer instinct this year. Last nights game was close but they still lost.

    Time to start worrying about Chicago.

  • @ R O:

    The score was a little decieving. From what I saw, Loungo was a beast last night. The series against either CHG or CLB will be fun to watch. If Mason in CLB plays well this could be a 7 game classic.

    The Oilers are starting JDD (their backup) in the two games against Calgary. Enjoy the free points the poor guy hasnt played in almost 40 games.

  • Keith M wrote:

    @ TLP: Fair enough but Marher said Bertuzzi had a good defensive game. He should lose his HOF entry for that comment.

    of course it's embarrassing to see him carry the water like that, and i don't defend his decision to do it. i see why he does it, of course, but it's completely lacking in journalistic integrity and is therefore mortifying. it also makes him look incredibly foolish.

  • Deans wrote:

    @ R O:
    The score was a little decieving. From what I saw, Loungo was a beast last night. The series against either CHG or CLB will be fun to watch. If Mason in CLB plays well this could be a 7 game classic.
    The Oilers are starting JDD (their backup) in the two games against Calgary. Enjoy the free points the poor guy hasnt played in almost 40 games.

    The posts showed up huge too.

    Sigh, double victory against the Oil should be all but academic, but I can see 4 points going down the tube this weekend.

    Are you an Oil fan by chance? I can't really tell….

  • @ R O:
    I'm a lifelong Oilers fans but unlike EVERYONE else in this city I can apreciate other NHL teams and other sports. I like the players on the Flames, just there fans irritate me but not in a "5 cups to one" kinda way.