Thank god that’s over


Finally we can concentrate on the offseason and.. oh they actually made the playoffs? Rats.

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Regardless of where the Flames finished in the standings (fifth!), the last few weeks have made the season feel like a complete disaster.

The goaltending has been awful. No one can score. The power play stinks on ice. Everybody’s hurt. There’s not even enough cap space to ice a full team. And then a night like that against a bad and hopeless team rolls around and we’re supposed to feel better about everything, apparently.

Well I’m all set, thanks.

This team is going nowhere in the playoffs. The Chicago Blackhawks? That’s not going to end well. I’m too annoyed with this team to string together too many cogent thoughts about it right this second (and Easter dinner is calling my name), so let’s get straight to it…

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The Good

Curtis McElhinney — I thought he played very well, making 35 saves and finally picking up his first-ever NHL win. Congrats.

Mike Cammalleri — He went 2-1-3 for yet another big night.

The regular season is over — Hooray.

Craig Conroy — It always seems like if he has a good night, he drags someone else along for the ride.

Discipline — Calgary took just one penalty despite what had to be some incredibly tired legs.

Winning at all — What’d Calgary use? Something like 15 skaters? I don’t care how bad the opponent is, you shouldn’t win with a bench that short.

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The Bad

Not too much.

The Ugly

The chances of the Flames doing anything of note in the playoffs — They’re very slim indeed.

  • RCN

    Call me a blind optimistic but i dont think the odds of them getting past chicago are that bad. That series comes down to them solving khabibulin. No easy feat but I believe it can be done. They will have a full line up and, word on the street is, sarich will be back at least. Im my humble oppinion I think the odds are 50/50 them doing it. They could get blown out but I can very easily see them taking it in 6. They need to play TOUGH hockey. Im not talking making a few innocent hits Im talking like knocking someone out in the first game (please oblige phaneuf).

    Regardless, I dont think anyone can say so confidently columbus is an easier opponent. They scare me a little more to be honest with you. I would not like to be vancouver right now (unless St louis gets 6th spot, then its a cake walk)

  • RCN

    To add to that I think this year is a little different too becuase calgarys success almost has nothing to do with the star players. ITs not "we shut down jarome and get a goal past kipper and we win" anymore. If they can turn it on (im looking at kipper in this one) they can steal a series (in an upset?). Is htis considered an upset situation?

    The difference between Chicago and calgary this year is a lot closer than SJS and Detroit and Calgary in those respective years. Im a blind optimistic and biased fan so what do I know I just think they can do it, and will believe that until thye are out.

  • RCN

    And Khabibulin makes 37 saves for a shutout victory against the Wings. Just great…
    Lets just hope Olli is a monster in the playoffs, Phanuef (as said above) rolls over someone *cough* Khabibulin *cough*, secondary scoring from everyone, and most importantly… Kipper returns to his 03/04 Playoff form.

    And yes… I am dreaming

  • RCN

    Back in January or February, it was easy to see this team going far in the playoffs. Kipper wasn't playing great back then, but it didn't really matter because we had scoring coming from all over the place. Now . . . I'm with TLP. I don't really see how we win the series. Our injuries on defence are going to make us horribly exploitable. Quenville is going to have control of the matchups for the first two games. He's going to have the time and the preparation to find the weaknesses in our game. Add in the fact that Chicago has had our number this year, and Khabibulin has had our number for ages, I'm expecting it to be ugly.

    Our only hope is for the stars to step up. With Regehr out, that's Iggy, Kipper, and Phaneuf. If they don't take the series in hand, it's not going to happen. The big problem with that is that it's no different from the last month or two, and we never saw what we wanted then, either.

  • RCN

    @ dustin timberlake:
    Conroy said so after hours after the game. I read it in an interview afterwords. Ive heard he only has a minor break in the foot. He will play again when the foot swelling goes down and he can bear the pain. Knowing sarich, the former iron man of the nhl, I can imagine he will be back for game one on thursday.

  • RCN

    Kipper to play on his head if Calgary has a chance in this. Chicago has the most underated Defense corps in the NHL. With all the injuries to The Flames, The Hawks have a definate advantage here. Fowards are about even, I'd give the slight edge to Calgary based on thier depth players like Moss and Glencross. To make things even worse, The Flames are just an average team when they play on the road. Flames fans, it's going to be a fun series, stop worrying and lose yourself in the excitment.

  • RCN

    Wow. You got a bad attitude! Everyone!
    First off, blame Sutter? Why? Yes he put the team up against the cap, but how was he supposed to know they'd suffer so many injuries? It could happen to any team (close to the cap). Yes it was unfortunate, but I didn't hear anyone complaining on deadline day. From what I hear, both Phaneuf & Sarich will be back for game 1. Regehr on the other hand, looks to be out for the first round and that is definately cause for concern. But they have some youngsters that may be able to step up and ease the pain.
    So much has been made of Jokinen's lack of playoff experience. Perhaps he's a playoff horse.
    Kipper has had some pretty good stretches & some pretty bad stretches. All they need is for him to get on a roll. Hopefully the rest has served him well.
    With so many injuries in the 2nd half (not to mention playing short-handed the last few games), its hard to say how this team will play. But to count them out against a team that hasn't been to the dance for 7 years… well, I'm just not ready to do that (and I like the Hawks too). Chicago doesn't exactly have a lot of playoff experience, and their domination of the Flames in the regular season means diddly squat come playoff time.
    Is this a challenge for the Flames – yes. Is it a challenge that they cannot overcome – no. Mike Keenan's job could be on the line, and this team has the character to perservere. Will they win? I don't know. But if you think this thing is over before it starts, then get the F outta here.
    TLP, I'm gunnin for your job son (lol).
    Ooohhhhhhh Baby! Let the games begin.