Predicting the West


What do you say when there is nothing to say? Fortunately the answer isn’t nothing. How fun would that be? No, instead we will overlook the fact that our favorite team has let us down – again – and that we will be faced with another playoffless playoffs – again. We will forget that we saw Robert Nilsson eating lunch yesterday and that it was the only time that he has performed to our expectations all year. No eating half of the meal and then lacking the intensity to finish. No screwing over his table mates by leaving them with the tab. Just sitting there, looking completely uninjured, not choking in the least and boringly eating his meal.

May you leave town as quietly as you left the restaurant, Sir.

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“But Wanye what does all this mean?” We will tell you what it means, Nation.

Playoff Predictions

Now last year we entertained ourselves to no end making playoff predictions. And because it was basically Ender the Dragon, Bingofuel, Milli and yours truly we didn’t have a lot of people to lip off when they erred in their predictions. This year – it’s go time.

Today we predict the West. Tomorrow it will be the East. We heartily suggest you do the same so we can come back and shower you with praise when you are correct, or laugh heartily at your dim wittedness when you are wrong.

Sharks (1) v Ducks (8)

Ah, the Sharks and the Ducks. We will ignore for the moment what would occur if these two met in real life. We would take a Shark over pretty much every team name in the league, except perhaps the Las Vegas Harpoons. Yes, if Vegas ever gets a team and they happen to name this team the Harpoons we wouldn’t take the Sharks over the Harpoons in the first round for the very reason that it seems impossible for a Shark to beat a Harpoon in any sort of battle.

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Isn’t this the kind of playoff analysis you have been missing in your life?

Sharks destroy Ducks. Harpoons remain idle.

Sharks in 6.

Wings (2) v Blue Jackets (7)

What do you get when you have been in the league for 48 years and you have finally made the playoffs? How about a date with the impossible to beat Detroit Red Wings? These here Wings be so confident in their domination they have their entire lineup signed for the next 11 years. It’s true! They have even gotten rid of the nameplates on the lockers in the room and have had player names and numbers engraved. Right into the wood! Ain’t that something?

Sorry Rick Nash. You can now replace “never been in the playoffs” with “made the playoffs once and got trounced by the Wings in the first round” on your NHL resume.

Wings in 6.

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Canucks (3) v Blues (6)

If you had asked us “Wanye are the Blues going to make the playoffs?” we would have kicked you so hard straight in the balls that your kids would be born dizzy and back in time. Or something. Truth is we can’t help but be amazed that the Blues made it to the post-season. Missing most of their defensive corps, relying on all sorts of replacement players up front, not being that good to begin with. One would think that this would be a problem when looking to make the post-season. It’s almost as though a certain team lost 7 of 9 down the stretch and allowed some garbage team to sneak past them into the playoffs.


Canucks in 7

Hawks (4) v Flames (5)

Ah the Hawks and the Flames. Nevermind that Chicago won 3 of 4 in the seasonal series. Nevermind that the Flames gassed a 12-point lead to lose the NW division. Nevermind that we will personally dance the Lindy Hop on top of a flagpole when the Flames lose in the first round.

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All we know is this:

Calgary so terrible.

Hawks in 6.

There you have it, Nation. Wanye’s Lock of the Year Playoff Pickery. You can basically print this sheet off, walk over to any Sports Select ticket dispensary and check off the betting amount labeled “the farm.” We stand behind this. We guarantee it.  Think we are wrong? Have some strange delusion that the Blue Jackets are going to the finals? Write it down, don’t say it aloud.

Have you entered the draft yet? Don’t you want a $1000 Gift Certificate to Hudsons? It basically pays for your summer Nation.