Step your game up

What do you do when you reach the post season? We certainly couldn’t tell you up here in Edmonton. Last time we saw the playoffs Dwayne Roloson was our goalie. How old is HE right? But to succeed in the post season we seem to recall you need to take it to that next level. You need to find that extra gear, you need to go that extra mile. You need to spout meaningless inspirational sayings to anyone who will listen so that they too understand the effort require to win. Even websites reporting on teams that have made the playoffs need to step their game up too. With that in mind we are ecstatic to announce the signing of a free agent of our own to the FlamesNation:  Jean Lefebvre.

(insert thunderous applause here)

Born in Sturgeon Falls, Ont. the Carleton University journalism grad is known to any Flames fan with eyes in his or her head who have had the opportunity to read the written word in the 18 years that Mr. Lefebvre has been covering hockey. We now look forward to making him right at home here at the FlamesNation for centuries to come.

When reached by email the other FlamesNation writers had this to say:

“Jean Lefebvre??? Are you kidding me? He’s f***ing phenomenal!” – TLP

“Wow. Well done. Lefebvre is one of the best MSM guys to come through Calgary in a long while. This is going to be awesome.” – Kent W

And the man himself – what does he have to say to his legions of die hard fans?

Just this:

Frankly, I don’t get the hostility and hard feelings that occasionally exists between the so-called MSM and the so-called blogosphere. If you ask me, too many members of the established media use far too wide a brush when they dismiss bloggers as socially inept nerds who operate out of their parents’ basement and can’t be taken seriously because they’re not accountable for what they say or write. At the same time, too many members of the Internet media are too quick to dismiss traditional reporters as irrelevant, out-of-touch dinosaurs who have nothing new to say and/or who are lackeys for the teams they cover.

Bottom line is there’s plenty of garbage out there and guess what? It comes both from the traditional media and from cyberspace. But there’s also plenty of good, thought-provoking, informative material being generated and does it really matter whether it comes from a printed page, a computer monitor, a radio speaker or a TV screen? Now before this turns into a plaintive “Can’t we all just get along?” diatribe, let me just implore you to judge each messenger on his or hew own merits, no matter what the medium might be.

As a socially inept nerd that lives on the top floor of his parent’s house – NOT the basement as some would have you believe – we can only say that we are extremely pumped to have Mr. Lefebvre on board. We use the term “Mr” because Gregor assures us that “Lefebvre is tough as nails. He won’t put up with any of your sass talk Wanye.”

Welcome aboard.